Yo guys! These sweets look good enough to eat, but don't be fooled!! :D

Why not??! :(
Because they are not sweets at all, but soaps! Look a little closer:

The ice creams are blueberry, 수박, 수 박 and 체리 flavor!

The 쿠키 that look like they are are made of toffee and strawberry, really smell like these delicious foods!

Doughnuts? They are just like the ones 당신 can buy at the store, in size and shape. Of course, 당신 can't eat them, but they do smell like chocolate!

How about one of the muffins, which smell like pear, 사과, 애플 and vanilla?

The last doughnut would be perfect for a guy like Homer Simpson. He wouldn't mind that it's just soap!

These soaps would make for a really fun gift 또는 the perfect prop in a practical joke. Here's the website if 당신 wan to buy a couple of them: link


source: mundochica