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There was this Chemiistry test at school,and some of the kids found the answer key to the test at the teacher's 표, 테이블 and the word got spread around.Although it was tempting to get a glimpse at it,I didnt beacause it was a trial test for a big exam coming soon,and I know no one will be there to help me when the exam comes.I admit I havent done much 읽기 beacause there were other tests too,and I needed to devote as much time to other subjects.Today,I got the paper and I got poor grades.But the ones who cheated are looking at me like Im some kind of retard and my teacher wants to see my parents.Its crystal clear Im in trouble.I havent been asked to call my parents to school for anything like this.And Im scard to tell my dad.
Should I have cheated so that I would get good grades like them?And worse,how do I tell my dad?
 graystone posted over a year ago
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cmrm said:
Something similar like this once happened at my school, but it was a big exam and the kids who 스톨, 훔친 it made copies for everyone else who wanted.
They got caught and were punished along with some of the people who had access to it.
My point is, 당신 should never cheat like 당신 wanted to, because not only 당신 would regret it and the punishment 당신 would get would be even worse if someone found out.
It doesn't matter what the others think of 당신 for not deciding to cheat; what matters is that 당신 didn't and 당신 should be proud for not going down to their level, because they might have gotten access to the answers, but that doesn't mean they will when the other one comes.
About your dad, call him and calmly explain what happened and why it happened. If he gets mad at you, explain that at least 당신 did it fairly and not 의해 cheating.
And to make up for it, before the 다음 exam comes study harder so 당신 prove not only to those kids but to yourself, that 당신 don't need to cheat to get good grades.
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posted over a year ago 
ilovekud said:
Be straight up with your dad n explain 당신 were trying to do the right thing.
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posted over a year ago 
adultswimperson said:
Just tell your dad 당신 didn't want to cheat and 당신 made the right choice.
Those kids are the ones who should go stick there faces in someones 나귀, 엉덩이 for making 당신 think your retarded.-_-
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posted over a year ago 
BabyBlud said:
First of all i commend 당신 for not cheating. Cheating gets 당신 nowhere at all and 당신 should be proud of yourself.
Don't worry about what the other kids at school think, they mean nothing to you. If they can waste their life cheating, then they're not worthy of your time lovey. Don't worry about them.
As for your teacher and your father, calmly explain that yes, 당신 didn't study as hard as 당신 could have, 당신 have learnt your lesson and when the time comes for 당신 to take the real test 당신 will study twice as hard to up your grades.
However, i only advise 당신 on this bit as it is up to 당신 - will 당신 tell on the other students for cheating?
If it were me, i certainly would have done. I'm that kind of person. However 당신 have to think of the consequences to tattle-telling. Even though the students may not automatically assume 당신 told, they may turn on you.
but if 당신 don't tell on them, and your teacher finds out you've been hiding information from her/him it could come down even harder on you.
Your father will understand, surely he took exams and felt pressurised. 당신 could involve him a little also, show him 당신 trust him to help. Once he's gotten over the disappointment of 당신 getting low grades, he'd feel so happy you're pulling your finger out and asking his help to 퀴즈 당신 on the 답변 또는 explaining difficult things that he'll soon forget all about it.
Over-all just remain calm. :) i give 당신 the best of luck X
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posted over a year ago 
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