Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

Naboo, one 년 before the events of A New Hope.

In one section of the planet, it was littered with destroyed vehicles, ranging from tanks, speeder bikes, and even a few AT-ST's. Not far away, was a damaged Tie Fighter, 다음 to an old Arc-170. The radio was still on in the 170.

Announcer: This is the Coruscant Broadcasting Service. Here is the news. In an isolated part of the planet, a group of Generals said, with Naboo falling into the hands of the Imperials, The Battle of Coruscant, is about to begin.

Song: link

The Battle Of Coruscant

Imperial Pilot: *Flying a landing craft into the planet of Chevrelium*

Starring everyone in alphabetical order

Ben Affleck as Simon Ulson
Cruella as Enpa Noore
Daniel Radcliffe as Ken Nixon

Imperial Pilot: *Landing the ship in an open field*
Imperials: *Running towards the landing craft*

Emma Watson as Mary
George Clooney as Sten Field

Imperial Officer 63: Right face! Attention!
Stormtroopers: *Looking to the right, watching General Kar step off of the ship*
Colonel Rosemeyer: *Walks over to the general with eight 더 많이 officers* It's a pleasure to see 당신 General.
General Kar: Thank 당신 very much Colonel.
Colonel Rosemeyer: When you're ready, our speeders are good to go.
General Kar: *Walks into a luxury speeder* Shall we begin?

The four luxury speeders took off, leaving the landing craft.

Jeff Bodine as General Capta
Jesse Neighbor as Lieutenant Von Hapen
Joss Ackland as General Kar

The convoy of speeders passed a row of Tie Fighters. Hundreds of them were on the ground.

Imperial Officer 56: Ten hut!!!!
Stormtroopers: *Standing at attention, watching the convoy pass*
Tie Pilots: *Standing at attention, watching the convoy*
General Kar: *Looking at the pilots, and ships*

Louis Bodine as Captain Smith
Michael J. 여우 as Tom Dunto
Obi-Wan Kenobi as himself

The convoy left the field, and traveled along a dusty road.

Scout Troopers: Speeder bikes 1, and 3 awaiting arrival of General's convoy.
Imperial Officer 86: *Turns left, leaving the convoy* Clear to proceed.

The General's speeder continued leading the convoy with the other two speeders. The speeder bikes joined in at the back, following the others.

They passed a river. Three stormtroopers were operating a crane, 로딩 a 나무 상자, 상자 with water.

Imperial Officer: *Standing 다음 to the 나무 상자, 상자 on a platform* That's good. Bring it to the left.
Imperials: *Passing the 기중기, 크레인 in their convoy*
Stormtroopers: Attention! *Standing at attention, watching the convoy pass*

The convoy continued along the dirt road, passing another airfield. Dozens of Landing Crafts, and Tie Reapers were lined up 다음 to each other.

Sebastian Vettel as Max Ruger
Simon Nash as Justin Jaldaan
Tom Kane as Colonel Rosemeyer
Toni Garrn as Alaine Tendra

The road they were on began to go slightly to the right, bringing them closer to the airfield.

Based off of the 1969 film, The Battle Of Britain.

General Kar: *Looking at the Landing Craft*
Colonel Rosemeyer: If 당신 think those are interesting, wait until 당신 see our new Tie Bombers.
General Kar: I have heard about those. I am interested to see them.
Scout Troopers: Understood, breaking off.

They passed an intersection. The three speeders went straight as the two speeder bikes turned left.

After that, the convoy continued down the dirt road, until reaching the entrance of the airfield. A gate was down, preventing them from entering, so they had to stop.

Stormtrooper 95: I have the convoy in my sight.
Imperial Troopers: *Walking out of the shed, and looking over the convoy*

더 많이 stormtroopers were seen up ahead. They were all standing at attention.

General Kar: *Looking at thirty Tie Bombers lined up 다음 together* Are those the Tie Bombers Colonel?
Colonel Rosemeyer: Yes General.
General Kar: Very good.
Stormtrooper 95: They are clear to enter the field.
General Kar: Right. Let's continue the inspection.

Song (Start at 1:17): link

Endor, the main headquarters for The Empire.

Imperial Officers: *Walking side 의해 side*
Officer 2: Is this pilot as good as they say he is?
Officer 86: The best. He could shoot down an entire squadron of fighters in his sleep. Let's hope he is assigned to us, and the Republic will quickly be wiped out.
Officer 2: Then Coruscant will be ours.
Max: *Sitting on a bench*
Officer 2: Lieutenant Ruger, Lord Vader will see 당신 now. Follow us.
Max: *Following the two Imperial Officers*

The song fades away as we are now in Etti IV. At a big house.

Maid: *Looks at Max as he walks in* My dear Max.
Max: *Walks over to the maid, and kisses her hand*
Maid: How nice to see 당신 again.
Max: I came straight from Endor an 시간 ago.
Protocol Droid: The General will see 당신 now sir.
Max: Thank you. *Follows the protocol droid*
General Capta: *Reading a book, then looks up to see Max walk up to him*
Max: General, I have been instructed to advise you, that Lord Vader wishes to avoid further bloodshed. The Republic is not our natural enemy, and he offers guarantees if 당신 hand over Coruscant to us peacefully. Grand Moff Tarkin, and a few other officers would like to destroy that planet, and your whole army.
General Capta: *Flips a page in his book* Chapter 5 is your favorite, isn't it?
Max: What's left of your army is still on that planet. You're defenseless, and playing for time. Even with help from the Rebel Alliance, 또는 any other army you've teamed up with, 당신 can't hold it forever.
General Capta: *Closes the book* So what's stopping you?
Max: *Looks at the protocol droid, as it arrives with a tray of drinks. He takes one* Look General, Lord Vader is being very reasonable.
Protocol Droid: *Puts the tray down on the desk, and walks away*
Max: He offers guarantees.
General Capta: Experience shows that Vader's guarantees, guarantee nothing.
Max: What about Kenobi? After his fight with Vader on Mustafar, what do we hear? Nothing. He's a coward. He can't fight. His ways of the force are inferior. That's why he's not helping you.
General Capta: Clearly, 당신 don't know him.
Max: You're making a mistake. This whole galaxy belongs to The Empire. We can go into Coruscant whenever we please.
General Capta: You're the one making the mistake here. We've taken Coruscant back from 당신 after Order 66, and we can hold it. We're not easily frightened! Don't dictate 또는 threaten us until your army is gathered in the center of town! Even then we won't listen!

Max had nothing to say after that. He finished his drink, walked towards the door, and left the General in his room.

Maid: *Looks at Max as he leaves*
Protocol Droid: *Following Max*
Maid: *Walks to General Capta*
General Capta: *Looking down at his desk* It's unforgivable. *Looks at his maid* I 로스트 my temper. The maddening thing is that he's right. We are playing for time....and it's running out!

Song: link

A group of Republic pilots were together in a bar at Coruscant. Word soon got around about the Empire's intentions to attack.

Ken: And of course we'll have full support of the Rebel Alliance.
Justin: Well at least someone's trying to help us.
Ken: Naboo, and Mygeeto will help us too. They won't 가입하기 in on the fighting, but they're sending pilots to volunteer.
Captain Smith: *Walks into the bar* Right 당신 two, General Capta wants us at the airfield on the double. Let's go.

The two pilots followed the captain out of the bar. Once they arrived at the airbase, they saw a few Z-95's, along with a new fighter.

Picture of the new fighter:

Justin: That's not an X-Wing, is it?
Ken: It does look like one.
Captain Smith: Triumph. That's what they're calling it. The Rebellion is building those specifically for us.
General Capta: *Walks over to Captain Smith* Gentlemen, I see you're already acquainting yourselves with the new Triumph 별, 스타 fighters that the Rebel Alliance kindly built for us. Captain Smith will be training 당신 two.
Captain Smith: Ken, you're up first. Go ahead and pick a Triumph. I'll be up with 당신 in a Z-95.
Ken: *Walks over to one of the Triumph's*
Captain Smith: *Climbs into a Z-95*
Justin: *Watching the two ships take off*
Captain Smith: *Talking through the radio* Right, can 당신 hear me Nixon?
Ken: *Replies on the radio* Yes I can hear you.
Captain Smith: Right, we're going to stay in the planet atmosphere. I'm going to come towards you, and I want 당신 to pull off an evasive maneuver. *Flies to the right*
Ken: *Flying straight, looking in front of him*
Captain Smith: Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-tat! *Flies past*
Ken: *Watching Captain Smith fly past from the left*
Captain Smith: Come on, 당신 can teach monkeys to fly better than that. Once more.
Ken: *Looking for Captain Smith*

Captain Smith was flying at a higher altitude than Ken. He was coming in fast from behind.

Ken: *Does a backflip, and flies towards Captain Smith*
Captain Smith: *Sees Ken flying towards him* Pull up!! *Goes down*
Ken: *Flies over Captain Smith*
Captain Smith: Bloody hell, that was close. You're lucky that Triumph's have deflector shields.
Ken: Is that the blue button on the right?
Captain Smith: Yeah, that's the one. Good work. Let's head back.

On Tatooine, several Victory 2-Class Frigates landed 의해 Mos Eisley.

Lieutenant Von Hapen: *Walks out of a 프리깃 with six Death Troopers*

Song: link

Cantina Band: *Playing music*
People: *Dancing*
Other People: *Drinking*
Lieutenant Von Hapen: *Pulls out an SE14-C, and fires once at the ceiling*

Everyone stopped what they were doing, except for the band.

Lieutenant Von Hapen: *Shoots one of the band members*
Band Members: *Stop playing their music*
Lieutenant Von Hapen: We are in need of pilots. Who would like to volunteer?
Cantina Owner: We are not intimidated 의해 당신 Imperial scum!
Lieutenant Von Hapen: *Nods* Very well. *Walks away* Do as 당신 wish.
Death Troopers: *Pointing their blasters at everyone, and shoots them*
Lieutenant Von Hapen: *Walks back to the frigate, and activates a hologram*
General Kar: *Appears on the hologram*
Lieutenant Von Hapen: Mos Eisley is ours. The Republic will be expecting an attack from Naboo, so we can give them a wonderful surprise.
General Kar: Excellent Lieutenant. Reinforcements will be on the way momentarily.

When reinforcements did arrive, a man was watching them. He had short white hair, a mustache, and a beard. It was Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Back at the Cantina, the Imperials were making quick progress.

Lieutenant Von Hapen: *Looking at the Death Troopers* Gentlemen, a lady.
Alaine: *Arrives in an IFT-D with Colonel Rosemeyer* Thank you. *Steps out of the speeder*
Colonel Rosemeyer: *Looking around*
Alaine: Now, the 별, 스타 Destroyers that have landed just outside of town are fully stocked on Tie Bombers. With the Victory 2 Class Frigates, your objective is to attack the Republic's base of operations.
Lieutenant Von Hapen: Coruscant. 당신 all remember how to use the turrets. The pilots in the bombers will provide extra firepower, and a damn good escort.
Alaine: Good indeed, because we have Max Ruger as one of our pilots. Get into your frigates and let's take down the Republic once and for all.
Death Troopers: *Saluting Alaine*
Lieutenant Von Hapen: *Walks back into a Victory 2-Class Frigate*

Three of the Frigates, and two 별, 스타 Destroyers took off as they were heading for Coruscant. As they got out of the planet's atmosphere, they made the jump into hyperspace.

Obi-Wan: *Kneeling as he waits in the storage area of a Victory 2 Class Frigate*
Lieutenant Von Hapen: Coruscant is not far away. Slow down.
Boy 56: *Watching three Frigates come towards the planet with two 별, 스타 Destroyers*
Lieutenant Von Hapen: Send the Tie Bombers.

Dozens of Tie Bombers flew out of the 별, 스타 Destroyers, to assist the Frigates with attacking Coruscant.

Boy 28: *Walks towards the other boy with two other children*
Boy 56: Tie Fighters!
Boy 28: Rubbish, those aren't fighters. They're Tie Bombers.
Boy 56: They are Tie Fighters, look! *Pointing at the Tie Bombers*
Tie Pilot 19: 불, 화재 a homing 미사일 at those kids.
Tie Pilot 53: Right away. *Fires a homing missile*
Boy 56: The 미사일 is heading for us! *Gets down with the other children, avoiding the missile*
Tie Pilot 53: *Hits a building with his missile*
People: *Watching the Imperials come towards them*
Woman 63: Run away!!
People: *Running away, attempting to avoid the ships*
Tie Pilot 57: *Shoots a cargo ship twice*
Man 39: We've been hit! We're going down! *Lands on a building*

The ship made this sound as the bottom scraped on the surface of the building: link

People: Get out of the way!!
Man 54: *Running away, but trips as he gets close to an edge. He rolls over, and looks at the ship coming towards him. It stops, only a few inches away from him*
Man 39: Is the cargo safe?
Man 29: Yes sir, all of our supplies are safe.

But the Imperial's attack still continued. Many buildings were on fire.

Death Troopers: *Using the turrets of the Victory 2 Class 프리깃 to shoot 더 많이 buildings*
Woman 92: *Lays down on the floor, avoiding the turret*

불, 화재 was spreading around the planet as the sky began to go dark. An alarm was going off: link

Men: Put out the fire!! *Grabbing buckets of water, and throwing it at the fire*
Firefighters: *Arriving on speeder bikes. They get off, pull out a hose, and spray water at another fire*


General Capta: *In his office talking to a hologram* Why wasn't I notified sooner?
Republic Solder 63: 당신 were on leave in Velmor.
General Capta: So what if I was on leave?! 당신 should have notified me as soon as they started dropping bombs.

A knock on his door was heard.

General Capta: Excuse me. We'll discuss this later. *Turns off the hologram* Come in.
Enpa: *Walks in* Sir, I think there's something 당신 should see.
General Capta: *Nods* Okay. Show me.

Enpa took General Capta outside. There standing in front of the General was Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Obi-Wan: I came here aboard one of the Imperial frigates that attacked this planet. I'm willing to help in any way I can.
General Capta: Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Enpa: The old son of a 암캐, 암 캐 is still alive.
Obi-Wan: I have something important in Tatooine however, so I do hope this won't take too long.
General Capta: 당신 stay here as long as 당신 want.

Song: link

All of a sudden, dozens of ships were seen heading towards the planet. A few of them were Mon Calamari 별, 스타 cruisers.

Captain Smith: *Looking at the ships*
Justin: The Rebellion is here.
Ken: Along with a few others.

General Capta and other Republic soldiers went to get a closer look.

Sten: *Walks out of a Mon Calamari 별, 스타 순양함, 크루저 with other Rebel pilots*
Justin: *Looking at the pilots walking out of the ships* They're not just from the Rebellion.
Ken: There's a few pilots from other armies as well.
Sten: *Walks over to General Capta* Sten Field at your service, along with Simon Ulson, and Tom Dunto.
Simon: Several other pilots from the Alliance would like to help out as well.
Tom: And we're even throwing in ten X-Wings at no extra charge.
General Capta: Thank you.
Captain Smith: 당신 Rebels come with me.
Sten: *Walks with Tom, and Simon towards Captain Smith*
Naboo Colonel: Me, and twelve of my best pilots would like to 가입하기 당신 in combat to defend your planet. We also got 26 gungans.
General Capta: Stand over there to the left.
Enpa: This way. *Walks with the pilots from Naboo Special Forces*
Mygeeto Captain: Mygeeto at your service.
General Capta: How many of your pilots are joining us?
Mygeeto Captain: 141, but uh, just giving 당신 a fair warning, not all of them speak very good basic.
General Capta: We'll work on that.
Tatooine General: Hello General.
General Capta: Ah, another General. How many pilots have 당신 got?
Tatooine General: 21, plus a few Jawas for maintenance work on your ships.
General Capta: Thank you. 가입하기 the Rebels over to the right.
Tatooine General: *Walks over with his pilots*
General Capta: *Looks at another group of pilots* And you're from Polis Massa?
Polis Massa Pilot: Right. Polis Massa's 우주 Squadron is with you. 87 pilots, plus myself.
General Capta: Thank you.

When all of the pilots were assembled, the ships took off.

General Capta: *Looking at the large group of pilots* Gentlemen, and ladies, let's win The Battle Of Coruscant.
Pilots: *Cheering*

Sullust, 집 to one of the biggest Imperial bases in the galaxy.

General Kar: *Sitting down with other Generals*
Imperial General 53: *Laughs*
Imperial General 42: My brother would 사랑 that one.
Stormtrooper 78: *Walks into the room* Excuse me, General Kar?
General Kar: What is it Corporal?
Stormtrooper 78: You're wanted on the hologram.
General Kar: *Walks over to the stormtrooper*
Stormtrooper 78: Follow me please.

General Kar was lead into a room where other Imperial were talking to others on holograms.

Imperial Officer 92: A riot in Utapau? How many casualties did we receive?
Imperial Officer 63: Negative. The convoy did not make it through. It was attacked 의해 a few saboteurs, including Jyn Erso.
General Kar: *Walks over to a hologram* Colonel Rosemeyer, what can I do for you?
Colonel Rosemeyer: Spies are informing me that a large group of pilots are stationed in Coruscant.
General Kar: Lieutenant Von Hapen is to blame for this. He and his squad should have stayed longer instead of pulling out when they did. I am coming back to Chevrelium immediately. We will discuss another plan of attack.
Colonel Rosemeyer: Understood General.

On Coruscant, Justin was with several of the pilots from Mygeeto.

Justin: The Rebellion has sent us another batch of Triumph's. We'll be going on patrol in them, watching for any Imperials.
Mygeeto Pilot 53: To jest dobre.
Mygeeto Pilot 75: Będziemy walczyć z Imperium.
Mygeeto Pilot 42: Sorry. Our basic is not good.
Justin: It's alright. Simply follow my lead, and we'll be okay.

Inside a bunker, Obi-Wan walked over to General Capta.

Obi-Wan: Do 당신 have anything for me? I feel like I'm just taking up space, not doing anything.
General Capta: For now, I just need 당신 to help teach some of the foreigners basic. Plus, if the Imperials do get some men on this planet, your lightsaber, and the ways of the force will come in handy.
Enpa: *Talking on a radio* 10-4, 당신 are clear to proceed.
General Capta: *Walks over to Enpa* What happened?
Enpa: I gave Justin, and his squadron the go ahead to start their patrol.

The eight pilots just left the planet's atmosphere as they began to patrol the area for enemy pilots.

Justin: *Looks around* Right, no sign of enemies so far, but keep your eyes peeled, and stay close. *Looks to the left* Hold it. A big group of Tie Fighters to the left. They don't know we're here though. Let's try to keep it that way.
Mygeeto Pilot 52: Tie myśliwce!
Mygeeto Pilot 63: Dziesiątki z nich!
Mygeeto Pilot 27: Wiem! Widzę ich. Będę strzelał do nich wszystkich.
Justin: Stop that foreign chatter, and head back to Coruscant.
Mygeeto Pilot 53: Repeat please. *Turns left, heading towards the Tie Fighters*
Justin: I say again, head back to Coruscant.
Mygeeto Pilot 75: Repeat please. *Turns left, heading towards the Tie Fighters*
Justin: For crying out loud...Head, back to Coruscant!!
Mygeeto Pilot 42: Repeat please. *Turns left, heading towards the Tie Fighters*
Mygeeto Pilot 52: Repeat please. *Turns left, heading towards the Tie Fighters*

After that, the rest of the pilots left Justin, heading off towards the Tie Fighters.

Justin: Oh, just keep your mouths shut, and follow me. *Looks to the left, watching the Mygeeto pilots fly towards the Tie Fighters* Bloody hell. *Follows the Mygeeto Pilots*
Mygeeto Pilot 52: *Shoots two Tie Fighters*
Imperial Pilot 41: *Shoots down one of the enemy pilots*
Justin: *Shoots three Tie Fighters*
Mygeeto Pilot 53: *Shoots down two Tie Fighters*
Imperial Pilot 96: We outnumber these guys. Finish them off! *Gets shot*
Mygeeto Pilot 27: *Fires two torpedos, but gets killed 의해 a Tie Fighter*

The torpedos hit another Tie Fighter, making it explode.

Back on Chevrelium, the Imperials were listening to the radio chatter during the battle.

Lieutenant Von Hapen: I do not believe this.
Colonel Rosemeyer: 당신 should have been 더 많이 thorough. Made sure 당신 killed 더 많이 people so that they wouldn't group up, and attack us like this!
Lieutenant Von Hapen: They're not all from Coruscant! Hundreds of them came from other planets. We hit that planet hard.
General Kar: Then I guess we'll need 더 많이 frigates. And where is Max?

General Kar held a meeting. Over 50 pilots attended the meeting.

General Kar: Here is the new plan to take over Coruscant. We will have three frigates enter the planet in an area where they won't be spotted. Fifteen pilots will parachute out of the frigates, and walk to the enemy air base. 당신 will sabotage their ships, kill some of their pilots, then steal some of their ships to get back. That way, they won't be prepared for the 다음 wave of frigates that come in.
Pilots: Yes sir. *Walking away to the frigates*
Alaine: *Walks into the room*
General Kar: Any word on Max?
Alaine: He's heading back from Velmor. He's not pleased though. His two week leave was just cancelled.
General Kar: We'll give him a four week leave after we take Coruscant.

The three Victory 2-Class Frigates were making their way to Coruscant, but to a different section, so as not to be spotted.

Death Trooper: We're entering the planet atmosphere.
Lieutenant Von Hapen: Wait until we decrease our altitude to jump.
Tie Pilot: *Nods*
Tie Pilot 53: I think they should have at least given us disguises to wear.
Tie Pilot: You're not the only one, but we should still be okay.
Lieutenant Von Hapen: We're at the right altitude. On my mark...Go!
Tie Pilots: *Jumping out of the frigates. They deploy their parachutes, and land safely on the ground*
Tie Pilot: Alright, let's find that airbase.

They walked towards the airbase, and it seemed like no one was there, but they were wrong.

Obi-Wan: *Stands up*
General Capta: What is it?
Obi-Wan: I feel a disturbance in the force. I'll be back.
Tie Pilots: *Getting close to the ships*
Obi-Wan: *Turns on his lightsaber*
Tie Pilots: Over there! Blast him! *Shooting at Obi-Wan*
Obi-Wan: *Reflecting their shots, making them go back*

Only seven pilots remained.

Obi-Wan: *Performing a mind trick* 당신 don't work for the Empire anymore.
Tie Pilots: *Confused*
Tie Pilot 53: We don't work for the Empire anymore.
Obi-Wan: Shoot yourselves.
Tie Pilots: *Pointing blasters at each other, then shoot each other*
General Capta: *Talking to Mary* Yes, all of them. Something terrible could have happened.
Obi-Wan: If you're referring to your ships, they are in good condition. Thankfully, I stopped those pilots when I did, otherwise they would have been sabotaged.
General Capta: They must have another wave of frigates, and fighters coming in soon.
Obi-Wan: Agreed. Hopefully 당신 have enough pilots to take them down.

Song: link

General Capta: Thanks to General Kenobi, the saboteurs have been defeated, without laying a single finger on any of our fighters.
Obi-Wan: They were using some of their own pilots as Saboteurs, which could give us an advantage in our 다음 battle.
General Capta: If they are short on pilots, they could have fewer frigates, 또는 even better, no fighter escorts.
Obi-Wan: Ken Nixon, 당신 will lead the defense squadron into orbit to take on the Imperials. We have 더 많이 soldiers waiting down here with me in case they do break through. However, I don't think they'll stand a chance against 당신 and your mates.
Ken: Thank 당신 sir.

Meanwhile, on Endor.

Colonel Rosemeyer: The General, and myself regret to inform 당신 that our sabotage plan has failed. We have been able to get some 더 많이 pilots, and 더 많이 frigates, but we do not have any Tie Fighters, 또는 Bombers to provide 당신 with an escort.
Max: This is risky.
Alaine: The frigates have auto-turrets. They should be okay.
Max: Only three!
Colonel Rosemeyer Three turrets on each 프리깃 should be okay. We have twenty frigates ready to go, and twenty times three is sixty.
Max: Well, if 당신 insist. They should cover a lot of ground. When do we go?
Alaine: Oh, you're not going.
Max: I'm not?
Alaine: We need 당신 for another assignment.
Colonel Rosemeyer: The Wookies on Kashyyyk are giving us 더 많이 trouble. 당신 can help us out with that, right?
Max: If 당신 say so Colonel. *Walks away*
Colonel Rosemeyer: As for the rest of you, don't let me 또는 the General down. Understood?
Tie Pilots: Yes sir!!

The twenty frigates were soon on their way to Coruscant. Everyone inside the ships were hoping that they could take over Coruscant, but they did realize it would be tough without any fighter escorts.

Imperial 9863: What were they thinking sending us out here without any escorts?
Imperial 3567: Who cares? As long as we get them 의해 surprise, we're good to go.
Imperial 5335: Easy for 당신 to say. Remember what happened during our last attempt?
Imperial 7852: And the sabotage failed as well.
Imperial 6035: Coruscant is coming into range gentlemen!
Imperial 3567: Well, this is it. Keep your fingers crossed, and hope for the best.

But their chances were ruined when suddenly...

Imperial 6035: Republic Fighters, closing in on us! 7 O' Clock!
Imperial 3567: Already? Son of a bitch!

Twenty Triumph's, and ten Z95's were going up against the frigates.

Ken: *Fires two torpedos, destroying a 터릿, 터렛 on one of the frigates* Take out those turrets, then concentrate on destroying the frigates.
Republic Pilot 72: Roger that.
Imperial 7852: We are losing our turrets! *Gets killed 의해 an explosion*
Republic Pilot 96: I don't see any other Imperials.
Ken: Help yourselves everyone, there's no fighter escorts.
Republic Pilot 72: *Shooting a frigate*
Imperials: *Die*
Republic Pilot 85: *Firing torpedoes, destroying two turrets on the front of a frigate*
Imperial 6666: Turrets down!

An explosion put a hole through the side of the frigate, and three Imperials were sucked into space.

Republic Pilot 85: *Spinning clockwise to avoid 불, 화재 from a turret. He fires 더 많이 torpedoes to destroy the turret*

Song: link

Imperial 9562: We're not going to make it!! Turn around!!!

The frigates began to 스플릿, 분할 up. Some went to the left, others went to the right.

Ken: Enjoy the show boys! *Destroys a frigate*
Republic Pilot 73: I'm enjoying every bit of it. *Destroys another frigate*

Stop the song, and play this one: link

Colonel Rosemeyer: *Walking down a corridor*
General Kar: We are trying our best!
Colonel Rosemeyer: *Stops, and listens to the General*
General Kar: There's simply too many of them! Their training is superior!....I understand. I'll get it done. Somehow.
Colonel Rosemeyer: *Walks over to the General* Is everything okay?
General Kar: No. That was the Emperor talking to me on the hologram. If we don't take Coruscant soon, I'll be dead.
Colonel Rosemeyer: 당신 mean executed?
General Kar: *Nods*

The song fades away as another one begins: link

Five Tie Fighters were flying towards Coruscant.

Tie Pilot 94: General, we're approaching our target. Beginning reconnaissance.

What they didn't realize was that three Triumph's were closing in on them.

Simon: *Flying with Tom, and Captain Smith*
Captain Smith: There they are.
Tom: Good plan Simon.
Simon: Now we take them down before they can 신고 anything to their comrades.

One of the pilots of those Tie Fighters however, was Max.

Max: We've picked up some bogies. Dispose of them.
Tie Pilots: *Turning around*
Tom: *Shooting a Tie Fighter*
Captain Smith: *Shoots down another Tie Fighter*
Max: Try and shake those three, then shoot them!

There were a few asteroids the Imperials used to hide from the three pilots.

Simon: To the asteroids. *Turns left with Tom, and Captain Smith*

Two of the Tie Pilots turned around to face the Triumph's and shot at Tom, and Captain Smith.

Captain Smith: I've taken too much damage!
Tom: Same here. We're heading back to base.
Simon: I guess I'm on my own. *Fires two torpedoes, and shoots down a Tie Fighter*
Max: *Looks at the Tie Fighter that got hit 의해 the torpedoes* Okay, two can play at that game. *Turns around, and fires at Simon*
Simon: *Activates his shields, and shoots at Max*
Max: *Gets hit three times* Damn! *Turns around, following Simon*
Simon: *Dives, and decreases speed*
Max: *Passes Simon*
Simon: *Goes up, and shoots Max again*
Max: *Gets hit several times* Ah!! *Looks at the blood coming out of his leg* I've still got some life left in me. *Turns around to face Simon, but his weapons are jammed. He cannot return fire*
Simon: *Shoots Max, and kills him* Enemies down, I'm coming back to 가입하기 you. Drinks are on me.
Tie Pilot 57: *Following Simon from the asteroids* Did 당신 forget about me? *Fires torpedoes at Simon, and kills him*

Stop the song

Captain Smith: Simon? Simon?!?!
Tom: *Looks back, and sees a Triumph diving towards the ground* Captain, I don't think he's alive!

The two pilots helplessly watched as their friend's Triumph charged towards a very tall building.

People: *Looking at the Triumph* Get back!!

The Triumph crashed, taking the building down with it.

General Kar: Did 당신 get anything?
Tie Pilot 57: Negative. Too much enemy interference.
General Kar: Understood. Come back home.

Back on Coruscant, everyone was sad about the loss of one of their pilots.

Sten: Simon was too good a man to die like that.
Tom: After all the missions we've gone through. I'll never forget the time he and Wedge landed that Y-Wing in the 별, 스타 Destroyer. The two of them took down the whole crew aboard that ship, with just their blasters, and fists.

Song: link

General Kar: Enemy pilots were awaiting our recon group when they arrived at Coruscant. They even killed Max.
Colonel Rosemeyer: We 로스트 Max?
General Kar: *Nods* It's 안전한, 안전 to say, that they are expecting us no matter what we do. This is our final attack. We must succeed in taking Coruscant, 또는 the Emperor will be infuriated.
Lieutenant Von Hapen: I say we use 별, 스타 Destroyers, just like our first attack.
Alaine: *Nods* Along with everything else we can get. Frigates, Bombers, Fighters, Strikers, Reapers, even some Landing Craft wouldn't hurt.
Lieutenant Von Hapen: Unless the Republic tries anything.

The four of them laughed.

General Kar: Let's go brief our pilots.

Stop the song

General Capta: Kenobi, you're free to return to Tatooine. Those Imperials won't be giving us anymore trouble.
Mary: They will, but we can handle it from here.
Obi-Wan: Good. Although I'm leaving, the force will be with you. Always.*Walks away*

Ten 별, 스타 Destroyers were approaching the planet. They were joined 의해 fifteen Victory 2-Class Frigates.

Lieutenant Von Hapen: Okay everyone, for General Kar! He's back on Chevrelium with Alaine, and the Colonel. Don't disappoint them.
Imperial Trooper: Launching all fighters! Press the attack!

Tie Fighters were joined 의해 Bombers, Reapers, Strikers and Landing craft as they soared towards their main objective.

Mary: Multiple enemy ships are on their way!
General Capta: Captain, get out there and take down the enemy!
Captain Smith: Okay everyone, let's go!

The hundreds of Republic Fighters ran over to their ships.

Enpa: Let's hope those new bombers we named after that Jedi come in handy. We never got a chance to test them.
General Capta: I just wish we had 더 많이 of them. There's only ten at the moment.

The Kenobi Bombers:

Three men are required to operate the new bomber. There is the pilot, and two men to operate the two turrets. There is one on each side of the ship.

Captain Smith: Let's hope those new bombers come in handy against those 별, 스타 Destroyers.
Republic Pilot 70: Yeah, I don't want to go against those things just to find out that our bombs aren't powerful enough to stop them.
Republic Pilot 95: At least the turrets work.
Republic Pilot 70: *Increasing altitude, he drops a bomb on the command bridge*
Imperial Officer 446: We've taken some serious damage!
Imperial Officer 68: Those tiny ships are very powerful. Shoot them down.
Imperial Officer 586: All defense mechanisms are down! We must retreat!

Another Kenobi 마리화나 담배, 폭격기 fired a bomb at one of the engines on the back of the 별, 스타 Destroyer. Five Tie Fighters were under it, chasing down a Z-95.

Tie Pilot 84: Look out!
Republic Pilot 98: *Looks back at the 별, 스타 Destroyer crushing the Tie Fighters* That was brilliant!
Lieutenant Von Hapen: Focus all 불, 화재 on those bombers!
Tie Pilot 53: We're trying to shoot them down, but these Triumph's are making it too difficult for us!

Triumph's and Z95's were chasing down any ships that were attempting to destroy the Kenobi Bombers. Turrets from both the bombers, and Imperial ships blasted at each other, as some were destroyed.

Justin: Captain, behind you!
Captain Smith: *Looks back at a Tie Striker. He turns around, and they both shoot at each other*
Tie Pilot 67: Ah!! *Gets shot*
Captain Smith: That was close. Thank you.
Justin: Think nothing of it.
Lieutenant Von Hapen: We 로스트 six frigates, and three 별, 스타 Destroyers! I want those bombers down now!!!
Republic Pilot 53: *Heading towards a 별, 스타 Destroyer*

Turrets began to 불, 화재 at the bomber. Two shots hit the cockpit, breaking the glass.

Republic Pilot 53: We have to turn around!
Republic Pilot 75: Tie Fighters closing in on us! Two on my side. How's the right?
Republic Pilot 77: They have three heading for us! *Shooting at the Tie Fighters*

Some of the shots also hit the cockpit, and one even knocked off a Tie Pilot's helmet.

Tie Pilot 16: *Losing his breath as he decreases altitude*
Tie Pilot 85: He 로스트 his helmet!
Tie Pilot 63: Never mind that, finish off that bomber!

But before they had the opportunity, a Triumph shot them down.

Lieutenant Von Hapen: *Concerned* This is going downhill, fast.
Imperial 8686: One of our landing craft are coming straight for us! It's engines are disabled!

The landing craft landed on the 별, 스타 Destroyer, making this noise as it skidded towards the bridge: link

Imperial 853: It's going to knock us down!!
Lieutenant Von Hapen: *Watching the landing craft* No it won't it's slowing down.

And it did. It was inches away from knocking down the bridge.

Lieutenant Von Hapen: We're not going to win this. We need to retreat.
Ken: *Shooting down two Tie Bombers*
Captain Smith: They're turning around.
Justin: They're retreating.
Republic Pilot 70: Alright!
General Capta: Yeah! Did 당신 hear that ladies?! We pushed the Imperials out of Coruscant for good!
Enpa: Excellent.
Mary: Finally.

Song: link

Captain Smith: Gentlemen, as of this moment, all Imperials have been pushed away from Coruscant. We've done it. This planet is now ours!
Pilots: *Cheering*
Mary: *Walks over to Smith, and hugs him* I want 당신 to have this. *Holding a box for the Captain* You're being promoted.
Captain Smith: *Opens the box, and sees his Major badge* Thank you.
Mary: Don't thank me, thank the General, but I would like to take 당신 out to dinner. *Kisses Smith*

The song fades away as the other pilots cheer. Meanwhile on Chevrelium, things were not so pleasant.

General Kar: 당신 have betrayed me for the last time! All of you!!
Stormtroopers: *Escorting General Kar into a Landing Craft*
Lieutenant Von Hapen: *Standing 다음 to several Tie Pilots as they watch the General's shuttle leave*
Alaine: Without General Kar, what are we to do?
Colonel Rosemeyer: The Emperor may have something planned for us, but in the meantime, he wants us to focus on completing the Death Star. I am to be promoted to General, and 당신 are being transferred to Endor.
Alaine: For what?
Colonel Rosemeyer: The Death Star. We'll get back at the Republic.

Song: link

The 다음 morning, General Capta walked outside. He looked at the bright blue sky above him. There were also a few clouds, and the sun was shining behind one of them.

"The force will be with you. Always." - Obi Wan "Ben" Kenobi

In tribute to the pilots who took part in The Battle Of Coruscant.

The Republic: 1822 Pilots_339 Killed In Action
Civilian Volunteers: 56 Pilots_9 Killed In Action
Polis Massa: 88 Pilots_20 Killed In Action
Tatooine & Mos Eisley: 23 Pilots_9 Killed In Action
Jawas: 94 Pilots_25 Killed In Action
Dathomir: 8 Pilots_0 Killed In Action
Rebel Alliance: 7 Pilots_1 Killed In Action
Mygeeto: 141 Pilots_29 Killed In Action
Naboo: 13 Pilots_0 Killed In Action
Gungans: 26 Pilots_6 Killed In Action

Imperial Losses During The Battle Of Coruscant

프리깃 Crews: 1,176 Killed In Action
Tie 마리화나 담배, 폭격기 Crews: 85 Killed In Action
별, 스타 Destroyer Crews: 212 Killed In Action
Tie Fighter/Reaper/Striker Pilots: 171 Killed In Action
Missing Crews (Believed to be killed): 1,445

The Cast in alphabetical order

Ben Affleck as Simon Ulson
Cruella as Enpa Noore
Daniel Radcliffe as Ken Nixon
Emma Watson as Mary
George Clooney as Sten Field
Jeff Bodine as General Capta
Jesse Neighbor as Lieutenant Von Hapen
Joss Ackland as General Kar
Louis Bodine as Captain Smith
Michael J. 여우 as Tom Dunto
Obi-Wan Kenobi as himself
Sebastian Vettel as Max Ruger
Simon Nash as Justin Jaldaan
Tom Kane as Colonel Rosemeyer
Toni Garrn as Alaine Tendra

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