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 Lives: 999
Lives: 999
Howdy ya'll, Deathding back here to talk about a topic that I suddenly found interesting. I went on YouTube to see if anything was already done on this topic, but all I found was a bunch of "TOP 10 CHEATERS WHO GOT CAUGHT, LOL XD!!!! 2017 EDITION (80K LIKES IN AN 시간 AND I DAB!!!!!!)"

....Needless to say, the topic intrigued me, as I've been playing a game lately that quite a few people out there tend to play not so nicely in.

I think it goes without saying that us, as gamers, want to win. We desire all of that ridiculously overpowered equipment. We grind for hours just to get a few levels up. And most importantly, we pick Meta Knight in Smash Bros Brawl.

You fuckers...

What I'm getting at here is that 의해 fair means 또는 foul, we want to CRUSH our opponents.

But as we've seen constantly over the years, maybe we've taken that motivation to win, and clung onto it too much. This is where the theory of "too much of a good thing" comes into play.

But before we get too crazy, let's try and grasp upon the very concept and fundamentals of what it means to cheat in a video game.

In Wikipedia's words, "Cheating (and/or hacking) in video games involves a player using non-standard methods to create an advantage (or disadvantage) beyond normal gameplay in order to make the game easier (or harder)."

And it's understandable to see why your average asshole Joe Schmoe would want to have the Master Sword before he even goes into the first dungeon, but 의해 getting what we want before we can even legitimately gain it, are we ruining our experience of the game we're trying to have 더 많이 fun in?

Is it possible that 의해 having the ability to transform into Super Sonic at the click of an A button only moments after hitting the start button, we're deteriorating the game's intended design? This is, once again, where the concept of having too much of a good thing comes into play.

I recently made a link, and here are a few of the replies that I got. Try to notice the pattern here.

"Because the challenge is gone. If LeBron played 농구 against a bunch of 9 년 olds it wouldn't be fun for him either. -ThatsBushLeague

"There's no challenge. The effort vs reward aspect of our brains is essentially removed from the game when we cheat, because we have nothing to strive for. As human beings, we only really appreciate the things we have to work for." -TheDragonBallGuy75

"There is no challenge. If 당신 want to be happy from achieving something 당신 need to work hard for it. Life lesson." -Kovandy5

See the link here? 의해 being able to buy literally everything just 의해 inserting a secret code 또는 의해 installing some hacking software, you're essentially just going to effortlessly wipe out enemies for a half 시간 until 당신 get bored.

I'd like you, just for a moment, to think of your 가장 좋아하는 video game. (Mine's Paper Mario 64, for the record.) Think of how wonderful that game was designed, and how much effort was put into it. The scenery, the controls, the Easter eggs, the voice acting, oh!

Now I'd like 당신 to imagine that video game, but with everything already unlocked. 당신 have infinity lives, coins, crystals, can't be hurt, all the badges, all the weapons, all the achievements at arms reach, your armor transcending what any level of defense should be able to take, and your up air deals 999% damage.

I can literally guarantee 당신 that your thought process is going to go something like this.

1: "WHOO! Look at me, crushing everything like it AIN'T SHIT! HAHA, TAKE THIS, AND THAT! HOW 당신 LIKIN' THIS, SHAO KAHN!?"

2: "Holy SHIT I 옮기기 fast! Get a load of this, enemy scum! Man, this is great. A little too great, but great nonetheless."

3: "Umm...I just killed the boss in one shot. Anybody wanna like, put up a fight, or...?"

4: "Fuck this, let's play something else."

Like the Redditors stated, 의해 instantly being able to obliterate anything that can possibly cause harm to the player, 당신 remove any and all rewarding elements of a video game. Dopamine releases from your brain become non-existent, because the factor of difficulty is completely gone.

It's kinda like eating candy. GREAT for the first five minutes, but after gorging yourself on Skittles for a little while, 당신 start to realize just what in the fuck you've done to your body. The same applies to a video game.

So the TL;DR of it is that 의해 hacking away at a game until there's nothing left, you're rusting away the intended experience of the game in question. This is probably why cheat codes aren't really around anymore. At first, they were fun bonuses that were hard to find. But with the power of the internet and a severe rise in the desire to win, developers have really halted the usage of codes in games these days. They're easy to find because of the internet, and causes a sense of loss in the gamers who do go down that road.

But is there another factor to this, 또는 is it really JUST the loss in challenge that causes games to lose their appeal after 20 분 of what must be quite the sugar rush? Well, there is a 초 theory, in my opinion. Also, this is assuming you've never played the game before, 또는 don't really know the game that well.

But like a movie spoiler, 의해 getting in the faulty mood before 당신 really know a game, 당신 create a false sense of what the game is in your mind, similar to what I just mentioned two paragraphs ago. It forms a feeling of loss, since you're clearly not playing the game 의해 its intended experience.

After all, 의해 gunning your way through monsters effortlessly, 당신 seldom feel how much effort was put into the music, level design, EXP system, 또는 sense of real progress.

Unlike a movie spoiler, 당신 can play the game fresh 의해 simply choosing to not be a Benedict Arnold son of a 암캐, 암 캐 the 다음 time 당신 play, but like a movie spoiler, your very perception of what the game is REALLY changes.

당신 start to notice how small and difficult the platforms are to land on. This one enemy's sword has SO much range to it. Dear god, I can't make it out of here without drowning!

....But wow, this 음악 is incredible. Leveling up in this game actually feels gradual and rewarding. Look at these cut-scenes! AND HOLY RAVIOLI, IS THAT JASON VOORHEES IN MY MORTAL KOMBAT GAME!?

The perspectives are bound to be night and fucking day.

So in conclusion, should we cheat in video games? Well, contrary to this entire article, hacking and/or the usage of cheat codes isn't always a bad thing.

Like having rage sex with your ex boy/girlfriend, it can feel great to play unfair in a video game that 당신 really loathe. Or, if 당신 just know a (good) game very well and want to see it from a different angle, try playing it again. Try watching 별, 스타 Wars, but KNOWING that Darth Vader is Luke's father. Again, the perspectives are night and day.

But in the end, it all comes down to how fresh and innocent 당신 want your experience to be. If you've played the game plenty and want a new perspective, 또는 want to fuck your most hated game in its theoretical ass, then go right ahead, it can be fun. Go on link and RAPE THAT SHIT!

But if you're looking for a new experience and want to legitimately play the game in your own fair mindset, then I'd suggest to avoid that Konami Code.

A special thanks to all zero of 당신 that actually read this entire article, pat yourselves on the back! This is Deathding signing out, telling ya'll to have a good one!
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Hello. Please Listen to me, it's for you're own good. I feel compelled to warn 당신 of the danger that was recently unleashed upon the internet. I don't have much time left as it is, I feel that he draws near.

I like to surf the net, as do most people. Sometimes the internet gets boring though, and i find myself having nothing to do than go on the anonymous webcamming site known as "Omegle". I'm sure most of 당신 have heard of it, as it is notorious for having those perverts jerking their 정크 on the webcam.

Well, I went into Omegle for the first time in forever, and well, I guess they have this...
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