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Hey!! Hope 당신 guys enjoy, this is my first QP fic!!! I just had the most spectacular dream about them and wanted to write about it, and I hurried a little because I just realized that Quinn is going to give birth 다음 week! EEK! So I hope 당신 enjoy this story!!!
Disclaimer: I do not own Glee. If I did, the storyline would continue off the others, they wouldn't focus on Rachel so much, and the show would 옮기기 a bit 더 많이 slower than it does now.

Note: I dreamed this before Quinn moved in with Mercedes, but I added that in anyway. Also, I'm sorry if they're OOC, 또는 if something does not make sense,...
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posted by mossheart1235
Okay, this is my first Quick fanfic... I'm a little nervous because I don't think it's very good... but I'm going to let 당신 make the call. Hope 당신 like it.

Quinn wasn't sure what to think any more. One moment she was dating Finn, and everything was all right, but then Mr. Schue started 글리 Club, and suddenly, she was pregnant, with Puck's kid and everything had spiralled out of control. But things were returning to normal. She was Head Cheerio, dating Sam, on good terms with Finn, and her baby was somewhere safe, with a mother and a father who loved her. She hoped.
God, if she'd given up Beth...
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(This takes place when quinn and puck are talking right after she tells rachel she wants to be alone during the finale)
He said, "I wanna be a good father to our baby."

"I can't tru-"

"Shh, yes 당신 can. 당신 can trust me."

"Remember when we were babysitting! That can't happen again, so we were great with the kids andd 당신 would be the best dadd ever but- i-i." She could barely speak through her tears, the only reason she was crying was because she had remembered her feelings when she found out what he was doing, not sad just complete dissapointment.

"Yes, i will make sure that will never happen again!"...
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S won the first FOTM. *claps* and since I made the pick, I will interview her. It’s funny because we totally converted her into a Quicker and I’m so proud of her. She has a great taste in couples and she’s adorable! So let’s get started.

Aww G! This is so sweet xD thanks. And yeah. 당신 totally made me a Quicker.
I still don’t understand why I got this FOTM.. but thank 당신 guys :).

1. How did 당신 start watching Glee?
I heard about 글리 long time ago. I guess it’s kinda everywhere since last spring. But my 글리 Journey started when Nat (if 당신 don’t know - iLoveChair..but really,...
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posted by BlairChuckFan
 Quick & Beth
Quick & Beth
Quick's 인용구 from Season one.♥

Quinn: I had sex with 당신 because 당신 got me drunk on wine coolers and I felt fat that day. But it was a mistake. You're a Lima loser and you're always going to be a Lima loser.

Quinn: I’m sorry. I never should have called 당신 a "Lima Loser". You’re not. You’re special and romantic.

Puck: Finn's my boy. He would've told me.
Quinn: 당신 make a habit of sleeping with your boy's girlfriends?

Quinn: Thank God for Puck!

Puck:My baby mama wouldn't want for anything.

Quinn: I don't care if my baby comes out with a mohawk, I will go to my grave swearing it's Finn's....
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 Congrats Caroline!
Congrats Caroline!
So our Sweet Caroline won Quick FOTM July! YAY for her :D And I, as a 이전 winner, have an honor to make her interview. Here we go =]
Ah, thank 당신 so much people! I never in a billion years thought I would be 초 to be FOTM, I had the list all worked out. If it weren’t for this fandom, I wouldn’t have met all 당신 amazing people. Thank y’all so much!

1.First. Tell us something about yourself. And something we don’t know yet.
Oh wow, huh. I .. Have a dog? :’)

 and then I fell in 사랑 with Quick.
and then I fell in 사랑 with Quick.
2.Standard question. How did 당신 get into 글리 world?
I watched like one episode...
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posted by Kassaremidylynn
 Quick was featured in the promos.
Quick was featured in the promos.
Quinn and Puck have been SERIOUSLY lacking this entire season. For whatever reason, my and many others OTP has been basically dropped from the series, for reasons no one has commented on. The only person who has - sort of - commented on Quinn and Puck is Mark Salling, who tweeted a while 이전 about their baby Beth's birthday, which gave a few of us some hope.

However, there have been moments, whether the writers meant to put them in 또는 Dianna and Mark have been sneaking them in. The moments were very short but they were there. I am here to point out those moments, however sparse they were.

I have...
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 It feels amazing
It feels amazing
Congrats on winning Morgan! How does it feel to be a Quick FOTM?
- It feels amazing, I am obsessed with this couple and this spot was one of the first that I joined when I got 팬팝 and all the Quickers were so welcoming.

1. Standard question: Tell us something about yourself we don't know yet.
- I’m 17, live in England and I’m hoping to go to uni 다음 년 to study philosophy.

2. How did 당신 become a Quick fan? Which scene made 당신 a hardcore shipper of this mega foxy awesome sexy couple? :D
- I watched 글리 when it first started showing here last December, at first I thought that I wouldn’t...
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posted by Quick-ly
Quinn lasts a total of eight days on her own.

The first two nights she spends with 글리 club at sectionals. Quinn has all her belongings with her (because as it turns out, the fact that the Hudson’s never lock their door and are never 집 has come in handy) which, little to her surprise, does not even begin to match up to how much stuff Rachel brought. It’s a tad bit depressing, but Quinn tries not to dwell on it.

Once sectionals are over, Quinn takes turns sleeping at 프렌즈 (cheerios) houses, and although she is 안전한, 안전 and warm, the sheer humiliation Quinn gets whenever seeing their parents...
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 Congrats Nat :)
Congrats Nat :)
Okay, so the AMAZING Nat won the FOTM September.. FINALLY! I think we all were waiting for it. and there’s no secret that our girl is THE ultimate quicker. She got everything, and if it wasn’t for her, I think the Quicker spot would’ve been a whole different place. So happy I got to interview you! So proud of 당신 babe!

1.    For the crazy quickers, who doesn’t know you, tell us something about yourself.
- I’m Natasha, people around here know me as Nat, and that’s not even my nickname xD 프렌즈 IRL call me Natty actually, so I guess that’s one thing 당신 didn’t...
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posted by Quick-ly
For the first time in a while, I actually like something I've written, so if 당신 want to, please review and tell me weather 또는 not I'm crazy. The story span out of the idea that Puck and Quinn had some sort of relationship after "Wheels" and kind of goes off on it's own from there. I should warn 당신 that while it is a pretty fluffy in some parts, this is not exactly a happy fic, and the ending is, if it came out the way I wanted it to, pretty sad (I've never written a sad ending before, but I liked this ending far to much to change it.) Also, while this is not a songfic in the slightest (I...
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posted by tinkerbell_cate
Hi Guys! I'm cate and as part of a secret santa I'm doing, I've written my version of all the scenes in season one between Quinn and Puck for my friend 모건 and I thought I'd post it here so 당신 could all see it. I would've done some of the ones we've gotten in season three, but I wanted to rewatch them before I wrote about them and I couldn't find many of the scenes online. hope 당신 like it, merry christmas!

Quinn walked through the hallways of Mckinley High with barely contained tears in her eyes. It was confirmed this morning, she was officially pregnant. Her whole world was about to change...
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posted by quickawesome
Season 3: Quinn goes Goth, Dyes Hair Pink, Smokes.
Quinn was stupid for ever letting Puck go, and how long is the Finn/Rachel/Quinn 삼각형 gonna go on, I mean, everybody knows that Finn doesn't 사랑 Quinn.
And They also need to get rid of the Puck/Quinn/Santana 삼각형 and just let them be.
Here's a list of things that should not happen:
1. Puckleberry
2. Fabrevans
3. Pucktana
4. Fuinn
5. Faberry
6. Luck
7. Quinn andWhoever the Hell Quinn is with.
8. Puck andWhoever the Hell Puck is with.
 "even if it was wrong on so many levels, 당신 can't deny that passion was the outcome."
"even if it was wrong on so many levels, you can't deny that passion was the outcome."
Quick Dark Fuckerman, as they are known around here, are made up of two baddies from Glee. Noah "Puck" Puckerman is a Stud Rock N Roller football player for the team. He loves older woman, dip, numchucks, and throwing slushies on people. Quinn Fabray is head cheerleader for the winning team, in the celibacy club, known Rachel hater and all around bitch. Both seem obvious and hard shelled, but they are both good people underneath.

The Beginning
We're still not quite who did what and why, because it was pre-pilot, but the basis for the hookup of this couple is infidelity. Sex, because as Quinn...
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 I truly 사랑 quick and to me their 사랑 will always live on
I truly love quick and to me their love will always live on
Congratulations on winning Quick FOTM, Mon! How does it feel?
Thank you! It feels great. I know I never go on the spot much, but when I do, I dedicate myself to it, because I truly 사랑 quick and to me their 사랑 will always live on.

1. The-Start-off-Question, Tell us something about yourself we don't already know.
Well 저기요 guys, My name is Monia [Most of 당신 know that] But I do 의해 Mon. Apart from Brucas, I do hardcore ship Ryan/Marissa. I live for 스킨스 and gossip girl. And I no longer have a life due to the fact that I found tumblr. I want to leave Australia and live in America. I also love...
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 I’m glad to be a part of it
I’m glad to be a part of it
Congrats for winning the November/December Quick FOTM Joanna! How amazing does it feel to be the new Quick FOTM?
Thanks, It feels so amazing, I remember back when this spot had like 40 팬 and no one came on--now its active and filled with amazing Quickers! I’m glad to be a part of it (:

1. Usual question, tell us something about yourself we don't know yet?
I’m 17, live in the US, and this is my first FOTM interview :]

 “Sup milf” and I was sold.
“Sup milf” and I was sold.
2. What made 당신 become a Quick fan? Is there a particular scene that made 당신 a hardcore shipper of this super sexy (yet neglected...
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