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 Image by: crystalfalls on deviantart
Image by: crystalfalls on deviantart
I keep ranting and raving about how great Symphonic Metal and Folk Metal are so I may as well make an 기사 on them. I mean everyone likes new 음악 right? 또는 maybe 당신 already like Symphonic Metal and Folk Metal and just want to read 더 많이 about it. Either which way, I present to 당신 an 기사 about Symphonic and Folk Metal.

What is Symphonic Metal?

Well, naturally it is one of the many raindrops under the metal umbrella. It combines elements of classical 음악 with orchestral music, 고딕 music, opera, and of course metal music. Sometimes it can actually include the folk/Celtic elements. Lyrically, Symphonic Metal is usually enchanting with themes of nature and sometimes fantasy. It's really poetic. Guitars, keyboards, drums, keyboards, violins...Symphonic Metal has it all. Typically the vocals are clean and powerful, and of course very pleasing to the ear. Speaking of vocals; it is actually a strikingly common trend for the band to consist of all males on the instruments and a wonderful lead female vocalist. A vocalist who may 또는 may not be accompanied 의해 a 초 vocalist who does the 'death-metal'esque growls. The genre popularized in the early 90's when a band called Believer released a song called Dies Irae. This song would later influence bands like Therion and Nightwish. It was in 1997 when Nightwish dropped their first album--and it is worth mentioning that, that is when Within Temptation released their first album. This is when the genre really took off.

Based on personal experience the fandom is really nice and accepting. And the 음악회, 콘서트 experiences are lovely; I find myself meeting great people at them (a few of which I still talk to via Facebook). And if 당신 aren't one for rough moshing crowds, there's another perk of Symphonic Metal for you.

Every genre has it's 'big 3' so who are the big 3 of Symphonic metal? Well two of them have already been mentioned:

Within Temptation

의해 now everyone has probably seen me go rambling on about Within Temptation. They are a group from the Netherlands formed in 1996. The band is fronted 의해 thee beautiful and wonderful Sharon 굴, 덴 Adel. At this point in time they have released 6 ear-pleasing albums (Enter, Mother Earth, The Silent Force, 심장 Of Everything, The Unforgiving, and Hydra) as well as an acoustic album. Within Temptation has been described as many things; in their early years as doom metal to Silent Force where they were described as 더 많이 gothic-influenced. Within Temptation didn't really take off until 2001 though, when they released the song Ice Queen. That song acted as their break though. And with Sharon's angelic voice they are still playing strong, and as of 2015 on a world tour.

Check them out for yourselves:


Epica, originally to be called Sahara Dust, the band was founded in 2002 and remains to this 일 an grand example of what Symphonic Metal is. The band features the wonderful fiery-haired Simone Simons, whose high notes are killer (in a good way)! Epica has put out 6 fantastic albums; Phantom Agony, Cosign To Oblivion, The Divine Conspiracy, 디자인 Your Universe, Requiem for the Indifferent, and Quantum Enigma. Lyrically, Epica is known for having deep messages--quite heavily science influenced. I mean their latest album is named for string theory! With their philosophical themes, Epica certainly has earned their band name. Like Within Temptation, they are a Dutch band. Hence why I would like to 옮기기 to the Netherlands, they have all the cool bands.

Listen for yourself:


The last (but equally as amazing) of the big three is Nightwish. Founded in Finland in the 년 1996, Nightwish is perhaps the most well-known of the Symphonic Metal bands. Nightwish has had three stellar vocalists (Tarja Turunen, Anette Olzon, and Floor Jansen) who each bought their own unique sound and talents to the band. Nightwish has released the most albums of the 3. 의해 name these 8 albums are: 천사 Fall First, Oceanborn, Wishmaster Century Child, Once, Dark Passion Play, Imaginaerum,
and Endless Forms Most Beautiful (released just this year). Onceborn being the album that popularized them on a global scale.

Fill your ears with joy:

(They get 3 so 당신 can hear all of the vocalists)

Other Bands

Naturally there are 더 많이 than three Symphonic Metal bands to grace your ears with and love. Some other noteworthy bands who are just as astounding as the big 3; Therion, Delain, Sirenia, Xandria, and Leaves Eyes. 다음 to Within Temptation, Delain is my personal favorite.

What is Folk/Celtic Metal?

I usually put these two together since they are (in my opinion) so stylistically similar. Like Symphonic Metal they clearly fall under the metal category. Surprise, surprise Folk/Celtic Metal is influenced 의해 traditional Folk/Celtic 음악 with a blend of rock and metal. These two genres are also closely related to pagan metal, doom metal, and sometimes even black metal. Heck they are even associated with power metal and 'viking metal'. I have found that lyrically that Folk/Celtic metal speaks of nature and the world around us. A good many of the bands choose to sing in their native tongue unlike the Symphonic Metal bands (who sing a few songs--if that--in their native language but mostly in English). Like Symphonic Metal, the genre emerged in the 90's. But it didn't catch on until the 2000's, most popularly in Finland.

Again based on personal experience; the Folk/Celtic metal crowd is pretty tame. There's a bit 더 많이 moshing than with Symphonic Metal, but it is a far cry from the crazy crowds at death metal concerts.

Like the above; Folk/Celtic metal has it's 인기 bands. I'll admit I'm not as familiar with this genre as I am Symphonic Metal so I did my best to pick out some well-knowns.


Eluveitie was founded in 2002 in Switzerland. The band features some clean, smooth, and beautiful vocals from Anna Murphy and harsh growls from lead vocalist Chrigel Glanzmann. At this point in time, the band has 6 albums; Spirit, Slania, Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion, Everything Remains (As It Never Was), Helvetios, and Origins. As mentioned, these guys sing 더 많이 in the Gaulish language than in English. But there are definitely some English songs to be found on their albums. In fact their band name derived from "graffiti on a vessel from Mantua." They released their first EP in 2003 and popularized around 2008, they still play strong today. Lead singer Glanzmann describes them as "The new wave of folk metal".

Give them a go:


Ensiferum is a Finnish band that formed in '95. They like to add the term 'melodic' to 'Folk Metal' when describing their style. Fronted 의해 Markus Toivonen, they have released 6 albums; Ensiferum,
Iron, Victory Songs, From Afar, Unsung Heroes, One Man Army. With their name meaning 'sword baring' and their album names in mind 당신 wouldn't be wrong in guessing that their theme is of the war nature.

Have some songs;


And finally we have Korpiklaani (once called Shaman), another Finish group founded in 1993. They take a less serious play on Folk/Celtic metal with their party & alcohol themes. They have released a whopping 12 albums: Hunka Lunka, Idja, Shamániac, Spirit of the Forest, Voice of Wilderness,Tales Along This Road, Tervaskanto, Korven Kuningas, Karkelo, Ukon Wacka,
Manala, and Noita. What can I say, these guys go hard! And all of their efforts paid off because they are a truly awesome band.

Fill your ear-holes with Korpiklaani:

Other bands

Of course I won't leave 당신 with just these theree bands. Some other bands worth listening to are; Finntroll, Elvenkings, Hyubris, Mago De Oz, and (the female fronted) Lyriel.

To be honest I can't talk about Folk/Celtic Metal without going to their equally as stunning roots. Some Folk/Celtic singers and bands worth a listen; Omnia, Moon and the Night Spirit, and Loreena McKennitt.
Part 2 of zombie survival

1. "Borrow" the car of your dreams.
2. Challenge yourself to get a 더 많이 entertaining zombie kill each week.
3. Make a collection of anything.
4. Get a hobby. (besides zombie killing.)
5. Vandalize something that 당신 despise.
6. (If it hasn't happened already) free the 동물 from zoo's.
7. Make 프렌즈 with a cute little puppy.
8. Go to the place where your 가장 좋아하는 movie was filmed.
9. Wear whatever 당신 think is fashionable.
10. Try to do something impossible.
11. Trash a 유명인사 house.
12. Die your hair a different color everyday.
13. Take a mini-vacation from...
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What's Under Judge Judy's Robe? - Family Feud
Fat lady looking for chapstick cause her lips hurt!
chapstick song
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What a 키스 means.....

+ 키스 on the stomach = I’m ready
+ 키스 on the Forehead = I hope we’re together forever
+ 키스 on the Ear = You're my everything
+ 키스 on the Cheek = We’re friends
+ 키스 on the Hand = I adore you
+ 키스 on the Neck = We belong together
+ 키스 on the Shoulder = I want you
+ 키스 on the Lips = I 사랑 you
+Laughing while 키싱 = I am completely comfortable with you

What the gesture means…

+ Holding Hands = We definitely 사랑 each other
+ Slap on the Butt = That’s mine
+ Holding on tight = I don’t want to let go
+ Looking into each other’s Eyes = I just plain 사랑 you
+ Playing with Hair = Tell me 당신 사랑 me
+ Arms around the Waist = I 사랑 당신 too much to let go


+ Dont ask for a kiss, take one.
+If 당신 were thinking about someone while 읽기 this, you’re definitely in Love
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My fuckin Little 조랑말 be a funky-ass brand of plastic ponies produced since 1983 의해 tha toy manufacturer Hasbro. Marketed primarily ta hoes, tha ponies feature colorful bodies n' manes n' a unique symbol on one and both sidez of they flanks, referred ta up in tha two most recent generations as "cutie marks". My fuckin lil 조랑말 was again revamped up in tha mid-2000z wit freshly smoked up n' mo' modern looks ta appeal ta a whole freshly smoked up market.
Followin tha original gangsta My fuckin Pretty 조랑말 toy, introduced up in 1981, My fuckin Little 조랑말 was launched up in 1983 n' tha line became ghettofab durin tha 1980s. Da original gangsta toy line ran from 1983 ta 1995 (1992 up in tha US), n' inspired animated specials, a animated feature length film n' three animated televizzle series.
Da toy line had a lata release up in Japan, 의해 Takara up in tha '80s durin Generation 1, n' 의해 Takara Tomy up in 2006 fo' a period of time.
A comedic spin on pop culture 뱀파이어 and scary 영화 in general, tells the story of three teens who believe their new babysitter is a real bloodsucking creature of the night -- and it's now up to them to rid their sleepy little town of the menace.

I 사랑 this show, and for the parent freaking out over it being "inappropriate" they have a time on 디즈니 channel for kids it goes to noon. Shouldn't be that hard to avoid a show that airs late, and its not obscene, and she wasn't "making out" with anyone It was a peck like everything else on Disney. Do yourself a favor and switch to Disney.

Anyway I 사랑 this show! So no I guess its not only children that watch the 디즈니 channel. I 사랑 the characters. It's interesting and funny, I 사랑 that its not a typical 디즈니 comedy and I 사랑 that there's no annoying laughter in the background! Anyway I recommend it :)
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Listen for this, I would absolutely 사랑 this if this happened to me! I know, imma girl :D!
1. Call her cute and lovable, not sexy! Girls don't want to be called sexy, it makes them think that boys are only thinking about your body, and Girls hate that!
2. Get her phone number, and text her a lot. Nobody's ever done this with me! But I would feel super special if a boy did that
3. Talk to them a lot. A boy in a class, talked to me a lot last 년 and science and made me laugh. Do that!
4. Be nice, and don't be mean. If your mean to her, 또는 당신 just don't talk to her. I encourage 당신 to stop being...
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3nala said:
"Yo whazzup mah homiehs?"

{screams something incoherent about peanut butter}

"I like waffles with peanut butter."

{is bored}

{screams something incoherent about dynamite and bananas}

"Oh well..."

{screams something completely incoherent}

"Ooh look at teh pretty birdses..."

{starts humming to the tune of 'U Can't Touch This'}

{Stares down a digital picture of GIR, then screams something incoherent about tacos}

"How did pig tracks get on the ceiling?"

{sings 'Spider-Pig'}

{Screams something incoherent about exploding squirrels}

"I told the man I was innocent, but the gun in my...
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I couldn't post this as a 질문 since it was too long.

Ayways, yes. She is a Twilight 팬 on the Harry Potter virsus Twilight spot. It's not because she likes Twilight. I get along with many people who happen to be Twilighters. 당신 can find her on the Harry Potter vs. Twilight spot. Anyways, she left a 코멘트 to an answer randomly listing names of people she thought were illiterate, when the 질문 had nothing to do with that. This was her exact comment:
"Coughcough LeggomyGreggo, Mrs-Grint, haropuff95, jedigal1190, ThatDamnLlama, ABCDFan...I could go on"
I took that as a 펀치 in the stomach....
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xD I 사랑 this video.
happy birthday
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girl 1: OMFG did u hear dat mr scalleywag got fired
girl 2: yah...do u think we should make him a good-bye card???????
girl 1: HECK NO
girl 2: y?????
girl 1: remeber, wat he made us do
girl 2: oh yah.......wait wat???????
girl 1: he made us do really hard pop-quizes, remeber
girl 2: no dat waz ms perrywinkle
girl 1: oh yah.....i know lets make mr scalleywag a good-bye card
girl 2: i just.......never mind
girl 1: sooooo u will come 2 my place nd we will make it
girl 2: k, 굴, 덴 tomorrow we will bring it to skool
girl 1: y
girl 2: so everyone can sign it and 굴, 덴 we will mail it 2 mr scalleywag
girl 1: k, sooo i'll come over 2 ur house
지르 2: i thought i waz coming 2 ur house
girl 1: nah we will make it at ur house because u hav better art stuff dan me :)
girl 2: k bye :)
girl 1: bye :)
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101 Ways To Be Annoying

1. Sing the 배트맨 theme incessantly.

2. In the memo field of all your checks, write “for sensual massage.”

3. Specify that your drive-through order is “to go.”

4. Learn Morse code, and have conversations with 프렌즈 in public consisting
entirely of “Beeeep Bip Bip Beeeep Bip…”

5. If 당신 have a glass eye, tap on it occasionally with your pen while
talking to others.

6. Amuse yourself for endless hours 의해 hooking a 캠코더 to your TV and
then pointing it at the screen.

7. Speak only in a “robot” voice.

8. Push all the flat Lego pieces together tightly.

9. Start...
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