Is it so bad to fall in 사랑 with my 프렌즈 boyfriends?

Ok...before starting to criticize me here my story...
Im in Yr9 and when I started to go 의해 bus I fell in 사랑 with a guy from yr10...and like he ...I think fell for me,giving me signs
playing with my hair/b][ touching my leg,my arm[b]trying to sit 다음 to me,teasing me
but he liked also one of my friends.
I fell for him...hard unlike him who was playing with me://
and I also liked another guy too...(his friend,Lets name him A)
he just reminded me of another guy I loved for 5 yrs but couldnt confess it too him...
I told my closest friend abt it and after two days Alina-my other friend (who is not so "friend")
started going out with him ...{Im 100% sure my bestfriend didnt tell anything to Alina}
and Paniz(who is also not so "friend") started going out with the guy I liked frm the bus...(HE ASKED HER OUT)
last week
me my best friend Alina and Paniz and the year10 guys went Mcdonalds instead of entering school and thts were my thought were confirmed...
after everything tht happened between me and the yr10 guy frm the bus ...he just seemed to really 사랑 Paniz...and A loved Alina too...
and everytime I see them I have to pretend like I dont care and act happy!
I still 사랑 ...well both of them...I know it sounds wrong but when I think of
the guy from the bus I feel...betrayed...I dont know if I can use this term...I feel pain and heartache...when I think of A I feel happiness...but sadness at the same time knowing the one who he holds in his arms isnt me
the truth is was harder to deal with the fact tht "the-guy-from-the-bus" loved Paniz then with A loving Alina..
I dont know what to do now...try to fool my heart?
anyways me and my bestfriend werent in such a good friendship with alina and paniz but once we were...and now we only sallute eachother...
if I make a wrong step and then we start a fight I will fight also with A and ...ummm the"bus guy"
please tell me what to do...I don
CONT-I dont know what to do...fool my heart?I cant even look at theyre faces without sadness reflected....................................................I know my grammar is messed up but please understand...Im not british nor american...I recently learned english and Im doing my best....if anyone of 당신 is willing to help me Ill be grateful:)
R33n33sm3 posted over a year ago
 R33n33sm3 posted over a year ago
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xXSweeneyXx said:
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posted over a year ago 
ShiningsTar542 said:
Live your life with the person who 당신 like.
That's it!
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posted over a year ago 
xxemogirl101xx said:
Wow i am sooo sorry if i waz 당신 i would get over both of them
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posted over a year ago 
:||well..thats the problem...I cant
R33n33sm3 posted over a year ago
EmzLovesCheryl said:
I'm sorry to hear about this :(

당신 can't help who 당신 love, so 당신 can't be bad. It's obvious that 당신 don't want to feel this way, but it's what 당신 feel.

Do 당신 think that either one of them feels anything for you?

I can't really come up with a sollution right now, but I do think that 당신 musn't fool your heart. It will just hurt more.

Give it some time, see how 당신 feel in a couple of weeks, and how they seem to feel about you.

I don't really know what else I can say to help you, but I do want to wish 당신 good luck. And I really hope that things work out for 당신 soon. xx
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posted over a year ago 
:)thanks for your advice:)
R33n33sm3 posted over a year ago
Jacob-Perez said:
Its GUD cause ur falling.Its BAD cause its ur 프렌즈 BF
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posted over a year ago 
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