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posted by ilovetowrite
How do 당신 find motivation to exercise when 당신 just don’t feel like getting off your butt? I ask myself this 질문 every now and then, and I have the feeling I’m not the only one.

A few weeks ago, I wrote 4 Simple Steps to Start the Exercise Habit… and the fourth and final step was to add motivation as needed until the habit sticks. This post is to help 당신 with that fourth step.

There are a million ways to motivate yourself to exercise, actually, but these are a few that have worked for me. And trust me, I’ve had days when I’ve struggled with exercise. Most recently, the things...
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posted by EllentheStrange
1.I am bisexual
2.I 펀치 hard
3.I am a goth
4.i am emo
5.I always have my iPod in my ears
6.I cry a lot
7.I 사랑 emo,goth,and punk boys
8.If 당신 want to be my boyfriend,you will have to understand that I also need a girlfriend
9.I am obsessed with many things
10.I am in 사랑 with Death
11.Death is in 사랑 with me
12.I 사랑 horror and gororr movies
13.I like 문신 and peircings
14.Don't call me whore,slut,or sex goddess,you will be punched
15.If 당신 ask what I want for my birthday,just get me an iTunes card,a Hot Topic card 또는 anything gothy,i am simple when it comes to gifts.
16.I spend way to much time on the computer
17.Straight A student
18.Straight Edge
19.I know 당신 사랑 me if 당신 listen to my music,even if 당신 hate it
20.I'm a loud screamer
21.I am a freak,misfit,strange,outcast
posted by jedigal1990
okay i decided to write an 기사 to grip about things on here that really bug me if 당신 don't like it deal with it

okay number one grip
- i know i already wrote an 기사 about this but my number one gripe on here is people posting twilight 정크 on this spot and other nontwilight spots seriously and then 당신 wonder why we get upset believe it 또는 not some of us don't like twilight so 옮기기 on and keep it where it belongs thats all i will say about that

second gripe
- people who complain about people's bad grammer 또는 spelling we are not in a fucking english class so who cares stop bugging...
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These are supposedly actual signs that have appeared at various locations:

A sign infront of an advertising agency in south super highway,"Rome wasn't build in a day.If it was,we would have hired the contractor."

"Now available in multi-packs."

"Open seven days a week and weekends."

"People are prohibited from picking 꽃 from any but their own graves."

"Watch your heads."

"No trespassing without permission."

"When this sign is underwater,this road is impossible to pass."

"If 당신 can't read this, it's time to wash your car."

"Why go elsewhere to be cheated, come here first."

"We buy 정크 and sell antiques."

P.S. 당신 can tell 더 많이 in your comments.
posted by latinlover
artist: All Time Low
Song: Stella
Album: Nothing Personal


3pm On my feet and staggering
Through misplaced words and a sinking feeling
I got carried away
Sick, Sick of sleeping on the floor
Another night another score
I'm jaded, bottles breaking

You're only happy when I'm wasted
I point my finger but I just can't place it
Feels like I'm falling in love
When I'm falling to the bathroom floor
I remember how 당신 tasted
I've had 당신 so many times- lets face it
Feels like I'm falling in 사랑 alone
Stella would 당신 take me home?
Stella would 당신 take me home?

2am I'm on a blackout binge again
You know...
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posted by E-Scope90
I'm not trying to be abusive in any way, I just found this. I didn't write this.

Approximately 1-2% of humans, 또는 about two in 100 people in the world, have red hair.j
The ancient Greeks believed that redheads would turn into 뱀파이어 after they died.i
Otherwise dark hair may turn red 또는 blond in cases of severe protein deficiency due to starvation.c
Red is the rarest hair color in humans
The most rare hair color in humans is red.b
During the Middle Ages, a child with red hair was thought to be conceived during “unclean sex” 또는 during menstruation.b
Red hair doesn’t gray as much as other hair...
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posted by Ninjacupcake
Sometimes, well most of the time, there are pervs out there. Especially here, on Fanpop. Mostly on the 랜덤 spot. The perverted jokes can be funny, I mean, most of us are teens and very horny. But when it comes to constantly posting these horrible answers, it goes too far and people get mad. But that's what they want. To me, that person that keeps making those accounts (and 당신 know who 당신 are)is sick. Maybe it's boredom, maybe childish, but it has gone too far. Stating those offensive things is wrong, especially when someone makes fun of another. I understand that people are pervs and 당신 can't really do anything about it, but it doesn't make it right! I apologize to whoever has been hurt 의해 this certain person that is currently posting horrible things. This is my first time actually getting involved but it's sickening! I, and probably a lot of you, am tired of it! I just had to post my opinion about this...
1. Run up a down escalator naked
2. Walk into the middle of 2 gangs about to fight and sing michael jacksons beat it
3. Fart really loudly in a crowded elevator
4. Walk into a biker bar and sing Mocho Man 또는 YMCA
5. 펀치 someone in the face for no reason
6. Drive through detroit with rucka rucka ali's 'Detroit' Blaring through a speaker on 상단, 맨 위로 of my car
7. Do the tour de france on a motorbike and 펀치 all the cyclers
8. rugby tackle someone of a tall building
10. Steal a doctors stepha-thingy and pretend to examine him
11. Walk into a church dressed as 예수님 또는 Chuck Norris and shout "i am the lord god"
posted by musicfanaticXD
I was 읽기 the Wal-Mart 기사 and I was reminded of this eamil I got. Post your faves in the 코멘트 section!


1. Get a copy of the exam, run out screaming "Andre, Andre, I've got the secret documents!!"

2. Talk the entire way through the exam. Read 질문 aloud, 토론 your 답변 with yourself out loud. If asked to stop, yell out, "I'm SOOO sure that 당신 can hear me thinking." Then start talking about what a jerk the instructor is.

3. Bring a Game Boy. Play with the volume at max level.

4. On the answer sheet find a new, interesting way to refuse to...
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so, this started out as an 이메일 to my friend, but it just kept going on and on and on so i decided to write a book. what is this book about 당신 might ask? well, since 당신 asked, i shall tell 당신 . this is a book about absolutely nothing. so i hope 당신 enjoy.

oh and if you're in the middle of something, 당신 should probably not read this, cos its really really really long. and this is just a preview!

This Is The Almighty, Great, Incredible Book Of Nothing‼‼

so i stayed 집 today and i made this big giant slide show like summarizing all the twilight 책 and its rlly cool and has pics and...
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posted by Usui--takumi
^o^ ☺ ☻ ت ヅ ^.^ ツ ッ シ Ü ≧◡≦ ᵔᴥᵔ ^^ (°⌣°)
٩(^‿^)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃•̃) ◕‿◕ ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(͡๏̮͡๏)۶ =^.^=
(•‿•) ó‿ó ¢‿¢ ٩◔‿◔۶ ಠ◡ಠ ༺‿༻ (^L^)
♥‿♥ ◙‿◙ ●‿● ^( '‿' )^ ^‿^ ❀‿❀ 乂◜◬◝乂
{◕ ◡ ◕} (。◕‿◕。) ┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘ ◃┆◉◡◉┆▷ (▰˘◡˘▰)
< (^^,) > q(❂‿❂)p <【☯】‿【☯】> |◔◡◉| ⊂◉‿◉つ
✌.ʕʘ‿ʘʔ.✌ ۹⌤_⌤۹ ⎝⎲⏝⏝⎲⎠ ⎝⓿⏝⓿⎠ ⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠
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posted by SymmaGirl2
당신 can only live once, but if 당신 do it right, once is enough. -Mae West

Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results. -Albert Einstein

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. -Robert Frost

It is better to be hated for what 당신 are than loved for what 당신 are not. -André Gide

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. -J.K. Rowling

Sometimes the 질문 are difficult but the 답변 are simple. -Dr. Seuss

Everything 당신 can imagine is real. -Pablo Picasso

The saddest aspect of life right now is that science...
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posted by jblovesme4ever
[]miley cyrus the girl who many of whom look up to but why[
resons to hate her(feel free to add 더 많이 on comments)

1)[]her music]: she doesnt write it on her own and her newest song untamed wow the part where she says I GO THOUGHT BOYS LIKE MONEY:and the only good song she has is the climb: and that is not saying much!!!:patry in the usa wow that is the s&^%$#@ 음악 vidio i have seen it a while

2)money: the only reson she is here is bcus she wants money: she has to get payed to do chairty events:and she is always just talking about it to

3)she doesnt care about her fans: she may say she doese...
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Part 2 of zombie survival

1. "Borrow" the car of your dreams.
2. Challenge yourself to get a 더 많이 entertaining zombie kill each week.
3. Make a collection of anything.
4. Get a hobby. (besides zombie killing.)
5. Vandalize something that 당신 despise.
6. (If it hasn't happened already) free the 동물 from zoo's.
7. Make 프렌즈 with a cute little puppy.
8. Go to the place where your 가장 좋아하는 movie was filmed.
9. Wear whatever 당신 think is fashionable.
10. Try to do something impossible.
11. Trash a 유명인사 house.
12. Die your hair a different color everyday.
13. Take a mini-vacation from...
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posted by lexidude92
Everyone is sitting on a 침상, 소파 (being bored)

Libra: What's on on tv?
Virgo: Nothing right now, just keep on daydreaming...
Leo: I agree with Cancer, I'm bored, let's watch some tv 또는 go outside to get some fresh air.
Sagittarius: I'm not sure if that's a good idea, Leo.
Aries: usually, there is no fresh air outside.
Leo: No, actually, 당신 can't see how fresh the air is out there.
Sagittarius: What?
Leo: *sighs*, your deaf, arn't you?
Sagittarius: No.
Aquarius: I'd listen to some songs...
Leo: nah, I'm fine.
Virgo: at 4:30 we can watch tv.
Leo: why?
Virgo: because....
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posted by misscrazel
Why are so many people so mean? Why is there child abuse?
I noticed something strange at school. When someone cries no one asks them what's wrong. They'll point it out to others, but no one does anything. It's almost like they're afraid. I wondered why they didn't say anything later, but I didn't either. I think sometimes people don't want to interfere 또는 maybe it's because no one else does something. Then again humans could just be cold hearted and ignorant.
People shouldn't feel so sad that they harm themselves 또는 others. People shouldn't be so cruel as to let others feel that way.
Almost everyone experiences depression in their life.
posted by Bluekait
What a 키스 means.....

+ 키스 on the stomach = I’m ready
+ 키스 on the Forehead = I hope we’re together forever
+ 키스 on the Ear = You're my everything
+ 키스 on the Cheek = We’re friends
+ 키스 on the Hand = I adore you
+ 키스 on the Neck = We belong together
+ 키스 on the Shoulder = I want you
+ 키스 on the Lips = I 사랑 you
+Laughing while 키싱 = I am completely comfortable with you

What the gesture means…

+ Holding Hands = We definitely 사랑 each other
+ Slap on the Butt = That’s mine
+ Holding on tight = I don’t want to let go
+ Looking into each other’s Eyes = I just plain 사랑 you
+ Playing with Hair = Tell me 당신 사랑 me
+ Arms around the Waist = I 사랑 당신 too much to let go


+ Dont ask for a kiss, take one.
+If 당신 were thinking about someone while 읽기 this, you’re definitely in Love
posted by Nein-Nein
 Reszo Seress, who wrote Gloomy Sunday
Reszo Seress, who wrote Gloomy Sunday
In December, 1932, a down and out Hungarian named Reszo Seress was trying to make a living as a songwriter in Paris, but kept failing miserably. All of his compositions failed to impress the 음악 publishers of France, but Seress carried on chasing his dream nevertheless. He was determined to become an internationally famous songwriter. His girlfriend had constant rows with him over the insecurity of his ambitious life. She urged him to get a full-time 9 to 5 job, but Seress was uncompromising. He told her he was to be a songwriter 또는 a hobo, and that was that.

One afternoon, things finally...
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posted by fanizzle
My fuckin Little 조랑말 be a funky-ass brand of plastic ponies produced since 1983 의해 tha toy manufacturer Hasbro. Marketed primarily ta hoes, tha ponies feature colorful bodies n' manes n' a unique symbol on one and both sidez of they flanks, referred ta up in tha two most recent generations as "cutie marks". My fuckin lil 조랑말 was again revamped up in tha mid-2000z wit freshly smoked up n' mo' modern looks ta appeal ta a whole freshly smoked up market.
Followin tha original gangsta My fuckin Pretty 조랑말 toy, introduced up in 1981, My fuckin Little 조랑말 was launched up in 1983 n' tha line became ghettofab durin tha 1980s. Da original gangsta toy line ran from 1983 ta 1995 (1992 up in tha US), n' inspired animated specials, a animated feature length film n' three animated televizzle series.
Da toy line had a lata release up in Japan, 의해 Takara up in tha '80s durin Generation 1, n' 의해 Takara Tomy up in 2006 fo' a period of time.
1. Ichigo and orihime
(bleach)- I 사랑 this couple!
Its like the princess and
the hero! He fights and she
heals him. Orihime loves ichigo and I
love this couple!
2. Renji and rukia(bleach)- He trained
so hard to be vice captain of her
brother. He got his bankai to save
her. They known each other and care
for each for years.
3. Ed and winry(FMA)- I 사랑 the way
ed told her " i will give 당신 half of my
life if 당신 give me half yours". Than
winry said "how about i give 당신 all
of it"!
4. Roy and riza(FMA)- it was sad yet
cute moment when she cried for him.
It was very cute when roy hugged
her and how they got each...
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