1. Ask him why did he marry a woman like your mom

2. Tell him 당신 met a guy in school

3. Sing a song he hates

4(reply to number 3) When he plays a song he likes, ask: "What awful music. How do 당신 listen to that crap?"

5. When he is driving you(anywhere), constantly ask "where are we going?"

6. Call him 의해 his name[Not so risky, always done it as a kid!]

7. When he lectures you, after he finishes it, ask him: "Ever heard of breath mint?"

8. Tell him that Justin Bieber is your 가장 좋아하는 guy[If 당신 hate Bieber, go with Cody Simpson 또는 some who 당신 like ALLOT!]

9. Come 집 saying 당신 found your true love.

10. (reply to number 9) When he asks to meet him, say, "Never" 또는 "I met him on a chat room!" (REALLY RISKY!)

11. Ask if a friend can come over and then ask, "Can 당신 clean my room?"

12. Ask him if 당신 can get a pet( If 당신 don't have one already) and if he suggests a 물고기 say, "No!"

13. Scream at the house(or apartment) telling it to break down

14. Tell your dad that your going away forever and when he gets sad, say, "Haha, I'm kidding!"

15. Tell him your pregnant.

16. [2dolphn97]-For girls- Constantly remind him of the "changes" your going through

I will add 더 많이 if 당신 give me more!