Today was Friday and 당신 were in your last period class. 당신 sat down happily 다음 to your best friend Princeton who 당신 usually just call Prince. 당신 2 have been 프렌즈 for a while. you've noticed that each 일 that pass 당신 seem to start liking him 더 많이 and more. But 당신 know it's official. but you're too scared to tell him. 당신 don't think you're good enough for him 또는 that he will even like you. plus the fact that 당신 two are really good 프렌즈 and 당신 don't want to ruin that.

Prince: 저기요 what's up

you: nothing much

Prince: what are 당신 doing later today

you: nothing as usual

Prince: good then you're coming over my house tonight

you: are 당신 telling me 또는 asking me lol

Prince: neither I'm DEMANDING you

you: oh ok well excuse me then

Prince: as a matter of fact don't even walk 집 today you're riding with me cause 당신 know how forgetful 당신 are

you: oh so you're just gonna make sure I come then


Prince: can I tell 당신 a secret

you: yeah

Prince: ok ther's this girl that I really like and we've been talking for a while and I kinda wanna take things to the 다음 level so how should I do it

Your 심장 instantly drops but 당신 do your best not to show it.

you: 당신 should just talk to her and tell her how 당신 feel. be real with her 당신 know

Prince: aight come on lets go inside

your hands starts to sweat as Prince grabs your hand and wraps his fingers around your and pulls 당신 in the house.

Prince: so what do 당신 wanna do

you: I don't know 당신 the one that brought me over here 당신 find something to do

Prince: why 당신 연기 like 당신 a boss 또는 something 당신 ain't nobody

you: boy boo 당신 don't know who 당신 messing with cuz boy I am the boss okkkk

Prince: 더 많이 like the female dog

you: ha ha shut up for I knock the mexican out of you

Prince: hmmm and I;ll knock the mexican into you

you: uhhhh Prince

Prince looks 당신 into your eues

Prince: I need to tell 당신 something. I didn't bring 당신 here to hang out I brought 당신 here to tell 당신 that I 사랑 당신 and I want 당신 to be my girl

you: 당신 asking 또는 telling me

Prince: ha ha I'm DEMANDING 당신 now come here

(Prince hugs and kisses you)