Please Answer-What The Hell ? How Could He Do That To Me ?

I Was With Him Together ... Long History
He leaved me but we are 프렌즈 now .
When he see me he smiles and speak with me
But Today When I Was Wallking
He was with 프렌즈 and when they saw me He said BLAH
And got in class room everyone laugh at me
this was a fucking shit moment Idk what to do
How could he do that why did he do that Am I Not
Pretty Enough ? GUYS I need ur help answer please tell me
what should I do ?!
 Please Answer-What The Hell ? How Could He Do That To Me ?
 emeli15 posted over a year ago
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랜덤 답변

XxLostAngelxX said:
When a person, in particular an ex, mocks you, it isn't your fault. This sounds like an incredibly juvenile situation and it should be viewed as such. He has made it known in this instance, for one lame reason 또는 another, that he has no respect for 당신 nor any desire to be further associated with you. Once again this isn't your fault but 당신 should take it as it's been presented to you.

If he doesn't want to be friendly towards 당신 anymore, 당신 should wash your hands of him. He appears to be going for childish teasing anyway. Roll your eyes at his antics and don't respond with much care when 당신 are mocked. Eventually they'll lose interest in teasing 당신 because it's only fun when the person shows they are hurt 또는 effected 의해 it.

Your ex sounds like an asshat btw
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posted over a year ago 
Thx For Helping I Couldn't Sleep I Just Remebered That What He Did
emeli15 posted over a year ago
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