I wrote this dream for the Harry Potter Club and I want others opinions.

My HP dream:

It t'was the 초 wizarding war, a cold dreary night. Instead of Harry, Hermione, and Ron, it was Me, my best friend Lilly, and my bgf- Dan. Together, we were carefully walking in London, Remus 의해 our side. Out of a portkey, another friend, Emmalee comes out and is out of breath. 'Voldemort *pant* is back *pant* looking for 당신 *another pant* if 당신 don't come soon *you get it don't you? pant/gasp* he will kill every last person' I told her to go back and keep fighting till the 쓴, 쓰라린 end. Since I knew what was going to happen to Remus, I told him, 'Ever since my parents died, you've been like a father to me, *gave him a hug* and I know every little thing that's going happen once we go back. 당신 and 통스 will- die. I'm sorry.' he drops to his knees and cries in pain and fustration. I cry with him. Then regaining my composure, I turn to Dan. Knowing I'm going to die as well, I reach for his hand. And hold it as tight as I can, then pull him closer. He reaches around my waist as I 키스 him carefully. Over my shoulder, I hear Lilly comforting Remus. Right now all I care about is my love, Daniel. (not Daniel Radcliffe, he's my real friend. But ironic isn't it?) As I draw away, I make sure to give Lilly one last hug. 
Lupin opens a portkey to hogwarts, as we enter we all 스플릿, 분할 up. I walk to the astronomy tower, awaiting my fate. I turn the corner and see Bellatrix, contemplating her strategy. I walk right out into the open and let her see me. 'AVADRA KEVADRA! AVADRA KEVADRA!' And I see myself die. I'm not dead but I'm dead. I can see her through other eyes. I feel no pain, yet something deep inside me stirs. She walks away laughing triumphantly. 'Wake up child.' 'I am NOT a child' I reply to the mysterious voice. 'Yeah right.' another voice says. 'She is 더 많이 of an adult than 당신 will ever be.' I hear Sirius say. 'Dont speak to 프레드 like that, Sirius. It's not fair. She will grow, he won't.' 프레드 died?! Oh yeah. I knew that. 'Mom?' I say. 'Hi baby.' M
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i don't like it
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