Did 당신 ever have a time When 당신 couldn't make a rhyme?

Okay, that's the last 질문 DOWN 의해 THE BA-- *sleeps*
LOL y'all answered cerealy... XD this is a reference
prussiaducky posted over a year ago
 prussiaducky posted over a year ago
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랜덤 답변

Shadowmarioking said:
yo dawg ive had a good time
seeing 당신 up here bustin rhymes
staying around to hear that chime
truly 더 많이 funky than a key lime
now i aint hatin no that aint fine
this kinda dope has passed the starting line
the shiznit has to reassign, realign
take a step back to incline
pull back a 좌석 up on 구름, 클라우드 nine
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posted over a year ago 
Jekyde posted over a year ago
burned~ XD
pearlxashxdawn posted over a year ago
Whoa there
monkeyrockla posted over a year ago
Marcileonna7 said:
What a coincidence. We're doing limericks in 글쓰기 class, but I'm good at rhyming .
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posted over a year ago 
monkeyrockla said:
Omfg, no i cant make sick rhymes like a Strider.
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posted over a year ago 
shadowlover3000 said:
I really do not care one bit
Nobody else would even give a shit.

I'm not kidding at all
Shadow here has made 당신 one foot tall.

Both of our rhymes suck
But am I complaining?
Why should I give a fuck?
Because compared to 당신 I'm still winning.

당신 mad bro?
I hope so, 당신 never had anything from the start.
Our rhymes keep dropping up real low.
We should leave now before I break your heart.

Am I a good rhymer? No, but I had fun typing this. No offence, brother. :}
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posted over a year ago 
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