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TAIKAMODO posted on Jul 15, 2015 at 10:21AM
I basically threw Norse Mythology and Midieval culture in a blender with my own imagination, so excuse any inconsistencies from either side.

PLOT: 10,000 years ago, the world was erased from existence. The titans, revived and led by the traitorous god Loki, ravaged both Midguard and Asgard, decimating the human population, and managing to kill many of the gods as well before Loki's eventual death by the hands of Thor and Odin. On top of the earth destroying war between the titans and the gods, Loki's sons-Fenrir and Serpent, join in the fight as well, killing both Odin and thor, though they sequentially die themselves.

In the midst of this war, the servant of the demon god Ragnarok, Tälwark, managed to attain all of the required items to summon the great beast(Thor's hammer Mjonir, Odin's Eye and spear, and Loki's staff). Ragnarok, the great terror, began devouring world after world, pushing the entirety of the universe to extinction. However, the remaining Gods managed to draw on the power of the Universal tree Yggdrasil, creating the sealing box Pandora, locking away the demon after it had devoured seven of the nine worlds. However, they were unaware of the consequences that followed drawing on Yggdrasil's power.

In order to seal Ragnarok away, it's power had to be divided into it's seven purest forms so that it's soul was left too weak to break out of Pandora, the seven deadly sins of humanity. These seven forms, since they contained too much power to seal, were imbued(once more with Yggdrasil's power) into the surviving humans, but because of Yggdrasil's curse, humanity was given the burden on reincarnating the seven sins every generation, along with the fallen gods being reincarnated as well. In the present day, the tales of the war, Ragnarok's destruction, and Pandora's curse have been reduced to nothing but myth. However, there is one man, who goes by the name 'Prophet', who is-along with his ten 'disciples'-attempting to find Pandora, and all of the items to ressurect Ragnarok once again, which were scattered across the earth(with the exception of Odin's eye, which was inherited by Odin's reincarnation).

SETTING: A midieval, Knights and Wizards type setting for earth. There are seven large kingdoms, one for each continent on earth. Knights are the equivelant of 'ninja' in Naruto, and while Combat magic is pretty common among Knights, it's usually the responsibility of Mages to use healing/support magic. A Kingdom is ruled by three major figures(thought he king has the final word). The Wizard, who represents the Mage Population, the Paladin, who represents the Knights, and of course, the king that rules the civilian side, and basically everything else. I'll go into more detail later. As Yggrasil's destroyed worlds were rebuilt, the races of those worlds(Elves, Trolls, Leprachauns, fairies, dragons, cyclopses, etc.) returned as well, so other races besided humans and gods exist, just on other worlds.

The story will primarily take place in the kingdom of Baoill(bay-ole), the kingdom of the third continent.

Pandora' seven Sins:



Sloth: (BanetteGhosneir)





Reincarnated Gods:

Loki: (killer24)

Thor: (mcterra)


The prophet:

The ten disciples:

The hierarchy of the kingdom(if nobody wants to be any of them, their npc's and free to be controlled by anyone).



Prince/Princess: (TAIKAMODO)

Wizard: (killer24)


Character Template








Extra(Sin, God, Disciple, etc.):
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over a year ago BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim peered inside, there was a small box-like room, but stacked ontop of eachother, each 'room' held a different assortment of bottles, some even more boxes of what Anim assumed to either be spices or food.
"Ike has lots of 'cub boards', Ike stores many things?"

(i was gunna have Anim ask about a fridge, but i remembered there were no fridges in the Medieval Era XP))
over a year ago killer24 said…
(Magic is a thing in this, so one wouldn't be far off from replacing technology from our time with some magical cop-out.)

He looked into the cupboard, he didn't think he had much in any of them, just the base essentials. "I guess I do store a lot of things, though I would have thought most be the base necessities. I guess I like the place clean, so I can learn more." He shrugged and waited to see if she wanted to move onto the next new discovery in her eyes.
over a year ago BanetteGhosneir said…
"what's this?"
Anim pointed to something that looked like the cupboards, but it was a little larger and white, instead of the cupboards wooden brown.
over a year ago TAIKAMODO said…
(And then there's Aiden's farm...so much for magic cop-out. XD)

(Since i'm sure Terra gave up on me replying, i'll spice things up a bit in the meantime.)

Name: Elizabeth Haythem

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Curly blonde hair that reaches down her back, cerulean blue eyes, milky white skin. Wears her royal blue dresses in public, but when she's training she wears the standard nightly armor.

Personality: Your typical rich, royal girl, Elizabeth is very arrogant and self-centered, traits only enhanced by her curse.

Backstory: To Be Revealed.

Occupation: Princess of the Baoill Kingdom.

Extra: She is the sin of pride.
over a year ago killer24 said…
(What I'm just saying, it's simpler to explain the world........ And well wouldn't you think with magic being a thing, technology would advance at a slower rate?)

"Oh that, that's what people call a fridge...... it's a recent invention, uses ice magic to cool the inside to store food for a long time. Sadly not everyone has them, mostly upper-class people and mages who can preform the spells to keep the ice crystal frozen." He thought for a moment, it had plagued his mind for awhile. How could everyone use this, only people who could use magic or had the money to pay for those who did could have fridges, though most navy ships had them in port but not aboard the individual ships.
He got sidetracked and lost in thought, it was what was on every mage's mind. The one who can solve this will be loved by everyone, though that's not why Ike's goal, he just wants to solve the problem and move onto the next.

(A Princess who is the sin of Pride, and she's 15? Oh boy, that'll be a headache for everyone.......... You sure love your interesting characters.)
over a year ago BanetteGhosneir said…
"Muns use Ice Magic strangely"
Anim opened the 'fridge', inside were meats mostly, but some vegetables too.
"Muns store things in tiny rooms, Fahliil store things in large rooms, with Krah Magic, uhm... Krah Magic make things not change, till magic is taken off"

Anim picked up a cup, one that would shatter if it hit the floor, she touched it, the cup didn't change in appearance, she dropped the cup, normally it would shatter, but all it did was hit the ground and not even bounce, Anim picked it up again, touched it again to remove the spell, then placed it back on the counter.

"what does Ike use to cook other things? like Soups?"
over a year ago killer24 said…
"It's convenient is all, wouldn't want something's to go off and mould. I guess you Elves live very different to us Humans." He listened to her explanation and demonstration, it was very surprising she certainly was an odd one, well her culture was odd at least.
"Soups? I use bowls, fire, and different ingredients. Why do you ask, do you want some soup?" He looked at her, they both hadn't had breakfast yet so he wouldn't be surprised if she was hungry, she also hadn't slept either...
over a year ago BanetteGhosneir said…
"Anim wants try to make Fahliil Food, Anim has own soup"

Anim put her hands in the air, her hands from her wrist to her fingers disappear somewhere, she lowers her arms and her hands come back, holding a small, ornate wood and some strange smooth white material box, she places it down on the counter

"Anim keep things hidden, Anim can store more than other Fahliil, but Anim only hides what Anim needs to live"

she opens the box, inside are strange plants, glowing ones and some that seem normal, with assortments of colours, she hands one to Ike, with a strange orange like colour, it wasn't glowing though.

"Ike can eat these, they not magic, Ike should be fine?"
she said, closing the box, and putting it away in 'hidden' again.
over a year ago killer24 said…
Ike was shocked, he was speechless, she had just pulled something out of thin air. He peered into the box curious, he didn't know any of the plants, some didn't even look like it could be from his world. When she handed him one, he was unsure of how to react, it was something from her world, what would happen if he ate it?
"Um...... Is this okay? I mean, you can't get back to your world yet, what if you need this? And is it safe for humans to eat?" He looked back up at her from the thing in his hand, he should be careful, he'd hate to die and leave her to learn his culture all on her own. He sighed, even if he died she did give this to him to eat, it'd be courteous. On the other hand he'd be the only human so far, other than the person who went to her world.

He hesitantly ate it, nervous that it would kill him. At least it wasn't glowing, that would have made him completely say nope to eating this.
over a year ago BanetteGhosneir said…
"Ike said Magic is Poison to Mun, but Kurrige plant is not magic, Kurrige Plant is... uhm..."
Anim tried to think of the human translation from the dictionary.
"uhm... 'spice', can be use for food? Kurrige Plant also stop pain, to Fahliil, Kurrige Plant taste like Raan... uhm... Animal"
over a year ago killer24 said…
He froze and looked at her plainly, he hadn't thought of the fact that it could be a spice. He relaxed, he wasn't going to die. "Oh, you had me nervous there. I know you said it wasn't magic, but there are many things to kill humans." He laughed. Now that he thought about the plant did taste weird, but now like something off world, but like meat.
"that did taste different, thank you for opportunity to eat something other worldly." He smiled at her.
over a year ago BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim nodded with a smile in return.
"Ike let Anim taste fish, Anim let Ike taste spice, not 'equal exchange' but Anim will try later"

Anim now waited for Ike to continue the 'tour'
over a year ago killer24 said…
"Equal exchange? I'm not sure I follow, but that doesn't matter right now. I'm happy to help you learn about this worlds culture." He wasn't sure what she had meant but it didn't matter, he still need to teach her about the place first.
"Right, we've covered the kitchen...... More or less." He walked out and did turning to his left, turning around a full 360' dagrees thnking on where to she her next, of course there was one place so obvious but he still hesitated. "Erm...... Right." His Master would be dissapointed in him for hesitating, then again his Master would have easily solved this problem if they were here.
over a year ago BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim followed Ike, and giggled a little at his circle spinning.
then she gave him a half-happy half-confused look.
she tilted her head to the right
over a year ago killer24 said…
He looked at her confused, until he realised why she said that. "No not the direction, don't worry. I'm just deciding on where to go, there are things that one should be so liberal about." He sighed, even if he explained she might not even know....... That would be easier. "Right, so in there is called a bathroom.... Humans use it to, do their business."
over a year ago BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim tilted her head in confusion, she hadn't heard that word before.
she hadn't read that word either, the human dictionary didn't have it. might be an outdated one.
over a year ago killer24 said…
He sighed and thought the best way to explain to her. Normally it'd be something one would learn at a young age. "Well there are multiple uses for that room, mostly to use it's toilet but there are other things there, each having their own objective for hygiene." He didn't want to go into to much detail, it was slightly embarrassing.
He didn't even think of how hard it will be to teach someone everything about his world, his culture, everything. "One often underestimates what it truly means to teach something that is so basic to someone else. Mothers must have it so hard, people just think it's natural for children to have to learn." He let out a little laugh.
over a year ago BanetteGhosneir said…
"Hygiene.... Hygiene..."
Anim wracked her brain for the definition of hygiene.
"Clean? and 'Helth'?"
then she tried to remember the definition of health.
"Do Muns ill often? is Ike ill?"
she seemed a little concerned for the human race now, they had a facility in their homes for when they get sick
over a year ago killer24 said…
Ike laughed a little, it certainly put him at ease. He was never good with other people when talking about delicate matters, but he wanted to at least try with her, just so she'd have someone else on this world to talk to. "Yes, humans can get sick but it isn't for that only. There's the bath to wash ourselves, a sink as well." He could give explanations to some basic things, but if she started asking why humans care for hygiene....... He might need to go beyond just basic detail.

(I'm sure there's a scientific......ER.......Magical explanation for how all this plumbing works in a pocket demention or something.)
over a year ago BanetteGhosneir said…
((another pocket dimension in the toilet sending it into a deconstruction vortex? :3))

"Can Fahliil get Mun sickness?"
anim had a questionable look on her face, but it changed to worry again
"Anim hopes Ike can't get Fahliil sickness, Ike will die, Fahliil Sickness is magic"
she genuinly looked worried about Ike, not just for him, but for any other humans she might give a disease to.
over a year ago killer24 said…
(Yeah something like that, but can you really blame us...... No one really wants to go back to times like that, even if history is so cool.)

"Can illness cross the species barrier? That is a possibility, though for the time being I don't think its too big a threat." He wondered this himself, though until either of them had an illness they wouldn't know.
"Your sickness is magic? Yeah I have doubts that any human would survive an Elf sickness. You seem far more resilient than Humans, you say your sleeping patterns are very different and you embody magic....." He paused, it never dawned on him not only could she destroy his entire world with her power, but a minor sickness to her could be a plague or pandemic to Humans.

He smiled at her to reassure her. It was starting to dawn on him how different they really are, at first he thought that she'd need to hide in fear of what humans would do, but if the worlds really met would his survive? If Humans got arrogant or annoyed the Elves it might be the end of his race very quickly.
"I'm sure it's fine, don't worry about us...... Never really dawned on me that another race might be so superior to mine in so many ways."

He let out a nervous laugh unconsciously, though he would not admit it he slowly had a small, creeping feeling of fear towards her race and her..... But he must not let her know, she'd either worry more or it would endanger the culture exchange.
over a year ago BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim tilted her head.
"Muns think Fahliil are better? Anim thinks Mun is better, Muns have fun, Muns create things, nice things, Fahliil make only what needed, nothing not needed, Muns make food, nice taste food, Fahliil only make food that give what needed, taste not cared for, Fahliil afraid learn more, Fahliil scared to magic, scared to learn...

Muns not... Muns learn, Muns keep learning, Anim wants to learn, Anim wants fun, Anim likes taste, Anim likes nice look things... Anim likes Muns

she really seemed to dislike the way elves do things.
over a year ago killer24 said…
Ike was confused, he knew that she didn't like her own kind because they treated her horribly but to just claim that his race was better for indulging in their emotions, desires and passions to create things from experimentation. He knew little about the Elves but to him they just seemed cautious is all, afraid to do something that could upset their world, unlike Humans.

"that's one way to look at it I guess, though I didn't quite mean it that way. I guess Humans are alien to you, we engage in pointless endeavours to sate our emotion, passion, and desires. It'll be the death of us as a race one day." He laughed at that though, he never really looked at Humans that differently.
over a year ago BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim giggled, though not really sure if she should at the death of a race.
"Muns fun, more fun than Fahliil"
Anim stated, whilst she did a little twirl on the spot, she giggled afterwards.
"Anim can't do that in Fahliil world, Fahliil throw magic at Anim when Anim did. Ike have more to see?"
she asked, a happy smile on.
over a year ago killer24 said…
Even though they were talking about his races possible extinction they were laughing at it all. "Humans are more fun than Elves? I can't really make a comment, but I do know what the stereotypes are like, even if it's based on fantasy for Elves."
He laughed and watched her twirl, she seemed to be having fun in his world, it made him feel like her world is a really horrible place. "Don't worry, people wont throw magic at you for doing things like that. Have I got more to show you? A few things left I guess."
over a year ago BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim put the back of her index and middle finger to her forehead and put her hand back down by her side.

it took her a few moment to realise Ike didn't know what that meant, so she repeated the motion.
"uhm... this mean 'ok' or 'confirm' for Fahliil"
she put her hands back to her sides, and waited for Ike to lead.
over a year ago killer24 said…
He copied her, though he felt like a child mimicking its parents. It was an interesting gesture, kind of like a salute that some people in the military used but slightly different not just in meaning as well.
"So it's like a salute, I think some people use that in the military." He didn't even think about that, he was simply teaching her what she could see, movements, gestures, and sub-text would surely be difficult to explain. He continued to think on this until realising she was waiting for him.

"Oh sorry, just thinking on something. Just a thought, you were awake the whole time while I was asleep, do you have any questions that you feel are important about rooms? Like the draws, beds and stuff?You might have already looked around if you were curious enough."

(I apologise for the incredibly late reply, I was caught up with studies..... Sorry.)
over a year ago BanetteGhosneir said…
(No problem, i'm quite patient :3)

"Anim know of Mun 'bed', Fahliil have same, but Stone and Sluv, Sluv into Mun tongue is.... silk? made from Kostim, Kostim big creature, many legs. Anim not know what 'draw' is, Anim moved to watch Ike, Mun's sleep like Fahliil"
she noted to herself.
over a year ago killer24 said…
(Really? I'll try not to make it a habit though.)

"It's where humans store their clothes, when clean we store them until we want to wear them again." He looked at her, he didn't have any female clothing but he doubted if she'd mind having to wear some of his, at least until he can get her some of her own.
"I'll show you, some other people have wardrobes." He walked into his room and over to a set of draws to open them and show her.
over a year ago TAIKAMODO said…
(Killer, your new favorite character is here! XD)

"You idiot! " The shrill voice of a blonde princess screeched, the loud sound of a slap echoing through the halls of the spacious royal mansion. Inside the room of princess Elizabeth Haythem, a servant was nursing a red hand print on the side of his face, and Elizabeth had a facial expression that would only be described as righteous fury. And for good reason, too. At least in her opinion.

"I specifically ordered for oranges sliced into eighths, not quarters!" She backhanded the plate that the servant had been holding, knocking it to the floor and not even flinching at the sound of shattered glass as the oranges and the shattered remains of the plate both splattered all over the servant's pants and shoes.

"I-i'm so sorry, your majes-" The servant's apology was cut short by a second slap, this time of his other cheek.

"I didn't tell you to speak," She hissed, before lying back down in her bed and turning her back on the servant. "Get out, and do not return until you have my orange slices exactly as I want them! Understand? Yes? Good, then get out my room." As the servant mutely made his attention of to leave, she stopped him again. "And clean up this mess you made, I won't have ants in my room because of your foolish mistakes."
last edited over a year ago
killer24 commented…
(Let me 'teach her a lesson', people like her really bug me.... Not just because I've dealt with one almost my entire life.) over a year ago
BanetteGhosneir commented…
haha, a Human Anim can be afraid of :3 this'll show Anim the dark side of Humanity over a year ago
over a year ago BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim followed Ike, peering into the wooden box with more boxes inside, inside the inside boxes were more clothes the humans wore, they seemed strange to Anim, she wanted now to try and show Ike some elven clothing, though all she had was her current silk-like dress, which was quite dirty. she wondered if she could use creation magic to make some more.

"Mun dress look strange to Anim, not very far from fahliil male dress. does Ike want Anim to show Ike some Fahliil dress?"

she was hoping to try and make some more clothes, with a bit of a human theme to them.
over a year ago killer24 said…
It was interesting to him, Elves had the same style of clothing? There must be some connection, the evolution of clothes generally changed due to the environment but the styles would still be different.
"Right I keep forgetting you can do things that I have only thought possible if you were a God or Goddess." He didn't really mind seeing them, but he didn't want to push her too far while using magic. She had said her world was full of magic, meaning it flowed freely through everything and everywhere but his world isn't like that, if she ran out it'd be difficult to help her.

He looked at her curiously for a second, although she said she had great magic potential and skill could she run out? What would happen if she did, being so accustomed to magic, would it be like a fish out of water?
over a year ago BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim tried to think of some of the clothes she'd seen male elves wear, she'd probably need to make herself some too, she clapped her hands together, and down dropped various link but had a kind of ornate metal lining parts of it, there was a shirt, necktie, belt, gloves and boots all seeming to have a smooth style to it.

"Anim make Ike some Fahliil dress, Anim hope Ike likes"

she stood back from the clothing for Ike to pick up and inspect, and clapped her hands together again, this time a few link dropped to the ground, with some ornate gold metal

the clothes were fairly lightweight, Anim picked up the clothing she made for herself, inspected it, then begun to shamelessly undress herself to put on the new clothing.

meanwhile, in the kitchen, 2 pots disappeared along with 2 spoons and 3 cups.

last edited over a year ago
BanetteGhosneir commented…
It's been a LOONG time since Anim last lived with another living being XD over a year ago
killer24 commented…
So it seems. over a year ago
over a year ago killer24 said…
He was once again astonished at how she could do that, he paused for a moment to look at the clothes before picking them up to inspect. They certainly didn't seem like something human tailors would design, a different style and features, it was fascinating.

"These are amazing, I've never seen such styles before. Incredible, this solves your change of clothes prob......." He looked back up at her from the clothes he was holding, and fell silent after realising what she was doing, then he quickly turned around while becoming red, did Elves have a different form of privacy? "What are you doing?!" He wasn't sure how to handle this, if it was a part of Elf culture he couldn't just flee, right?
"is this a custom of Elvish people, to change in front of one another?! Even the opposite gender?!" It seems there were just some parts of this cultural knowledge exchange that would prove 'difficult' to handle.
over a year ago BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim looked up to Ike in confusion, she was almost finished changing, she didn't even have underwear.
"Anim is not sure what Ike mean, Anim 'change' whenever, Anim not sure what Ike mean 'in front of another', Anim once live alone, Anim always change alone, is it not normal to change at home in Mun world?."
she continued to change, when she was done, she tapped Ike's shoulder.

"Ike is ok? Ike face is Sahqo... uhm..."
Anim looked around the room for a colour that is similar in the human tongue. she pointed to a red cushion
"Ike is Sahqo.... uhm... 'colour'"
over a year ago killer24 said…
"You know your not alone now right?! I am here, I'm the aforementioned 'another' in this context." He wasn't sure whether it was a part of her culture, or just a side effect for being in solitary for so long. "It's normal yes, but not generally when someone else is present. A woman's privacy is very important to her, it's not something that one does..... Undress in front of another."

He really didn't think this would have been a problem, it was a little understandable from the fact she'd be isolated from others, only a little. "That happens at times, it's just blood close to the surface of the skin..... It's normal under certain circumstances." He breathed deeply to calm himself, the last think he needed was a light head from all the blood rushing through his veins, causing his to go red.
over a year ago BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim tilted her head a little in confusion.
"Mun female not change whenever? so Anim not change when Ike near?"
she seemed a little confused on the prospect of privacy, but she liked the lesson on blood.

"Anim read Mun book, 'blooood' is 'life water' of Muns, Blood is Sos(Sounds like Sauce) for Fahliil"
over a year ago killer24 said…
"Human females change in their own homes, or in select rooms. Yes, you shouldn't change when I'm in the same room, aren't you embarrassed?" He glanced over his shoulder to see if she was done, thankfully she was done. He sighed in relief.
"Yeah I guess you could say it's like life water, blood is sauce for Elves?! They drink blood?" He looked at her confused, momentarily forgetting about the last incident.
over a year ago BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim gave Ike a confused look.
she didn't seem to understand the word

she became a little startled when Ike thought elves drank blood.
"Fahliil not drink blood, Blood is Sos in Fahliil, Sos is Fahliil Blood"
she was waving her head and hands in a no motion, with a distraught look on her face, the thought of consuming blood seemed a little......
sick to her.
over a year ago killer24 said…
"You don't know what embarrassment is? Surely you'd know that feeling right? Though perhaps not, you have been living in isolation." He paused in though, she didn't have much experience with interactions with others, this could impact how she'll grasp most things based on human emotions and feelings, it's not always logical.
"This might be difficult..."

He hadn't meant to offend her, her word just sounded like another in his tongue, but it seemed to put her in distress. "I'm sorry, I had a mix up with your Elvish words." He tried to apologise quickly. "I understand now, you're not some sort of vampire.... I'm sorry again." Elvish is going to be hard to learn without other external help, learning about a whole new dialect from only one person isn't easy.
over a year ago BanetteGhosneir said…
"Vampire.... from Mun tale book, Vampire is... Sosnaak, but Sosnaak los frondinok, uhmm.... Frondinok is gone, dead.... 'ex-tintc'?, did Mun also have Sosnaak?"
Anim seemed a little worried.

"Sosnaak bad, Sosnaal like vedkrasom, Vedkrasom in mun.... 'plague'?"(she says it like pla-guu)

Anim thought to herself, 'sorry' meant... krosis
"niidro flogah, uhm... 'it ok'?"
over a year ago killer24 said…
He shook his head, there wasn't anything like that only in old stories. "Vampires, 'Sosnaak' aren't real. Or at least they aren't in this world." She looked worried, that's to be expected they are horrid creatures, so she's not half wrong when calling them a plague. He nodded in agreement with her.

He smiled and laughed a little, learning a language is always difficult he was still amazed that she managed to learn english so quickly. "Yeah, compared to you it'll take awhile before I can speak Elvish fully. Though I'm not surprised, you seem to have a knack at doing things I thought impossible before."
over a year ago BanetteGhosneir said…
"Anim teach Anim many things, other Fahliil not teach Anim, so Anim teach Anim, Anim good at knowing."
she smiled, prideful that she could teach herself anything.

"Ike like Fahliil clothes?"
she folded her old dress into a square, and place it down on the ground, then spun to show Ike the clothes at a 360 degree.
over a year ago killer24 said…
"You taught yourself? But didn't you say there were tablet things that just put the knowledge into your head?" He was confused, but mostly in awe at her, teaching ones self isn't always the best certainly not if you want to see any real progress any time soon.

He watched her spin, in all the fuss he had forgotten about the clothes she had made for him. But they did have an interesting style to them, and looked very pretty, he doubted that anyone would have thought up the same themes or styles as to what Anim had just made instantly.
"Yes, you look beautiful in them, really pretty. I had forgotten to change into mine, I apologise for that, I got distracted..." He looked away for a moment before smiling at her. "I'll just go change now." He headed out the room.
over a year ago BanetteGhosneir said…
Anim nodded
"When Anim little Fahliil, Anim use tablets, when Fahliil hate Anim, and make Anim go away, Anim teach Anim"

Anim watched Ike leave the room, she was about to follow, but she remembered the human's custom of not changing infront of another, so she stayed, she hoped he would come back.
She picked up her old dress, something she had worn for years, a Silk Dress she had made for herself years ago, she hugged it, then placed it into her little pocket world, the dress disappeared within the air.
over a year ago BanetteGhosneir said…
over a year ago killer24 said…
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He wasn't sure if he was wearing it right, in fact it was surprisingly how well it fit, uncomfortably so how did she know his size? It didn't look that bad he assumed, though no one else in his world had anything like this, well except form Anim herself.

"I hope I'm wearing this right, but I'm not for certain." He spoke as he entered the room again, it was odd there were few people that had given him something like this, only his master seconded by his family ever had. "It fits, so I think I'm wearing it okay.... But don't hold me to that, it's something unlike anything from this world." He smiled at saying that, it would still take sometime to get used to living with another person, and someone from another world at that.

".... How did you know my size and height though? Well I guess I'm not taller than you so it wasn't that hard."

(Now that I think about it, most if not all my characters are generally tall.... Or even the tallest in some RP's, giants excluded so it's a little weird haha.)
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Anim looked to Ike, he was indeed wearing the outfit correctly.
"Ike wear Fahliil clothes right, Anim knew Ike size from Fahliil Eyes, Ike has Magic in Ike, though little, Anim can see, so Anim make clothes to Magic shape of Ike"

she didn't exactly know how to demonstrate, she tried to outline Ike's shape with her finger infront of herself.
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He let out a sigh of relief, he'd rather not embarrass himself. "Oh that makes, sense. I must say they are very nice clothes, thank you." He looked back down at himself before smiling at her, he wondered what else she could do naturally like see magic.

He'd almost forgotten, he was going to create her a room today... He best get onto that, though it wouldn't be much of a thank you considering he was already going to do it. "I'm going to the front desk for a moment, your room needs to be seen to. It wont take long to create one, you should start planning on how to design it if you want."
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Anim nodded, she didn't exactly know what a human would have in their room, though looking at Ike's room, a bed for one, some small-tables by the side, strange, and some wall decorations. Anim had a few things in mind.

she stopped looking around and turned towards the door, she walked out into the living room and stood in the centre, looking around more at the decorations... a bookshelf in her room seemed pleasing.