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posted by childofaeolus
저기요 so I invented this new kind of thing a while back and I've gotten a lot of people to do it with me. It's basically that if 당신 see an old 또는 pretty 또는 just special 나무, 트리 you'll just bow to it respectfully. Sometimes just give it a bit of your carbon dioxide 또는 some water. And try to plant a new 나무, 트리 somewhere every 월 또는 so.

I guess it's just a fun and easy way to help out the environment and i'm trying to get the ball rolling. maybe I'll start a 페이스북 또는 tumblr for it if it gets popular. Really i'd just like to know your thoughts.
posted by fiestagirl12345
This is about a 12 년 old girl named. Taitlen shae Hughes it's a true story. She said I wanted to make a difference in the world. She wanted to fight against bullying. She got bullied to. One 일 she had the worst head ache she old her mom so she went to bed. She fell into deep ac Oma. She died from a brain hemerage. She was a Oregon doner so she saved 4 people's life's. now taitlen shae Hughes is inspiring to a lot of people,

R.I.P 1999 -2011 died November 24th

If 당신 want to hear the fuller story go to YouTube and type in taitlen shae Hughes and 당신 will see a lot if inspiring stories.
Bet the black comes in red, crimes of passion rule my head
I need you, 당신 want him, dressed to kill we live in sin

I know the game 당신 play, I know it well
You just keep on playing when all the bets are down

Roulette you're going round in a spin
Caught up in a game 당신 can't win
Roulette, you're just a fantasy
It's everything that 당신 want it to be

Play the numbers one 의해 one, 불, 화재 the shot the damage is done
Restless 연인들 pay the price, cheating hearts don't think twice

When 당신 make the rules no one can slow 당신 down
You just keep ‘em waiting when you're on the prowl

Roulette you're going round...
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You’re out of this world I’m sure of it
A crazy intuition, you’re off and on
You’re here then gone, come back
A curious condition
And then 당신 switch right over
It’s weird yeah I know but
Just can’t get a hold of myself

Hey, so strange
You switched in front of me
Hey, you’ve changed
Not like 당신 used to be
‘Cause 당신 get in my head and hold my heart
When I’m here you’re there, we’re worlds apart
So reverse your words, get to the start
And switch back to my world

Hey, you’re just
Talking like a machine
Hey, I’m stuck
On every word in between
‘Cause 당신 get in my head and hold...
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(Crank it up, oh)
I like that, ah

Th-th-this beat is hypnotic
I wanna ride like a shofa
Sound of sonic’s
Controlling me just like a robot
I go bionic so D-D-DJ put it on
I’m losing logic and cruising deeper in the zone

(It’s so cinematic
G-got me froze up)
G-got me froze up
(This psychopathic
Beat it something
I need a dose of)
I need a dose of
(I’m systematically
Moving every single bone)
Moving every single bone
(There’s no mechanic
That can understand what I’m on)

Let’s crank it up (Crank it up)
Till the walls cave in
Just crank it up (Crank it up)
Put that record on spin...
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It’s not time to give this one 더 많이 try, I don’t think so
Last night 당신 said 당신 want a last lie
I can’t let 당신 wreck my plans
I’m planning to let 당신 go
Oh, only one thing is true, only one thing to do
Time to 삭제 you

Burning up all your pictures
Tearing up all your letters
Ripping up all your sweaters
This is, this is
For the better

Slashing up all your tires
Smashing up all your flowers
Grabbing back all my power
‘Cause one mess says I don’t need you
Delete you
Oh, (Oh) 삭제 you
Whoa oh (Oh)

It’s not time to say how much 당신 care, I don’t think so
I don’t want you, I want 당신 not there...
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I’m in disarray
I’m unkempt
And I 사랑 당신 sugar
Yeah this is what 당신 do
When 당신 run your fingers through my hair
In the morning I’m feeling like a sexy superstar

Wow, wow
You rock my party
Wanna make 당신 stay
You’re the only one that keeps me 노래 la la la
I 사랑 to smell your t-shirt
I like the way 당신 are
But most of all I like it, like it

I like what 당신 do to my hair
Who knew that looking a mess could feel so good
I like what 당신 do to my hair
Toss it and tease it
Run your fingers through it
Oh how 당신 do it

Now go and mess it up, mess it up
Baby mess it up
Mess it up, mess it up
Do it till I can’t...
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Don’t speak
I can’t believe
This is here happening
Our situation isn’t right
Get real, who 당신 playing with
I never thought you’d be like this
You were supposed to be there 의해 my side

When 당신 say that 당신 want me, I just don’t believe it
You’re always ready to give up and never turn around

But what if I need 당신 baby
Would 당신 even try to save me
Or would 당신 find some lame excuse to never be true
What if I said I 사랑 you
Would 당신 be the one to run to
Or would 당신 watch me walk away without a fight

I’m so sick of worrying that you’re gonna quit over anything
I could trip and you’d let...
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It’s in your eyes, feeling’s can’t be disguised
‘Cause the truth makes me want 당신 to tell me lies
My biggest fear is crying oceans of tears
I would rather 당신 not be so sincere

How cold could 당신 be
What would 당신 do if 당신 were me
I’m better off if it’s a mystery

‘Cause I don’t wanna know
If I kissed your lips for the last time
Please don’t say if it’s so
Tell my 심장 it’s not goodbye
And do this one thing for me
Make up some stupid story tonight
It’s alright, keep the truth and tell me lies

Something’s not right, 사랑 is nowhere in sight
I’m not ready to let go, it’s not...
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Momma never taught me how to love
Daddy never taught me how to feel
Momma never taught me how to touch
Daddy never showed me how to heal

Momma never set a good example
Daddy never held momma’s hand
Momma found everything hard to handle
Daddy never stood up like a man

I’ve walked around broken, emotionally frozen
Getting it on, getting it wrong

How do 당신 사랑 someone without getting hurt
How do 당신 사랑 someone without crawling in the dirt
So far in my life clouds have blocked the sun
How do 당신 love, how do 당신 사랑 someone
How do 당신 love, how do 당신 사랑 someone

I was always the chosen child
The biggest...
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I’m a mess when it comes to you
I got no inhibitions whatsoever it’s true
I’m not the kind of girl who runs around like this
Caught up in a kiss
Best 프렌즈 또는 benefits, no

But you’re so racy, you’re my 가장 좋아하는 guy
So unruly, so uncivilized
Cupid got me right between my eyes
You know 당신 got it real bad
Doing things that 당신 never did

Oh oh whoa oh, oh oh whoa oh
You wake up in your bra and your make up
Oh oh whoa oh, oh oh whoa oh
Your car’s in the driveway parked sideways
Yeah I know this is killing me
I’m leaving every piece of my conscience behind
Oh oh whoa oh, oh oh whoa oh
I’m such...
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Hip shaker
Dream maker
Heart breaker
Earth quaker
I can be anything that 당신 want me to

Coin spender
Mind bender
Jet setter
Go getter
Changing my get up for anything 당신 choose

I don’t mind trying on someone else
I won’t mind seeing just how it felt
I might like changing my disguise
To make 당신 happy

Here’s my formal invitation
You and me go masquerading
Lose ourselves in this charading
Is this 사랑 we’re imitating
Do we want what we got
If not I say so what
Here’s my formal invitation
La la la la

You can be my
School teacher
Mind reader
Dream weaver
Just be the one I can count on to play it out with me

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당신 told me
There’s no need
To talk it out
‘Cause it’s too late
To proceed
And slowly
I took your words
And walked away

No looking back
I won’t regret, no
I will find my way
I’m broken
But still I have to say

It’s alright, ok
I’m so much better without you
I won’t be sorry
Alright, ok
So don’t 당신 bother what I do
No matter what 당신 say
I won’t return
Our bridge has burned down
I’m stronger now
Alright, ok
I’m so much better without you
I won’t be sorry

You played me
Betrayed me
Your 사랑 was nothing but a game
Portray a role
You took control, I
I couldn’t help but fall
So deep
But now I see things...
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Up above the surface I was just a perfect child
But underneath it all I was crazing to be wild
Don’t 당신 judge 의해 the cover it’s so far from what 당신 see
I’m losing all my patience waiting on 당신 to believe
I’m suffocating, I can’t breathe

Let me out this cage, I’m not gonna hold back
I’m a break these chains, I’m taking control now
Gonna give 당신 something to talk about
It’s another side of me
I’m 연기 out

Set me free, I’m ready to show you
This is what I need, it’s time to get dirty
I’m a show what I’m talking about
It’s another side of me
I’m 연기 out

Welcome to a new...
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Suddenly I, am in front of the lights
Everything, I’m feeling
Scary and beautiful at the same time
And every day, I try just to breathe
I want to show the whole world
The truth inside of me
Suddenly people know my name
Suddenly everything has changed
Suddenly I feel so alive
In the blink of an eye
My dreams begin to rain
Suddenly time, it feels like the wind
It changes everywhere I go
I’m just trying to fit in
Now here I stand
And I’m still just that girl
I’m following my heart
In this amazing crazy world
Suddenly people know my name
Suddenly everything has changed
Suddenly I feel so alive
In the blink...
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I’m a straight-up kind of girl I am
I’m a telling it like it is I am
And that’s just the kind of girl I am
Head up, hands up, tell me
You’re a honey kind of boy 당신 are
You’re a talented kind of boy 당신 are
And that’s just the kind of boy 당신 are
Head up, hands up, these are
Headstrong, crazy days
When your mind’s made up and the 음악 plays
Headstrong, can 당신 feel the beat
Melt down, can 당신 feel the heat
Melt down, it’s not a crush
In a hot, hot room we’re in a rush
Headstrong, can 당신 feel the beat
Melt down, can 당신 feel the heat
Gonna feel alive tonight I am
I’m a positive kind of...
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Zoom zoom in under my skin
Gotta slow down now to begin
Baby don’t rush 당신 can look but don’t touch
You think u know
When u see me in my videos
How the story goes
But that’s just the side that I expose
Look through the lens
You see my body, not who I am
So don’t pretend
And try to act like you’re my boyfriend
U wanna get somewhere
Then boy don’t touch me there
Just get up close and personal, personal
Zoom zoom in under my skin
Gotta slow down now to begin
Baby don’t rush 당신 can look but don’t touch
Zoom zoom
In to my head
Gotta know me to be my man
Boy prove you’re in love
You can look but don’t...
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posted by canal
Hands fell on my shoulders and pulled me into an embrace. "You see Aliya, my 심장 beats unlike Jonathan's, Mason's , 또는 Kody's" he said his breath heavy on my neck. "Be quiet" I yelled. Heavy footsteps echoed through the house. "Aliya" many voices yelled in unison.
"A disparu sans laisser de traces, il n'en reste aucun souvenir " he said. We vanished into another room. "Just let me go" I said. "Oh how I pity you, 당신 pathetic thing" he said stroking my hair. "I'm not pathetic" I said pushing him back. "Do 당신 know how old I am" he asked. "Eighty" I made a 랜덤 guess. "No, not even close I'm...
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Every time I saw you
Trying to pretend
Now I think you’re caught in
A spin
Said that I could trust
You’d be my everything
Falling from the shadows
Now I see
All those times were wasted
When 당신 tried to hide it from me
I don’t care what you’re sayin’
I don’t care what you’re doin’
Never really had me
I’m over it
So why is it so hard to see
All the lies 당신 tell me
I’m getting out I’m moving on
I’m over it (I’m over it)
I’m over it (I’m over it)
I’m over it (I’m over it)
Tried to walk away
But my 심장 was sayin’ no
Can’t believe it took so
Long to go
Now the past is fading
I hardly...
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Something about your style got me freakin’ out
Hey boy, 저기요 boy
Gotta make 당신 mine and there ain’t no doubt
Hey boy, 저기요 boy
You’re really laid back and 당신 play it smooth
Hey boy, 저기요 boy
I see the way 당신 옮기기 from across the room and I know I’m tripping on you, oh
Boy I’m feeling something real and
I don’t know what to do
So excited, I can’t hide it
Got my eyes on you
You got me goin’ crazy
Want to be your baby
I don’t know what to do
I can’t take my eyes off you
You got me goin’ crazy
It’s just the way you’re moving
I really wish 당신 knew, what 당신 do
I can’t take my eyes off...
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