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Hades_Shadow posted on Feb 05, 2017 at 05:45PM
STAR WARS - Rise of the Order


A year has passed since the destruction of the second Death Star. The Rebel alliance has started forming the new government based off of the Republics that came before. Luke Skywalker has found a handful of force adept individuals he is training to become the new generation of Jedi.

However the Empire still has a strong military presence resisting defeat, trying to keep certain planets under galactic rule of a new secret emperor. His name only in the shadows, he leads the stormtroopers to continually hold and siege planets.

A mysterious energy pulse has now emitted from the near-deserted tundra planet Kaldahan. Princess Leia Organa and her brother Luke Skywalker have sent a convoy of Jedi, Ambassadors, and Soldiers to investigate the source of this unidentified power.


2. No excessive swearing (Limit 1-2 per post, 3 posts in a row)
3. Fill out the Character Sheet
4. Have fun!


Home world:
Weapons: (if any)
Force Powers: (if any)

DROID SHEET (Optional)

Identification Code:
Years in commission:
Model of Droid:
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over a year ago Hades_Shadow said…

Name: Zaccai Ventus

Age: 21

Species: Mandalorian

Homeworld: Mandalore

Alliance: No alliance

Personality: rash and aggressive, but thinks things through, very good at reading combat Situations.

Appearance: Albino 5'10"

Rank: Jedi Knight

Weapons: Dual Blue Lightsabers (Has 4 on his person at all times, 2 normal, 2 Concealable and thin)

Force Powers: Force Push, Force Pull, Force Jump, Saber Throw, Meditate

Apparel: White Mandalorian Armor, inlined with Wompa fur

Talents: Combat and Espionage.

History: Will reveal when the time comes. Currently in a Cryo-Pod.


Identification Code: R3-K0

Years in commission: 5 Years

Model of Droid: Astromech

Alliance: No alliance

Owner: Zaccai Ventus

Personality: Obedient, but curious at the same time, a trait earned from its original master

Appearance: Clear Dome, White Body, both with a gold trim, has purple and orange light features.

Abilities: Co-Pilot, Mechanics, communication, medical assessment, and lightsaber storage.

History: Served only two Jedi, Archeantus and Zaccai, currently just awoken from hibernation mode.
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over a year ago Hades_Shadow said…
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over a year ago heart-of_love said…
Name: Ayral

Age: 21

Species: Human

Home world: Nar Shaddaa, "Smuggler's Moon"

Alliance: none

Personality: tbr

Appearance: picture

Rank: jedi healer

Weapons: Double bladed silver light saber.

Force Powers: Force healing, Force Body, Breath control,

Apparel: white robes

Talents: healing

History: Ayral grew up on Nar Shaddaa nicknamed the "Smuggler's Moon" because of all the bad things that happen there.Being alone on Nar Shadda caused Ayral to grow up quickly, and as soon as she was old enough, go off in search of Jedi, who could help her achieve her dreams of helping people.

DROID SHEET (Optional)

Identification Code: T3-k4

Years in commission: 7

Model of Droid: utility droid

Alliance: none

Owner: Ayral

Personality: tbr

Appearance: picture

Abilities: blaster,

 Name: Ayral Age: 21 Species: Human 집 world: Nar Shaddaa, "Smuggler's Moon" Allian
over a year ago heart-of_love said…
Ayral looked at her droid in annoyance. "whats up K4?" she remarked, placing one hand on her hip, while the other held a datapad, filled with notes about the life on the Icy cold planet she was currently on.
"beeee Brreeppp."
"Wait, repeat that."
"beeee Brreeppp"
Ayral tapped on her datapad and brought up a map of the planet. "your rght K4, there is a distress beacon.." she turned to the droid. "your not useless after all."
Ayral laughed " i was kidding, come on lets follow this distress beacon to it's location."
she pulled her robes closer to contain the heat as she began to follow her map to the beacon location, T3-K4 right behind her
over a year ago Hades_Shadow said…
R3-K0 worked as hard as he could sending out the distress beacon. His master has been in cryogenic sleep for who knows how long now, and he just powered up a couple hours ago. If no one responded to their signal, they might not ever wake up again.
over a year ago heart-of_love said…
Ayral followed the becon to a cave, where a R3 driod was sitting next to a cryo pod. "Wow, never thought to find something like you out here " Aryal mused looking at the droid before turning to the cryo pod.

K4 turned to the R3 unit.
"Bree beeep bep" are you functional?
over a year ago Hades_Shadow said…
R3 sends off a couple of beeps, sirens, and chirps, which K4 can translate to obviously, Master is critical

As They talk, the Cryopod starts to open, the body inside now exposed to the elements.
over a year ago heart-of_love said…
"Dwoooo..Breep beep." dont worry, Master will help your master

Ayral took a few steps back and placed her hand on her lightsaber, unsure if the person inside the Cryopod would be friendly...or going to attack her.
over a year ago Hades_Shadow said…
R3 whirs with excitement as he goes and starts reading his masters vitals, they are slow, but healthy non the less. He starts again to speak to K4 "your master is a jedi too?"

Zaccai shoots his eyes wide open, his eyes lock on Ayral, and he force pushes her against the cave wall before leaping out of his chamber and pulling his sabers out. Arctic blue blade emits from the sabers as he takes a combat stance that is outdated to modern techniques. The curved hilts complement each other, but one blade is definitely shorter than the other.
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 R3 whirs with excitement as he goes and starts 읽기 his masters vitals, they are slow, but healthy
over a year ago heart-of_love said…
K4 was about to reply when Aural hit the cave wall, sensing vibrations thought the ice, the droid started to move to help his master.
"K4 no. " Aural pushed herself off the wall and studied the man in from of her. He held lightsabers. And was using a old Jedi stance. He must be a Jedi. Ayral held up her hands, palms out. "Calm yourself , what is your name Jedi. "
over a year ago Hades_Shadow said…
Zaccai did not utter a word, he just kept his eyes locked on Ayral and her saber hilt, he waited to see if she would ignite it, and if so, what color the blade would be.

R3 whirred and chirped a stream of what could be interpreted similarly to "why is your gorilla not doing anything? Save my maestro!"
over a year ago heart-of_love said…
K4 beeped in confusion why is your master attacking mine?

Ayral stared him back in the eyes, slowly she lowered her hands and reached for her lightsaber, she rested her fingers on it. "I would like an answer, before i have to get violent..please...what is your name."
 K4 beeped in confusion [i] why is your master attacking mine?[/i] Ayral stared him back in the ey
over a year ago Hades_Shadow said…
Zaccai swiftly deactivated one of his sabers, belted it, and force pulled the hilt to himself. He ignited the silver blade before tossing it back to Ayral, "my questions first, why do you wield an unaligned saber?"
over a year ago heart-of_love said…
"Unaligned?" Ayral mused. "The crystals color is silver, it's ment to be that color. " she remarked turning off the saber. Instead of asking more questions she wanted, having sealed with cranky injured people had almost given her infinate patience.
over a year ago Hades_Shadow said…
"So you do not support the republic or the seperatist?" He asked, still a blade ignited, but mainly for defense. He reacted like a cornered animal, very protective but waiting for someone else to give the initial blow.
over a year ago heart-of_love said…
(message me if i get any facts wrong >.<!!)

Ayral looked at this man curiously "uhm...how long were you in that cryo-pod? There is no Repubic. The only government figures we have are the Empire and the Government Luke Skywalker created." she placed one hand on her hip and studied him.
over a year ago Hades_Shadow said…
(( no worries, you are spot on. ))

"Luke ... Skywalker? As in Anakin Skywalker?" Zaccai said, last he remembered he was told by his master Archeantus that Skywalker had turned before ... He looked back to the Cryopod, "R3K, Status report" R3 started rambling, and Zaccai looked at his Bracer on his free arm to see the translation. He took a deep breath, "Full Cryo-Sleep, 23 Years"
over a year ago heart-of_love said…
Ayral shook her head "no, Luke is Anakin's son."
K4 started to beep madly
"Whoa! Slow down K4, say that again" Ayral turned to face her droid.
"Bree Beeep, Dwooo brrrr."
Ayra nodded "your right K4, this is an interesting find, i thought all we were going to find was ice, rock and snow, instead we find a Jedi that was in a cryo-pod for 23 years."
over a year ago Hades_Shadow said…
"So now, with whom do you stand? The Jedi? Or the Sith?" He asked gripping his saber tight again, "this will be the last time I ask."
over a year ago heart-of_love said…
Ayral sighed and studied him for a second. He sure was on edge, like she would attack him at any second. "i'm with the Jedi" she replied.
over a year ago Hades_Shadow said…
"Ok" he said, finally putting away his sabers and taking the chance to briefly sit down. "Last thing I remember was rumor flying around of chaos ... Clones ... And Skywalker ... In the temple ... And then it goes dark from there" he took a deep breath, he has spent more years in Cryosleep than actually being alive. He tried organizing his thoughts and finally asked the most pertinent question, "How many Jedi remain?"
over a year ago heart-of_love said…
Ayral looked down, afraid to look him in the eyes. "not many i'm afraid.." she replied " theres me, and a few others...and that's it.." she leaned against the icy wall. "Luke Skywalker is looking for anyone who is Force Adept, so he may restore the Jedi Order..." she turned her gaze. "who are you anyway? you never did tell me."
over a year ago Hades_Shadow said…
Zaccai stands up "Zaccai Ventus, Jedi Knight" he told her, he started looking in the cryopod for anything that may give him a clue about what happened to Archeantus and the other Jedi, "and your name?"
over a year ago heart-of_love said…
"Ayral, Jedi Healer." she replied. "nice to meet you." she pulled out her datapad and began making notes on her finds so she could send in her report to the higher ups about this planet they were on.

T3:k4 moved closer to Ayral, beeping and chirping.
"hold on a second K4 " she remarked, tapping a few more times.
Ayral jumped and looked at her droid. "okay! what?"
"your fine, now tell me what you want."
"Beep Bree bep boop bee."
Ayral looked at her droid in annoyance, he was great help, and a good reminder for things she forgot but sometimes he was too much. "What do you mean i forgot to mark the ship on my map? That's crazy beeping K4."

Ayral opened her map and sighed "okay...it's not.."
"beee bee beeb beeb bee"
"stop laughing K4!"
over a year ago Hades_Shadow said…
Zaccai made a single huff of laughter before starting to concentrate, using the force to discover what he could, "following the heat signature, I'd say you are about three clicks Southeast of this location." R3 whirred "bee booweep bree dee bop" "and that is the direction of the nearest machinery in R3's sensors, hope there is room for more than one ..."
over a year ago killer24 said…
A Star Wars RP, cool. May I join?
over a year ago heart-of_love said…
"Of course there's room, it's my personal ship. " Ayral hiffed putting her hands on her hips.
K4 beeped and turned to lead the way out of the cave.
" let me know when your ready to leave. " Ayral mused, following her droid to the cave entrance.
over a year ago Hades_Shadow said…
(( yes, jump on in killer24! ))

Zaccai turned his attention back to the cryopod, when he noticed a glint from inside, he lifted up a cushion to reveal a golden lightsaber. The saber hilt was made of a clear crystalline glass which made the inside golden mechanics visible along with the purple kyber crystal inside. He gingerly picked it up, and knew it was too late. The saber was Archeantus' ceremony saber, completely identical to his copper metal and blue crystal saber, and he only used when acting as a voice for the Jedi council. If Archeantus left this with Zaccai ...

He didn't dwell on the thought. He belted the saber then proceeded to catch up with Aryal,
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over a year ago killer24 said…
(Okay then, I'm a little bit rusty so tell me if I get anything wrong or miss anything.)

Name: Nyx Arcadia
Age: 24
Species: Human
Home world: Chandrila
Alliance: None
Personality: He's a sweet talking, quickthinking, sarcastic smart-alec.
Appearance: Picture
Occupation: Smuggler
Weapons: (if any) Twin blaster pistols and compact blaster rifle for further range.
Force Powers: (if any) None.
Apparel: Casual smugglers gear, twin holsters on either leg.
Talents: Ace pilot and gun-slinger, silver-tongued.
History: Growing up he was a rebellious type, even on the peaceful and clean streets, he longed for both adventure and action. Stowing away at a fairly young age he mostly grew up on star-ships. He didn't really have a great plan in mind, just going where ever his gut told him, or wherever he could find adventure.

DROID SHEET (Optional)

Identification Code: R2 - T4
Years in commission: 6 years
Model of Droid: Astromech Droid
Alliance: None
Owner: (Now) Nyx Arcadia
Personality: Cynical and often lethargic, can also be sarcastic at times.
Appearance: Sandy coloured body with Green highlights/outlines, a white dome and green/blue lights.
Abilities: Co-pilot, mechanic, communications, minor hacking.
History: It worked on a freighter before being salvaged and eventually sold, after drifting for two years he found home with a smuggler. Sadly after a year said smuggler was arrested by the imperials and the droid almost reprogrammed until it was accidentally liberated by the rebellion... A few years later while still working for the rebellion, now calling themselves the New Republic it was sold accidentally and then 'won' by Nyx in an 'altered' smuggling deal.

(It took me a little while, but I think I got everything.)
 (Okay then, I'm a little bit rusty so tell me if I get anything wrong 또는 miss anything.) Name: Nyx
over a year ago heart-of_love said…
Ayral waited until she saw Zaccai before turning and following her droid to her ship, which was landed not far away from where they were.
"Bee, Breep."
"what are you talking about K4?"
"no, i dont think so...i believe this world was the last on my list." Ayral remarked sternly, as her ship came into view. it was black, hard to miss in the snow, and crescent in shape.
"this is my ship, The Spiraea"
12 months ago Hades_Shadow said…
R3 started scanning the ship as Zaccai looked it over, "not the worst ship I have been on. The Trade Federation made some very poor ships back in the clone wars."
12 months ago heart-of_love said…
Ayral crossed her arms over her chest in annoyance " The Spiraea is a good ship, she's well maintenanced and all her insides are up to date" she remarked.
K4 moved past Ayral and up the ramp, moving inside The Spiraea.
"come on, lets get warmed up."
12 months ago Hades_Shadow said…
"I'm not saying she is in bad shape, I'm just saying it's no republic cruiser, that's all." He responded, stepping aboard the new ship. He gave one of his curved hilt blades to R3 for safe keeping. He had 4 on his person and R3 was carrying 2 for him before finding Archeantus' saber in his cryopod. He was meant to be the Plan A through Z of any situation. He would be sent it with no back up, no extraction, and no additional resources and would come out on top. If he could do that, then learning about his new future might be different
12 months ago killer24 said…
"Are you sure this is the place? It only looks like an ice world to me." Nyx said looking at the planet.
T4 made a sound that he could have sworn was a sigh. "Zerr - blip - buzz."
"I know, but it doesn't look anything like I imagined. My source in the Rebellion~ er ~Republic made it seem so mysterious and exciting." He sighed and looked back at his droid. He had heard of a strange power source that both the New-Republic and Imperial-Remnant where confused on, it sounded like a fun adventure and maybe some credits on the side.
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12 months ago heart-of_love said…
Ayral followed Zaccai onto the ship, before moving past him to the control room, which was on the otherside of the ship. "we have 2 dormatorys 3 beds each, a med bay, a garage, a storage room, the engine room, comunications, and the main hold where the maps are." she informed him, K4 suddenly veering off into the engine room. "make yourself at home while i prep the ship."
 Ayral followed Zaccai onto the ship, before moving past him to the control room, which was on the ot
12 months ago Hades_Shadow said…
Zaccai nodded his head before heading to a dorm, he looked at the saber of his master one more time before trying to meditate to connect to the force. If his master had a message for him, this would be the only way to hear it.

Instead, he heard the voice of one of his masters favorite associates, a man known in life as Obi-Wan Kenobi. Help Luke redesign the Jedi order, he is a wise pupil, but he does not know all the ways of our order. Do this, in memory of all those who died for this cause

Then he felt a disturbance. Something strong, big, powerful. He headed to Aryal, "We've got company in the Sky"
12 months ago heart-of_love said…
" i know." Ayral mused. "i sensed it...and the ship confirmed it." she tapped on a screen that showed another ship was heading for the planet. She cursed "the one day my ship can't hide...is the day we have company.." She sighed and leaned back in the pilots chair. "so much for meeting up with the others on the otherside of Kaldahan....lets hope this new ship contains friendlys...otherwise we have a fight on our hands.."
12 months ago Hades_Shadow said…
"If they are not friendly, does this ship have a firing system? if not get me above the other ship and I will take it out." He stated. He was the Jedi's last resort in many cases, he felt like he was back in the saddle so to speak. "I have taken out bigger ships than this one"
12 months ago heart-of_love said…
Ayral nodded "the Turrel systems are online and operational." she remarked. "ships almost ready for takeoff...as long as its not frozen to the ground.."
12 months ago killer24 said…
"There doesn't seem to be any movement, I thought the Republic was scoping this place out?" Nyx glanced from his sensors to the planet bellow. "They could be late, or perhaps they've already finished up here... Either way let's see if we can't figure something out ourselves." he smiled at his droid. "Dress warm it's going to be cold down there." in reply T4 beeped and buzzed in a tone that was almost like sarcasm.
11 months ago Hades_Shadow said…
Zaccai started heading down to the Turret, once he put on his headset to talk to Ayral he noticed something was off, "The ship has not changed course, do you think it has noticed us?"
11 months ago heart-of_love said…
Ayral shook her head, then remembered he couldn't see her. "There's a chance they are just coming in for a landing... I wouldn't fire at them unless they fire first, or get too close for comfort. " she glanced at K4. " Finish your rounds quickly and get back here. "
11 months ago killer24 said…
"Now that I think about it, do we even know what we're looking for? I mean it's not like we'll just find adventure on this planet." He noted while piloting. This led to some irritated beeps and blips from T4. "Yeah didn't really think we might stubble into a war zone either... Do we shoot back or run, I forget which is more fun, or illegal." Nyx laughed and continued piloting, T4 leaving the room oddly silent.
11 months ago Hades_Shadow said…
Zaccai continued to stay locked onto the other ship, he may not fire, but he was not letting down his guard. He kept looking to see if he could find the pilot in the cockpit. He liked knowing who his target was.
10 months ago heart-of_love said…
(after 22 days im still not sure what to post XD)
10 months ago Hades_Shadow said…
(( me too, I'm waiting on killer or you, lol ))
10 months ago heart-of_love said…
(XD okay i'll just do...something? idk)

Ayral glanced at the console. "huh! a call from the other side of Kaldahan."
"Commander!" she panicked
"have you finished exploring your sector of Kaldahan?"
"yes sir, i have." Ayral glanced at the radar to locate the other ship.
"then hurry up and get over here!"
"!...he hung up on me.." Ayral sighed then flicked a few switchs on the console. "i'm taking off Zaccai, keep an eye on that ship."

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10 months ago Hades_Shadow said…
"Affirmative" he said, keeping an eye on the ship until it was out of visual range, and continued until the ship lost its signature on the targeting system. Then he headed back to the deck, "so, mind giving me a brief history lesson on the past 23 years?"
10 months ago heart-of_love said…
Ayral's gaze jumped to Zaccai before returning to the console. " well truthfully i dont know too much, i know a lot has happened, like last year the second Death Star was destroyed. The Rebel alliance has started forming the new government based off of the Republics that came before it. Luke Skywalker is training the new generation of Jedi.
10 months ago Hades_Shadow said…
Zaccai chuckled at Ayral's remarks, then to not seem prude he asks, "What kind of name is Death Star? what is that anyway?"

R3 whirls and connects to the ship, seeing if he can boost the position lock on the other ship they encountered prior.
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