Rachel's POV:

I was on 상단, 맨 위로 of him and we were very close.

I wanted to 키스 him. I guess he also wanted to. I could tell that because he was staring at my 담홍색, 핑크 lips.

I wanted to get out of his grip on my waist.

Hey, he is my TUTOR. I should not do that.





That was constantly running in my mind.

But he was coming closer. I mean, yeah, I want to 키스 him but something is stopping me.

We were interrupted 의해 his phone blasting some music. I mean his ringtone.

Why does that stupid 'thing' have to ruin the moment?

C'mon, that hottest guy wanted to 키스 the nerdy one.

That happens only once in a million years, right?

At this moment I want to crush that phone with the world's biggest hammer.

He stood up and took out his phone from his pocket and said "Hello".

I guess it must be one of his friends.

He went out of the room and was talking over the phone.

I heard him cussing over the phone.

"Listen Ruby, I'm just helping her and why don't 당신 get that in your head?"

He came in and threw his phone on my bed.

With all his expressions anyone could tell that he was angry.

I was staring at hom and he yelled at me for the first time.

"What are 당신 looking at? C'mon start walking!!!".

He was fuelled so much I guess.

I stood still.

I was ordering my legs to walk away from there. But, they were like as I'd they were glued to the floor.

Bad muscles.

And he opened to tell me something.

It must be something very interesting 또는 must have been in his head for a long time.

What did 당신 say, brain? Do 당신 mean that he is opening up?