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Guide by girly_girl posted over a year ago
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I complied a list of every song Rachel has sang in every episode in Season 1!

- On my Own
- Sit down you're rocking the boat {with New Directions}
- You're the one that I want {with ND}
- Don't stop believing {with ND}

- Le Freak {with ND}
- Gold Digger {with ND}
- Push It {with ND}
- Take a bow

Rachel didn't sing in this episode!

- Taking Chances

The Rhodes not Taken:
- Maybe this time {with April Rhodes}
- Cabaret
- Somebody to love {with ND}

Vitamin D:
- Halo/Walking on Sunshine {with ND Girls}

- Ride wit me {with ND}
- No Air {with Finn}
- Keep Holding On {with ND}

Opinion by girly_girl posted over a year ago
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Rachel has some of the funniest one-liners on the show!
So I know I wrote another 기사 a while 이전 about my fave Rachel 인용구 from episode 1-13, so I thought I'd make another one with all of my fave 인용구 of hers from episode 14 to the season 1 finale!

Rachel: My personality, though exciting and full of personality, isn't exactly low-maintenance.

Rachel [to Finn]: I'm the only person in your life that knows you, and accepts 당신 for who 당신 are.

Rachel: It will be the kind of heartbreak that girls like me hold for the rest of their lives. Like Barbara in "The Way We Were."

Rachel: Rachel Berry is about to get musically promiscuous.

Rachel: I have chosen Miley Cyrus' "The Climb" because it's about overcoming obstacles and beating the odds. In my case, the obstacle is you: my lackluster teammates who refuse to carry their own weight.

Rachel: I'm like Tinkerbell, Finn. I need applause to live.

Rachel: I came in first place.
Jesse: 당신 were eight months old.
Guide by girly_girl posted over a year ago
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The lovely Lea!
Just a magazine 기사 I found about
The A-z of Lea Michele:

A is for acting:
Lea began to perform on stage at the tender age of nine, despite the fact that she doesn’t come from a showbiz background. ‘ I 사랑 the theatre,’ she says. ‘It’s the air that I breath!’

B is for Broadway:
Its where she started and while she loves being on tv, Lea’s 심장 belongs to the New York Stage. ‘I want to play every musical role there is!’ she declares. Ambitious much?!

C is for Cory Monteith:
Lea is rumoured to be cultivating a comance with Cory, the hottie who plays Finn, but in reality, she’s happily loved up with her bf Theo Stockman.

D is for Dorothy:
Tipped for release in 2011, Lea has been cast as the voice of Dorothy in the animated musical flick ‘Dorothy in oz’.

is for Elton John:
The musical maestro is a major 팬 of Ms Michele’s and invited the entire cast of 글리 to his annual Oscar party to hang out!
Guide by girly_girl posted over a year ago
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A magazine 기사 I found about all the things Lea Michele loves!!

"I'm such a 팬 of Idina Menzel. I think she's made a wonderful career in this business. I'd 사랑 to be able to follow in her footsteps. People tell me I look like her all the time!"

"I 사랑 food! If anybody told me not to eat, I'd tell them to you-know-what themsleves!"

"The theatre has my heart. I want to play all the different roles whether its Maureen in 'Rent' 또는 Maria in 'West Side Story'. I would just 사랑 to be involved in this business forever!"

"I was raised on the classic Broadway shows, but theres another side of me thats listening to Kelly Clarkson and rocking out to pop music!"

"My mom and I adore Alanis Morissette. We went to see her show one Mothers 일 and just had the best time!"

"The 글리 cast are like a family. Dianna Agron who plays Quinnn is my best friend in the whole world!"

"I 사랑 'Twilight'! I don't find 뱀파이어 particulary sexy. Well maybe the ones in 'The Vampire Diaries'! That show rocks- everybody is so hot!"
Opinion by girly_girl posted over a year ago
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My fave Rachel 인용구 so far!

Rachel: You're amazing, Mercedes, and 당신 deserve it. I'm gonna hug 당신 now.

Rachel: [to Quinn] Hey, I know it's not my place, but have 당신 had the doctor run the full genetic test panel on your unborn child. I only ask because my cousin Leon and his wife got pregnant and then they found that he was a carrier for Tay-Sachs.

Rachel: I've never told 당신 this before, but I'm a little psychic. I can't read minds 또는 anything yet, but I do have a sixth sense.

Rachel: [to Quinn] I'm so sorry. I fully understand if 당신 want to beat me up. Just avoid my nose.

Rachel: Aside from nudity and the exploitation of animals, I'll pretty much do anything to break into the business.

Rachel: School pictures are everything to me. They're great practice for the paparazzi.

Rachel: I've never noticed this before because he's always trying to destroy my career, but Mr. Schu has really pretty eyes.
Opinion by NCISGleek posted over a year ago
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1. She knows what she wants. She has hopes and dreams and won't stop until they come true.

2. She's completely obsessed and in 사랑 with Finn.

3. She's different and that's great.

4. Her fashion sense may be at times dorky, but she is so unique that no one really takes that much notice anyway.

5. Her talent outshines everyone elses.

6. Of course, she's really really pretty.

7. She has become a better person throughout Season 1, she isn't as selfish, she gives solos to people who want them and she cares about people.

8. She gets bullied, and we feel sorry for her.

9. Her 노래 voice gives everyone goosebumps.

10. Her facial expressions show a lot of what she is thinking so she doesn't have to say anything.

11. I know I mentioned this before but her and Finn belong together!
Guide by girly_girl posted over a year ago
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All 당신 need to know about Rachel!

Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) is the talented 별, 스타 of the 글리 club who is bullied 의해 the Cheerios and football players. Rachel is an overly ambitious sophomore, with dreams of making it to Broadway. She is Jewish, an only child and has two fathers, an interracial same-sex couple. Rachel has a crush on Finn, and the two share a 키스 in the episode "Showmance", although he tells her to forget it happened and goes back to his girlfriend, Quinn. Rachel quits the 글리 Club when Will gives a solo to Tina instead of her. She is awarded the lead role in the school musical, Cabaret, 의해 Sue Sylvester and Sandy Ryerson, who are conspiring to bring the 글리 club down. She rejoins the 글리 Club in the 다음 episode after she realizes she would rather be in a group where she has friends. In "Vitamin D", Rachel and Quinn begin to establish a friendship. In "Mash Up", Rachel and Puck have a brief relationship, which ends over Rachel's conflicting feelings for Finn and Puck's feelings for Quinn. She extends Puck an offer to be 프렌즈 but he turns her down.