What's your 가장 좋아하는 sad song??????

Mine is Never say 당신 can't 의해 Bruno Mars 또는 Gone 의해 Mindless Behavior
Gary, come home...thats the first thing that popped up in my mind but i have others :P
prussiaducky posted over a year ago
 xoRay-Rayxo posted over a year ago
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랜덤 답변

cute20k said:
Bullet 의해 Hollywood Undead
All I Wanted 의해 Paramore
How To Save A Life 의해 The Fray
Misguided Ghosts 의해 Paramore
당신 Found Me 의해 The Fray
Paint It Black 의해 The Rolling Stones
Wake Me Up When September Ends 의해 Green Day

I listen to a lot of sad 음악 :S

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posted over a year ago 
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