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 2012 MB look alikes
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these are some boys the that look just like mb
posted by Princetonlove01
na na: wow ur 침대 comfy and soft (then she jump on it and gently fell down on it)
na na: this 침대 is so soft..
(she smilies at me)
na na: why u so quiet ??
P: im just looking at ur beauty ( i sat 다음 to her)
nasha p.o.v
nasha: wow ur sweet..
P: i am??
nasha: yes .
P: well i can show something 더 많이 than sweet ..
nasha: what u mean-
( stopped 의해 kisses)
(we both kissed eachother on the lips and him holding me close to him in his arms, his lips we’re so soft ,, i dont how it happend but we didnt stop 키싱 we just took short breathes and kept kissing,, he kissed my neck up and holded gently...
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During the night
No pls leah I 사랑 당신 why are 당신 doing this to me I can't live without 당신 he mumbled in his sleep as he kicked and punched then roc woke him up and told him he was having a nightmare but at the same time I was having a nightmare too
I was in a very small dark room all alone until princeton came up to me and we started 키싱 the 레이 레이 came in came up to me and started 키싱 my neck then princeton started beating him up then he picked up a 칼, 나이프 from his bag and stabbed 레이 ray.
Me: "RAY RAY" I screamed in a high pitch voice
Me: I started panicking "you killed him " as...
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the 다음 일 my 프렌즈 came over to my house and we talked for a while
Alisha: are 당신 ok leah 당신 look a bit down.
Me: yeah im fine it's just ..........then my phone starts ringing I let it ring.
Kelly: ain't 당신 gonna answer
Me: uh.....no
Alisha: but it's princeton
Me: I know it's just...I dont wanna speak to him right now
Kelly: why? have 당신 lot had a fight
Then my phone starts ringing again and I answer
Prince:hay babe why aren't 당신 answering my phone calls,and why did 당신 run out yesterday have I done something wrong
Me:No it's just that I have alot on my mind right now,sorry
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Me: um where's josh i need him
Ray: He's outside i'll go get him
Me: thanks
Ray 레이 walked outside and called josh , josh ran into the room and gave me a big hug, i flinched and covered my face then he said “This is all my fault i shouldn't of let 당신 go out“
I let my hands go and said “It's not your fault it's my fault for ever thinking jacob was different“
Me:“when is mum and dad coming 집 i miss them“
Josh:um they won't be back for another two weeks
Me : WHAT!!! Why didn't 당신 tell me this before
Josh: because i didn't want to stress 당신 out anymore
I wanted to cry but no tears were...
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The 다음 morning the nurses let me leave but said I must go 집 and rest whilst being supervised 의해 someone so Jacob slowly helped me get up and we started walking then I stopped and said "o know I haven't told my mum 또는 dad why I'm in hospital"
Jacob" Don't panic I have told them everything they couldn't get a flight straight away so they have to get one tommorow"
Me" o ok ... Wait what 당신 told them everything" then he put his hands on my shoulders and said
Jacob" Leah calm down stop panicking I didn't give to many details"
We carry on walking until we get to the car I get in the car and see...
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“Hay roc“
Roc: ...
Me: i said 건초 roc
Roc: How could 당신 dump alisha for 레이 ray!!! 당신 know Yesterday she was crying herself to sleep because of you
Me: huh yeah right (I said sarcasticly) why can't she just be happy for me, im happy and finally in love
Roc: Your not in 사랑 with him 당신 just think your in 사랑 with him because 당신 need someone to replace jacob with
Me: No No stop saying that
Roc: Im sorry but im trying to help 당신 before 당신 make the wrong decision's
Me: W-well i won't
Roc: But 당신 already have , today princeton went off his head just cos someone said something bad about 당신 and...
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I struggled to breath as i tried to lift myself up but after a while my eyes slowley closed shut and everything went silent

Mb's house

Prod: “Jacob just stop panicking,calm down please“
Jacob:“I can't calm down she's—she's-she's“
Roc:“I'll call alisha she might be with her“
Prod:“yeah and i'll call kelly“
Jacob:“Why would she be with kelly she dosen't even like her anymore“
prod:“look do 당신 want to find leah 또는 what“
Jacob:“yess i want to find her she's the 사랑 of my life and it's all my fault she's 로스트 because of me, i should of never kissed that girl Im so stupid“...
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Once i got i 집 i put my head on my 베개 and i cried myself to sleep

The 다음 morning!

In the morning i stayed in 침대 for the whole 일 until josh came up to my room and said “leah 당신 need to get up now 당신 cant just stay in 침대 all day“
Me “yes i can and i will“
Josh “At least come down for breakfast“
Me“ Fine, and when's mum and dad coming back“
Josh “ Uh i don't know but 당신 can call them later“
I got up and went downstairs for some breakfast, When i got downstairs i picked up a magazine and went and sat around the 표, 테이블 I started flicking through the magazine then i stop...
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added by meLOVER
posted by RayRaycutie
me n dee stayed up tht night beng queit so the boyz dnt come back in
me0ugg! they make me SICK!
dee-shut up lol!!!
me-im sorry but they get on my nerves!!!
dee-all boys r lik dat!!! well xcept roc *imagination land*
me-REALITY!! *covers mouth*
prince n 레이 come in
ray-SHUT UP!!!!
prince-*just glares at me*
me-*rolls my eyes*
ray-wats up with her?! *points 2 india*
me-he's bttr than both of u guys combined!!!
prince-*grabs my arm n takes me out in the hall while 레이 tries 2 get dee out of her roc coma*

in hall
prince-*puts me against 벽 n says in my ear* i thght i told u 2 go 2 sleep!!!...
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"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" I screamed as I got woken up 의해 alisha. tears kept falling from my eyes I tried to stop them but it wasn't working,she gave me a hug and said "was it to do with jacob"
Me: "I need to talk to him" so i ran upstairs and called him then I looked at the time and I quickly hung up the phone not knowing he was awake because of the same reason as me, Then I looked on my dressing 표, 테이블 and saw jacob's poem that he wrote for me, I grabbed it off the 표, 테이블 and ripped it up then I stopped and started breaking all the things he bought 또는 wrote for me then I sat in one corner...
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Just before the boys were about to leave me,alisha and kelly went to go and meet up with them.When we got there alisha ran ahead and kissed roc "what did 당신 lot just kiss?"
Alisha: "Um yeah were kinda going out now?"
Me: "why didnt 당신 tell me this?"
Alisha: "Because we didn't know how 당신 would take it ,you know cos of all the things that has happened"
Me:"alisha that would of cheered me up a whole lot more"
Then I see jacob walking behind roc,ray and prod,so I run up to him give him a big hug and say "this isn't the end" I release my arms slowly when I relise that he was in pain,"sorry...
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posted by princess_pink
I was so squashed in the car i couldn't even reach into my pocket now i was annoyed "i didnt even want to come on this stupid camping trip i hate camping and why couldn't i bring my phone with me i say angrily "because we're meant to be anjoying nature" kelly answered i galre at her then stare back out of the window

Some time passed

"Finally were here" says alisha "yay were here" i say sarcasticly then we all got out of the car and got to our camping spot once we were there we started setting up our tents when we were just about finished i quickly and secretly walked off into the forest to explore...
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posted by RayRaycutie
:( awwwwwwww this story iz coming 2 an end!!!!! n sorry i havnt been postng, my teachers kno we dnt need homework n my mom need 2 be quiet n worry about Young n the Restless!!!!! so ANYWAY story time!!!!!! n iumma make this one long my peoples!!!

me-guys go work this out
dee-me n him???
tasha-tryng 2 work this out!!!!
prod-cuz yall got problems
evrybdy looks at him
prod-wat??? DANG ITS TRUE!!!

aftr tasha leaves thm in pool room dee's pov
me-im not talkng 2 u *walks out door*
ray-*pulls me back in n closes door thn leans against it*
ray-stfu and listen.
me-*EXCUSE ME????*...
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posted by Princetonlove01
Flash back
2 weeks past
lady: I’m Jackie Rosalin ( 랜덤 name)
On morning of NY !! ( 음악 )
We have mindless behavior with 업데이트 on their life with special guests and 더 많이 on the CTMD tour …
( see this is recored so they will get to see the tv interview later)
( crowd screams goes wild)
Girls: MB!!!
ray 레이 p.o.v(flash back)
We were putting our mics on …
Jackie: everyone mb!!!
Crowd: yay!!!!
Jackie: Princeton, 레이 레이 , Roc and prodigy
With special guests Jawan Harris , lil twist , and trevantae !
Crowd: ( jumps off seats and yell)
( security holder them back)
( sitin on huge...
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posted by Princetonlove01
The 다음 morning Mya woke up wit princeton. she got out of 침대 nd thought about wat happened last night. she were kinda sad. she got out of 침대 nd headed over to the bathroom. she brushed hur teeth, nd took a shower. she got out of the 샤워 nd looked at hur self in the mirror. she noticed this dark spot on hur neck. M- wat is tht. Mya got out of the bathroom nd got dressed. Princeton was half awake at this point. Mya went over to him nd woke him up. M- princeton wake up. P- uh….5 더 많이 mintues. M- princeton wake up. P- fine. He sat up in the bed. P- morning. M- morning, um princeton can...
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A few 분 later there was a giant crowd around me, I still felt really weak but I got up and forced my way away from jacob
Jacob " leah 당신 cant just walk away, 당신 just fainted come back...please
I stop " im fine I just need some time alone"
Jacob " Im not leaving 당신 alone, not whilst your like this"
I turned back round towards him and said " I actually thought 당신 were different, but your exactly like aidan , and now were done and I don't ever want to talk to 당신 ever again!
I walked away and got my phone out of my pocket and called Josh
Josh "hello"
Me " 건초 josh please can u pick me up...
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posted by Princetonlove01
::Mya POV::

Finally we all got on the bus and were on our way to the zoo. The teacher said that as we traveled we have to do a worksheet as we go along. I sat in the front of the bus 의해 myself looking outside the window. I could feel my lip throbbing. I could feel someone staring at me. I looked to my right to see Jacob on the 좌석 right across from me. See, I told 당신 this chico doesn’t give us easily. I wish I could’ve gotten to know him 더 많이 though. Oh, who am I kidding?! He doesn’t want me just like Briana said! He only feels bad. Speak of the devil, I turned to my right and saw Briana...
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Recap:soon after the drama and briana 날짜 with roc.

It’s 12:00pm and everyone is waking up. Prince:baby baby girl wake up it’s your birthday today wake up he shakes her gently Mya:hmmmmmmm baby I am sleep wake me later it’s too earlie to be up. Prince:baby no it’s not it’s 12:00. Mya:oh nawwwwww 당신 is lien. Prince:nope. Mya and Princeton get up and get dress he takes her lunch. Mya wears this link. And Princeton wears this link. They hop into the car and drove into the city to eat. Brianna cell phone rings. It’s prodigy. Bri: hello. Prodigy: 저기요 girl. Bri: was good buddy. Prodigy:...
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