Rebecca Black Funny little acticle

music4life13 posted on Jul 22, 2011 at 03:06AM
Rebbeca Blacks Day:

-Wakes Up In The Morning Already With Makeup On

-Talks About Getting Cereal But Never Does Up

-Says Shes In A Rush But Just Stands There

-Sings About What Seat To Take When There Is Only One Left

-Sings About Going To School And Really Goes To A Party

-Gets Driven Around By 13 Yearolds

- Has Some Black Guy In A Van Show Up At Her Party :D

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over a year ago ineszippers said…
that video was bad, yeah get over it.
over a year ago wizkid770 said…
what girl would dare to do a music video without makeup on at any point no celebrity would so why should rebecca she walks out the door when she says everybodys rushin when she goes to the party its night time maybe school has finished plus shes changed her clothes so clearly its set in the future plus they are on green screen so no one is driving the black guy wrote and produced it