Hi, I want 더 많이 songs!!! Give me a list of some. k thanks.

Idk what that pic has to do with this but ok i like it cuz its an E

Umm i like


anything really but screamo... k thanks
 Hi, I want 더 많이 songs!!! Give me a list of some. k thanks.
 EminemAddict09 posted over a year ago
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nafela said:
1.taylor swift-love story
2.taylor swift-stear drops on my guitar
3.britney spears-everytime
4.delta goodrem-i can't brake it to my heart
5.hilary duff-now 당신 know
7.beyonce-if i was a boy
8.DHT-litsen to your heart
9.alex k-take me away
9.cascada-everytime we touch
10.evacuate the dance floor
11.black eyed peas - meat me half way
12.westlife-like a rose
13.plain white-hey there delilah
14.black eyed peas- i gotta feeling
15.taylor swift-hey stephen
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posted over a year ago 
EminemAddict09 posted over a year ago
sorry 당신 didnt ask for these kinds of songs but. but i dont realy litsen to your type of songs
nafela posted over a year ago
i like taylor 빠른, 스위프트 adn i like black eyed peas adn i just dont know half them ppl i also like 비욘세 k thanks
EminemAddict09 posted over a year ago
hareyzzz9255 said:
~Bad Romance-Lady GaGa
~Down-Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne
~Already Gone-Kelly Clarkson
~Fashion-Lady GaGa
~Christmas Tree-Lady GaGa
~Barriers-David Archuleta
~I Don't Believe You-Pink
~22-Lily Allen
~Trouble Is A Friend-Lenka
~Starstruck-Lady GaGa ft. Flo Rida &Space Cowboy
~Broken Hearted Girl-Beyonce
~We Made You-Eminem
~21st Century Breakdown-Greenday
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posted over a year ago 
lets see.. i have all 에미넴 songs.... It Gaga is sick k thanks...... and greenday is no... and the song down = yey but i have it... LOL
EminemAddict09 posted over a year ago
LuvWeezy7 said:
All Lil Wayne! Yeah baby!
High Beamin
Come On
Drop it Like it's Hot
Enemy Turf
Fuck The World
Lights Off
Loud Pipes
Not Like Me
Remember Me
Respect Us
Tha Block is Hot
Up to Me
Watcha Wanna Do
Young Playa
당신 Want War
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posted over a year ago 
EminemAddict09 posted over a year ago
rockstar336 said:
1.flo rida-right round
2.britney spears-crazy
3.selena gomez-tell me something i dont know
4.selena gomez-falling down
5.justin bieber-one time
6.ashley tisdale-its alright its ok
7.ashley tisdale-be good to me
8.boys like girls-love drunk
9.hilary duff-whos that girl
10.hilary duff-play with fire
11.miley cyrus-party in the usa
12.avril lavigne-my happy ending
13.avril lavigne-girlfriend
14.avril lavigne-complicated
15.avril lavigne-sk8er boi
16.britney spears-curcus
17.britney spears-overprotected
18.leona lewis-better in time
19.rihanna-take a bow
20.rihanna-dont stop the music
24.beonce-single ladies
25.demi lovato-dont forget
26.selena gomez and drew seeley-new classic
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posted over a year ago 
ksbass said:
I'll just list bands, I'm too lazy to do specific songs.

The Cool Kids
Bloc Party
Designer Drugs
Delta Spirit
Little Boots
Lady Gaga
DJ Dan
DJ Quicksilver
The Shins
White Lies
Fake 상어 Real Zombie!
Management (MGMT)
Miike Snow
Thieves Like Us
Yum Yum Head Food

That was mostly techno btw
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posted over a year ago 
im not a techno kind of person sry
EminemAddict09 posted over a year ago
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