teh 음악 gamee

it gos lik this:

if u hav an mp3player 또는 ipod, switch it 2 teh 랜덤 settin (were teh 음악 coms in no order at al)

teh 1st song u hear, is teh answer 2 teh 1st questin which is ths:

wat is ur life lik?
the clim 의해 myley cirus (dont wanna bother wiht spellin her nam correcty)

an teh nex song is the answer 2 teh 2nd question

u ge it?

1. wat is ur life lik?
2. wat is ur most fav thing in the world?
3. what wud ur favorit sound in teh world b?
4. wat relaxes u?
5. wat is ur catchprase?
6. wat wud u say to a friend of urs?
7. wat wud u say to an enemy of urs?
8. wat is ur most fav place in the worldd?
9. wat is ur 사랑 life lik?
10. wat is life in the family lik?
11. wat is ur most fav hobby?
12. wat do u think abou knowlege?
13. do u lik growin up?
14. wat do u think of urself?
15. do u think ur beautiful?
16. wat r u thinking right now?
17. wat do u think of ur best friends?
18. wat is ur secret?
19. wat is ur worst fear?
20. wat is ur fav meal?
21. wat is ur personality lik/

im intersted in ur asnswers
 luv_warriorcatz posted over a year ago
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랜덤 답변

Delilah_Scruggs said:
1. I Just Can't Live A Lie 의해 Carrie Underwood
2. It's In The Way 당신 사랑 Me 의해 Shania Twain
3. Just Dance 의해 Lady Gaga
4. Crazier 의해 Taylor Swift
5. Because the Night 의해 Cascada
6. Freedom 의해 Akon
7. She Flys Me Away 의해 Jason Derulo
8. Break Me 의해 Jewel
9. 사랑 Again 의해 Cascada
10. Meet Me Halfway 의해 Black Eyed Peas
11. A Never Ending Dream 의해 Cascada
12. I Hope 당신 Find It 의해 Miley Cyrus
13. Amazed 의해 Vanessa Hudgens
14. I'm Your Woman 의해 Kellie Pickler
15. Powerless 의해 Nelly Furtado
16. Something In Red 의해 Lorrie Morgan
17. Miss Independent 의해 Ne-Yo
18. Halo 의해 Beyonce
19. A Place In This World 의해 Taylor Swift
20. It Took A Woman 의해 Craig Morgan
21. Someday When I Stop Loving 당신 의해 Carrie Underwood

There! Does it have a meaning 또는 is it just fun?
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posted over a year ago 
its jus fun
luv_warriorcatz posted over a year ago
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