What do 당신 do when 당신 wake up? That's a very good question! What do I do? Of course, I wash my face then brush my teeth. "I wash my face 'BEFORE' I brush my teeth, not 'AFTER'." What's the difference?
    Some people brush their teeth 'Before' they wash their face. That's wrong, well, at least I heard it's wrong.
    Teeth have to stay in our mouth all night. Wait.. it's not surprising since teeth always have to stay in the mouth.. ahh.. nevermind.
    Because of teeth have to stay in our mouth all night, when we wake up, they're somehow.....what's the word... heaten up. If they were immediately touched 의해 cold water, they might easily break.....well, I heard.
    So wash your face with not-too-cold-not-too-hot water first. Then when the heat and cold have been equaled, brush 당신 teeth. 의해 doing that, you'll have strong and pretty teeth.
    After washing your face, don't wipe it roughly. Wipe it gentlely with soft and fluffy towel.
    My biggest fear is being ugly. I'm afraid of having white-haired, I'm afraid of my teeth broking. In short, I'm afraid of being old!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyway, after I wash my face, I let it stay without applying anything to it. It'll be covered with make-up all day, right? So I give it some , well.., independent.
    Then I drink a glass of water and do some exercises. It takes about 30 분 또는 more.
    Then I take a bath which also take about 30 minutes. Then I eat my breakfast. I don't eat many, so that I won't get chubby.
    Then I prepare to go to school. I take time when I do my make up. The hardest thing is choosing clothes. It might seem like an easy job, but it's so hard.
    My mom 또는 dad drop me at school. Since studying at school is not surprising, let's not talk about it. During break time, I sit somewhere in the school with my 프렌즈 and talk about film stars, pop stars and their albums and films, the latest clothes designs and we even talk about grooming my cat!
    When I come back home, I drink a glass of 주스 and rest. Then I take a bath and eat dinner. After that, I take a walk 또는 watch tv.
    Huh? Oh, 당신 still have questions? Then ask away!
    My 가장 좋아하는 food? Umm.....anything spicy and sour.
    Favorite fruit? It's......tomato!
    My 가장 좋아하는 singer is........nightingale!
    Favorite film stars? Well, I like all film stars who haven't been in any film. I'm gonna be liking them in the future, so isn't it good to like them since now?
    My 가장 좋아하는 author? I like every author who writes drama, comedy, thriller!
    Magazine? Well, my 가장 좋아하는 magazine's cover model has to be hot and cute, and it has to be so colorful. And it has to have famous authors' novels, pop stars and film stars. 더 많이 importantly, it has to have many advertisements. I really enjoy 읽기 them.
    My hobby is......umm......sulking!
    What I wanted to be when I was young? It was to shake hand with Michael Jackson and ask him to give me one of his 장갑 as a present!
    What do I do when I'm free? What a funny question! I'm free, then what do I have to do?!
    What do I do when I'm bored? Well, I listen to music, read novels and magazines, watch tv, tell story to my cat, call my friend and....
    I think about my boyfriend. He's cute and wealthy. He's also well-educated and kind to me.
    Who's he, 당신 ask?
    Well, I don't really know. He only exist in my imaginary world.
    Now, now, no 더 많이 question! I'm sleepy. Good night.
    I have a 날짜 with my boyfriend in my dream........umm.....mmm.....Zzzzzzzzzzz...