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posted by anime7reality
Advice: So... I hope that 당신 are not eating 또는 당신 just ate because 당신 are going to puke...

Today at school happend something very funny but gross at the same time. We had P.E. and then we had English. I sat in my 책상, 데스크 and I felt a strange smell, but that smell didn't mind for me. One of my classmates said that it smells like WC. After the English lesson a girl came 다음 to me( I was not in my desk) and asked me:
"Is that your SHIT over there?"
I said: "What?*looking under my desk*OMG! WTF! A piece of SHIT( it wasn't chocolate) under my desk...!!!!!
* looking at my left shoe * Oh Fuck!!! I...
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• Do 100 sit ups (optional, just to get ready)

2• Wash hair with, all shampoos and conditioners 당신 have.

3• Brush tenth, for 30 mins. (Yes, you’re probably like, WHAT?!?!, but we did it, and our tenth are so much better).

4• Wash face, with, pimple cleaners, blackhead removers, moisturizer, anything & everything 당신 have.

5• Tanning lotion for legs, Can be used if have, and wanted. :)

6• Shave legs, if needed.

7• Apply mascara, (girls 15+ may wear foundation if wanting)

8• Using Vaseline on lips, apply Vaseline on toothbrush, and in circular motions.

9• Make hair how wanted,...
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posted by taytrain97
User: Seriously? Like omigawd.

Cleverbot: Like omg totally! :.

User: Seriously? Like omigawd.

Cleverbot: Are 당신 really?

User: Seriously? Like omigawd.

Cleverbot: Can 당신 speak french?

User: Seriously? Like omigawd.

Cleverbot: I'm bored of 당신 now.

User: Seriously? Like omigawd.

Cleverbot: What is your feeling about the universe?

User: Seriously? Like omigawd.

Cleverbot: Why thank you.

User: Seriously? Like omigawd.

Cleverbot: 당신 are a teen girl?

User: Seriously? Like omigawd.

Cleverbot: I thought 당신 were adam?

User: Seriously? Like omigawd.

Cleverbot: No way.

User: Seriously? Like omigawd.

Cleverbot: Nooo!!!!...
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posted by I_love_Mikey
음악 is genuinely the most important thing to life. 음악 is something that 당신 cannot live without. It changes thought process, and is a good way to express emotion. Almost every song was written because people went through something and wrote a song; normally people find connections through 음악 and either find it comforting 또는 helpful.

Honestly, there're many genres of 음악 I can't stand. Many things that I would rather cut my ears off then listen to. There are things I can't tolerate, like country, 또는 pop, 또는 Lady Gaga, 또는 anything like that. I am 더 많이 into techno 또는 screamo 또는 metal....
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posted by Yama
I went into my room after being 로스트 in thought. It was only then I felt the sea sickness. Well I was out on the deck for a little too long. Okay now I certainly knew that was a really bad idea. I went for a 샤워 to see if the heat would shrug off the sickness. I got out of the 샤워 feeling fresh, but also funny. I heard Emily in my room. I shouted," Emily I'll be right there!"
I heard her calling back,"Okay!". I got into my new dress for I knew 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 was soon. I may as well put it on now rather than having to do it later, i thought. I seen Emily she was dressed for 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 too. She was...
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Rachel’s POV:

That evening while leaving school, I heard girls talking about beauty contest that was going to take place in another two weeks.

All I wanted to do was to go 집 right now and complete 읽기 Julius Caesar book.

What a good plan Mark Antony had towards the assassinators!

As usual, I got my locker cleaned and walked towards the cafeteria to have a sip of coffee.

Enjoying my coffee, I sat down and heard someone call out my name.

I just turned back and saw the angel.

Announcement to ladies and gentlemen: Andrew was calling out my name.

He came closer to me and said “I want to talk...
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posted by hannah16
1. run in squares
2. chase a squirrel
3. go into walmart with a big stick and pretend to be blind
4. go up to some 랜덤 old man and say, "grandpa, you're alive! it's a miracle!"
5. go up to someone and pull out a piece of their hair and yell, "DNA!"
6. blink wildly, then close your eyes for an amazing light show
7. see how long 당신 can hold a not
8. use your secret mind power
9. pretend you're a robot
10. scratch yourself
11. rate passers by
12. repeat the same word over and over until it loses its meaning
13. pinch yourself
14. try and 제비, 삼키기 your tongue
15. pretend to be a car
16. make 별, 스타 trek door...
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User: Hey.

Cleverbot: How are you?

User: Good and you?

Cleverbot: Yes, good thanks! How old are you?

User: 16.

Cleverbot: You're old.

User: Thanks alot! :(.

Cleverbot: You're welcome!

User: I was being sarcastic.

Cleverbot: So was I.

User: Oh ok. That makes sense. It's hard to tell on the computer.

Cleverbot: Really?

User: Yesh really. Do 당신 like ponies?

Cleverbot: No, do 당신 like ponies?

User: Yes. But, 유니콘 are better.

Cleverbot: 유니콘 aren't real.


Cleverbot: Hey, I just met you, chill!!

User: 당신 said 유니콘 aren't real. :( I thought 당신 were my friend....
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posted by CorporalSununu
Well, if this is indeed the 랜덤 club, I think this is a good place to put a [b]random[b] article.
So, for this 랜덤 article, I'll be putting some strange yet sort of weirdly interesting facts. Let the games begin:
-Barbie is a nickname. Her full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts
-Hello Kitty is not her real name. A few years back, 산리오 published a book about her, including a family tree, which stated her name was Kitty White.
-Johnny Depp has never won an oscar.
-Mel 블랑 was a man who did every single voice in the majority of the Bugs Bunny cartoons, and his voicing list goes on and on....
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posted by smileypop9
Found this on www.funny.com. That site has so much funny stuff...lol

Women's English:
Yes = No
No = Yes
Maybe = No
I'm sorry = You'll be sorry
We need = I want
It's your decision = The correct decision should be obvious 의해 now.
Do what 당신 want = You'll pay for this later.
We need to talk = I need to complain.
Sure go ahead = I don't want 당신 to.
I'm not upset = Of course I'm upset, 당신 moron!
You're so manly = 당신 need a shave and 당신 sweat a lot.
You're certainly attentive tonight = Is sex all 당신 ever think about?
Be romantic, turn out the lights = I have flabby thighs.
This 부엌, 주방 is so inconvenient...
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posted by Winxlove
 My favourite cartoon ever!♥
My favourite cartoon ever!♥
I was bored and I decided to write some things that yo should have to know about me...we can know now each other!

•My real name is Asbjela(Asbjella)but 당신 can call me short as Ella.
•My birthday is in 6th march.
•I'm 11 years old.
•I have 2 brothers and 1 sister.(and my mom and dad,of course)
•I can draw very well for someone of my age.
•I live in a villa.
•My hairs are brown,which means I'm brunette.
•I don't have a BFF in my real life,but here in 팬팝 I do.
•I like Winx Club.
•I like Sailor Moon.
•I like 크리스마스 movies.
•I like Magic and 판타지 movies.
•I like funny movies....
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1. You're beautiful.- girls think when 당신 say 'hot' your looking at our body, not our personality.

2. 당신 look perfect.- gurls like it when men think we're perfect.

3. I wish I could see u everyday.-it makes us gurls think we're loved and 당신 never get tired of being with us.

4. I 사랑 당신 and only you.-Well, 당신 guys get the picture.

5. I will be with 당신 forever.

6. 당신 have no flaws.

7. You'll always be in my picture, even if ur not there.

8. 당신 shine brighter than the sun.

9. There is no reason for 당신 to be ashamed of your body, you're very pretty.
posted by Mrs_twiLautner
Try it!!!! It's soooo cool!!! oh my freaking gosh Okay, here 당신 go... ... DO NOT CHEAT 또는 IT WON'T WORK AND 당신 WILL WISH 당신 HADN'T. TAKE 3 분 TRY THIS - IT WILL FREAK 당신 OUT. DO NOT READ AHEAD, JUST DO IT. IT TAKES ABOUT 3 분 - WORTH A TRY 1st. Get PEN and PAPER 2nd. WHEN CHOOSING NAMES, MAKE SURE THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE THAT 당신 ACTUALLY KNOW 3rd. GO WITH YOUR FIRST INSTINCTS !!!!! Very important for good results. 4th SCROLL DOWN ONE LINE AT THE TIME DON..T READ AHEAD otherwise 당신 WILL RUIN THE FUN. 1. On a blank sheet of paper, WRITE NUMBERS 1 through 11 in a COLUMN on the LEFT....
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posted by sapherequeen
 Sorry, I know this picture may annoy some of 당신 and look senseless to others. But it makes me feel better when I see one of my 가장 좋아하는 fictional characters :,(
Sorry, I know this picture may annoy some of you and look senseless to others. But it makes me feel better when I see one of my favorite fictional characters :,(
*Sigh* Ok, I am having a very big problem with my 프로필 page; it has expired.

You see, when I was on 팬팝 like three weeks 이전 this organization called GreenAV falsified (lied) to me that I had over 41 viruses on my laptop. My stepfather bought GreenAV because we thought it would protect our computer. Boy, were we dead wrong. GreenAV happens to be this company made in Israel to steal identities of other people around the world and their money. GreenAV also infects your computer with viruses. Unfortunately, I discovered this too late. Now my laptop is at a repair shop, and my mom told me...
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posted by StarWarrior
    “I’ve got it!” Shade squeaked.
    “Hurry!” 에메랄드 barked, trying to keep up with him.
    “Corner it there, quick!” Kitmira barked.
    Shade turned the rabbit toward the thick thorn bushes. It was getting tired. Shade pounced; he landed perfectly on its back.
    “Bite it!” Neko commanded.
    Emerald lunged 앞으로 and sunk her teeth into its neck.
    “Good catch!” Mamma called.
    “Did we hunt...
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posted by xoPixie-Popxo
Feel free to add some suggestions 또는 reasons! I may include them on here. :)

From Cartoonnetwork:

Regular Show:
-The 애니메이션 is actually decent.
-Some characters are actually smart and use common sense

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake
-It has a very weird (but cute) looking setting.
-A very fun and adventurous little cartoon (Hence the title, ADVENTURE Time.)

What I have to say to Cartoonnetwork: You're doing a rather decent job. Now let's get 더 많이 만화 like these.

From Nickelodeon:

Victorious (but slowly getting worse, like iCarly :/)
-Interesting and original characters
-Fun story...
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posted by Ninjacupcake
Hate is everywhere. It can be because of race, gender 또는 if someone is gay/lesbian/bi. Sadly, a lot of us have to live with it. What I want to speak about are the hatings of people with different sexual orientations.

Most of 당신 have heard Born This Way 의해 Lady Gaga. I want to say that everyone IS beautiful in their way cause God makes no mistakes. Even though I'm straight, that does NOT mean that I hate others. I 사랑 everyone. It makes me mad, but also sad, because that's a human being 당신 are hating. They have red blood when they bleed, need 음식 when they are hungry, and DANG, their poop...
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posted by darina25
so this was my favourite outfit 2 draw. here is the 설명 I'd like to try for something 더 많이 unusual. But not Lady Gaga unusual.

I tend to like something flowy and that covers my arms.

As for trousers, anything. 또는 if 당신 draw a dress, it's all good. Whatever 당신 like to draw is fine 의해 me as long as it's not like, tarty. Hey,
My hair is brown, kind of chocolatey brown. As for style, um, I'm not all that sure and I don't pay much attention to it anyway but, maybe something half up, half down?
Did that make sense? If not, just let me know and I'll try and be 더 많이 specific
so here i couldn't...
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The Dr. Z!!
By: moolah
(Note: I’ve changed both me and my friend’s name for privacy. I have also changed the name of the school, and my [math] teacher )
[P.S: For Ellen’s part, I am just guessing what happened when I was in the bathroom!]
True Story.

Scene: Applebee’s
Time: 7:50
Why: My birthday dinner
Who: Tabby(me) and Ellen(my friend)
Tabby’s P.O.V
    I had to go to the bathroom, so my friend Ellen and I went to the Applebee’s bathroom, and I knocked on the one door to a stall. “YES HONEY!” A woman *I think* who sounded strangely like a man laughed as she spoke...
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The mall. Teenage girls bury their heads in piles of clothes and giggle. A Sale Sign goes up and they scream. Mothers drag kids 의해 their heels. As the people pass by, they glance uncomfortably at something off-screen then hurry along. The children point, faces uncomprehending.

Pan over to find ZIM and 지르 in a dark corner, near a waste receptacle, dressed as clowns. ZIM just stares out evilly at the passing people. 지르 simply stares, holding balloons.

ZIM (to GIR)
Look at them, GIR. THEY think we are clowns. But we are not clowns.

GIR gasps in shock....
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