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posted by Trent-lover123
 Brought to 당신 의해 Trent-lover123
Brought to you by Trent-lover123
Kiara:Sorry Im just soooooooooo happy.
Kikio:School is almost over 당신 know...
Ichigo:yeah and???
Kikio:You do remember right from the last episode don't you???
Ichigo:Uhhhhhh I have no idea what 당신 are talking about???
Kikio:Oh boys they never learn.
Ichigo:Then tell me it!!!!
Kkio:Figure it out your self 당신 should remember.
*Ichigo trying to remember*
Kuno:Can we Do it Again please kikio?!?!?!?
Every one there:WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!
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posted by hotice
Sweat is pouring down my face as I run into the nearest crowd of people .Breathing heavily, I staying into the crowd for cover I quickly pull my black hoodie up over my head hoping that from this the hoodie I feel some sort of saftey.It did no work .I look around trying to find somewhere to hid because I know that I can not stay hidden in the group of people forever.The cold January wind hits my face making me feel 더 많이 nervous than before because I have no where to go.There going to find me soon I know it just like they founds the others."Hey,kid are 당신 okay !" a tall,balding man yells bring...
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posted by yoshifan1976
Once there was a black Yoshi named Bob. He was new to town and didn't have any friends. He was a kind and caring Yoshi who had the power to heal. He went to school and saw a group of Yoshis. Bob asked the other Yoshis if he could play with them. The other Yoshis laughed and scoffed at him. He didn't get angry. He just walked away with his head to the ground. Then suddenly, a human was very very sick. She was taken to the hospital. The doctors couldn't admit her. There was nothing they could do. "Yoshi", he said. It meant let me heal her. Then out of the blue, Bob laid his hand on her chest and there was a light shining. Then the human was cured!!! "Thank you", she said. "Yoshi". (Which means you're welcome). The other Yoshis saw what was going on and they apologized to Bob in Yoshi. He forgave them and then they played tag. Then no one ever teased Bob again. He had new 프렌즈 and they lived happily ever after.
EmptyInside: im late
Skrewwd: I feel wild
Skrewwd screams for the heck of it
WhoCares: A 일 dont go 의해 당신 dont feel that way.
Skrewwd kisses Black, CC, and Luna full in the mouth for the heck of it
MentalBlackie gets shotgun
EmptyInside watches black for rea- nevermind xD
WhoCares grabs shotgun and her chiansaw
Skrewwd: O.o
MentalBlackie: IF 당신 do that again I'm gonna make BigMacs outta 당신 XD
EmptyInside just sits there
Skrewwd runs for the hills
EmptyInside: ...for once
WhoCares: No fair Black, I wanted to do that to him!!
MentalBlackie shoots
MentalBlackie: Well
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posted by MiizLadiDiime
I can fly,
I'm a pigeon,
In the sky,
I poop up high,
Don't touch me unless 당신 wanna die,
Nodding my head,
I'm gone stab 당신 with ma beak,
My seed is my weed,
Don't hate me cause 당신 a'int me,
Now gimme some bread, BLOOD!!!

Im a ninja,
So don't mess with me,
OH GOD!!!,
I got shot in ma eye,
Now i'm brain damaged,
Life is a B***h,
happy days,
I think not.
랜덤 crap to fill up 우주 fhkfgjhfgh
posted by Eclipse14
Rumors of an upcoming crisis caused the decision of allowing Case X2343 to be opened at all.During the Depression a team had gone to investigate a disturbance in the suberbs.It turned out someone had an accident with an accid leak.Anyway they survived.Studys began.If they proved succesful, and the common US soldier could survive such contamination ,it hav positive results in war.Imagine throwing a acidic gernade that only effected your opponent.Anyway tests failed and it was shut down.It was re opened when an overview proved the expiraments had given some extraordinary abilitys.Anyway it was soon learned that only teenagers could survive(Only those with enough hormones could survive).They started adopting from orphanages.Eventuall they were training an army.One thing they should hav expected from a pack of 수퍼내츄럴 teenagers was a rebellion.Some were loyal,but the rest escaped.We hav no where to go.What now?
posted by dsgt5
Why is it that people are seperating us 의해 race why can't we all just live on this planet together, God wanted all of us happy, why should we be judged 의해 our color, do we not all have a body, we are all the same, We were put on this planet to 사랑 eachother, not to hate one another, why is it that just because one of us is darker we get trown on the grown like we are worthless, we all have talents and great abilities, we should be treated equaly, we all are different shades but does that mean we should spit in someone's face because of it, it affects us deeply when we don't feel welcomed on this earth, so why can't we just 사랑 one another and be happy, not only will this make us smile but It will make our Lord smile to see such change, and that's what we all want right, change.
posted by kk99aa
Just in case 당신 want to know,here's how the club
started.It was an awsome spring day.I was walking in the hallways and i heard a cry for help.My weird instinct took over and i found myself rushing toward the cry for help.Without thinking,i rushed and grabbed the bully's 팬티, 속옷 and swung him around and then he landed on the floor and got knocked unconcious.The others followed my lead and ran head-first into the bullies butts,and when the teachers came in to the hallways,we ran for it.And that's how it all got started.

(sorry its short, i did this on short notice)

(ps the 다음 chapter is like introductions and whatever just so 당신 know)
posted by Yama
Emily had the 후드 down today and it was quite warm. The car rushed as if it was too eager to get to the harbour. 또는 maybe it was just me not wanting to leave home, whichever it was I didn't like it. Emily was blabbering on about what her fiance had got her for going away, she was so excited. As far as I could make out through my thoughts is that it was a big broach with a extremly rare stone in it.
I just smiled occasionly at her and tried (failing miserably) to look excited. Emily turned around after five 분 of silence,"Hon whats wrong I noticed this as soon as 당신 got into the car but...
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I stood in the small shelter outside of the preschool. This isn’t right. I shouldn’t be here. There are children playing all around me, but I’m alone.
I arrived at my house. It’s large and made of stone. I could hear children crying as they are scolded. I walked up the stone steps and opened the large doors. I go up to my room. My brother is there, holding two crying babies. He’s trying to calm them. My sister is there too, sitting on the floor. I sensed death in her. Not her body, but her soul. As if a piece of her was gone, taken away. I ran from the room, and down the halls. It...
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Mine and My best friend's combined 가장 좋아하는 characters from shows, books, movies, video games, etc.
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...Yeah, only 홈스턱 팬 would understand. This is H1GHLY PORNOGR4PH1C M4T3R14L. >:I but i am okay wwith this
none of 당신 will get this sadly
oh gog
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How long can 당신 watch it for? ;]
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poke fables
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weird kitty
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Creepy XD
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