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posted by bigmanguy
May 1, 2010
We are taking a trip to Florida to visit family and friends. We were getting ready to leave to catch our flight and I was packing my suitcase. I shut the door behind me and went downstairs to get in the car. When I got inside the car, Blanket was arguing with dad about putting in a movie in the dvd player. Dad said it's only a fifeteen 분 ride to the airport so there is no sense in starting a movie. Blanket replied sayig, "I want to watch the Spongebob Squarepants movie". Dad gave in and gave him the movie. When we got to the airport, Blanket was whinning because he didn't get...
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posted by bigmanguy
june 31 2005, we don't live at neverland anymore because dad says it's not a 집 ever since everthing that happened with the trial. now we live pretty much everywhere until dad finds us a new house. dad wants to 옮기기 to ireland and i think that would be cool. were 집 schooled so it does not matter if we move.

july 7, dad was walking 의해 my room and walked in. i was hanging out with a friend and was gone. he saw that in the new house i did not put up any of my toy story posters. i am stil a huge tomboy. dad looked at my walls and they were coverd 상단, 맨 위로 to bottem with posters of n-sync. i have...
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posted by IrisGloomy
The 사진 being "leaked" of the Jackson children were PRIVATE 사진 from our visit that were emailed ONLY to Grace for the purpose of them being shared with Paris, Prince, Omer, Taj and Ms. Katherine. As when we were together on our visit, my camera had 사진 of all of them (from iFly, etc...) and I told them I would 이메일 ONLY Grace the copies as I did not have their 이메일 address. Grace’s 이메일 account was hacked the same 일 the first 사진 came out! (This too was 게시됨 on Graces 페이스북 page when it occurred.) Grace also had NOTHING to do with any of these leaks! Whomever wanted...
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posted by schoolsucks278
First of all before u start talking shit about this! this is not an 기사 mainly of PPB but i do concern that Prince will get a girl like the type his cousin has. (i dont like prince no more, he's cute but they r way 더 많이 hotter guys <3)

Doesn't tick u off the tweets 또는 페이스북 posts of Alyssa 2 Jaafar, i mean im not jealous cuz i DON'T like jaafar but why do they have to do publicity about there freaking relationship!

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posted by Bieber-Jackson
Since me and Prince stayed 집 we did everything we wanted to and Prince was 더 많이 romantic than i thought he was! All night we were either Making-out,or Dancing. Prince and i went into my room and he put My Colbie Caillat c.d and he first put on Fallen For 당신 and then I Never Told You.When we slow danced it was amazing and so romantic."I 사랑 You" i told him "I 사랑 당신 too" Prince replied "I don't ever want them to come 집 i 사랑 things just like this" I told Prince "Me too no remarks no laughs,Just 당신 and me" He told me "What time is it?" i asked.Prince checked his watch "11:30" Prince...
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posted by TomboyWriter
Kayla’s view

Jaafar doesn’t seem too happy so I go over to him and sit 다음 to him on the 침상, 소파 but instead of just going directly to sit I stand on the edge of the 침상, 소파 and jump 다음 to him. “Hey” I say. “Hey.” “Gosh he is so handsome his hair is short curly and black mines messy and blonde. His eyes are big and brown and mine are normal sized and hazel. “Jaafar” I say in a flirtatious voice that makes his head turn. “What?” “Do 당신 want to go on the trampoline? “ NO.” “Please?” “NO.” “Touchy.” “Well then are 당신 going to tell me what’s wrong?”...
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posted by 12251
feb 28 2002, daddy was runing out the door and said " bye guys, im going to get your little brother i'll be back". nanny grace was there watching us while daddy was gone. a few hours later daddy came walking through the front door with a baby in his arms. daddy came in the room where me and prince were sitting and said " where's paris 당신 guys". we turned our heads toward him and said " she went upstairs to watch t.v and we think she fell asleep". daddy said " well let me go get her and then i'll show 당신 your new little brother". daddy put the baby on nanny grace's lap and went upstairs to...
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posted by lovepink
It was monday morning. I woke up to the sound of birds chirrping out of my open window.
"Mom? Dad?" I yelled slightly as I walked out of my room onto the cold hardwood flooring of the hallway. No response. I realized it was a work 일 and gave out a little sigh. I was alone. Again. I walked into the kitchen, made myself some scrambled eggs and gulped them down. Somewhere inbetween all of the preparing and eating, I decided I would go kayaking in the private lake we had in the backyard. My grandparents were filthy rich and when they passed away, they left most of their fortune to my mother....
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posted by bigmanguy
 "my shoes 또는 should i say my shoe".
"my shoes or should i say my shoe".
August 22 2009, it’s hardest for me to accept the death of my father because before that fight we were so close. I don’t talk very much since my dad has died and it is starting to concern Grandma. I sat down at the 표, 테이블 stirring my cornflakes, thinking about what I had said to dad. Grandma came and sat 다음 to me, she said “are 당신 okay A.J”? Trying not to cry I snapped back “please don’t call me THAT anymore”. Grandma said “look at me” just looking at her I broke down crying. She looked at me and I broke down and started to cry. She hugged me and said “I was wondering...
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posted by Maskiiyah

This isn't actually maskiiyah lols.
This is actually Ataahua Haenga, her cousin. I have a page, Mystic_Magenta but I forgot to sign my cousin out and now the sotry that was meant to be under my name is under hers. So im using my ocusins page lols. Believe it 또는 Not lmao!

Anyway, i saw that i had two 코멘트 on I need to know saying i hsould do number 1 but then number 2? I dunno so i guess ill do both lols.

Characters: Daniella "Ella" Kellinson (7)
Paris Jackson (13)
Prince Michael Jackson (14)
Jaafar Jackson (14)
Nikita "Niki" Anderson (Lols shes 13)
Blanket Jackson (9)
Alyssa Shouse...
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posted by 12251
june 1, even thought i am only 4 i am staying true to my word. i truelly want to follow in my fathers footsteps. daddy started training me to sing and dance like him.

i was watching some of daddys 음악 비디오 when we got to the 당신 are not alone video i said daddy i want my hair to look like yours in that video. i have dark brown hair that goes down to my sholders. he said do 당신 want to dye it black like mine. i said ya but, i dont want the bangs. my mouth droped because of what daddy said. he said come on if thats what 당신 want lets do it. i said really daddy. he said yup, he went to the...
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posted by princechick

Diana's POV

I sat back down. Prince glanced at me and then at stared at his cell phone.
"Something wrong?" I asked. He shuddered a little.
"No." He mumbled. I sighed.
"Something has to be wrong. Your acting... weird."
"Am not."
"Yes 당신 are! What is wrong?" I asked jokingly.
"Nothing. Trust me!" He answered.
"Fine." I sat back in my chair and stared at my lap, copying him. Prince sighed.
"So, who was that guy in the mall yesterday?" He asked. I was confused but then remembered.
"Oh. That is Craig." I replied. Prince raised an eyebrow.
"I heard that name being groaned in the backround when we...
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The doctor - who is facing manslaughter charges after being accused of administering a lethal amount of the anesthetic Propofol to Michael Jackson prior to his death on June 25, 2009 - reportedly plans to call Prince Michael, 13, and 12-year-old Paris to his trial 다음 year.

He is said to believe the late 'King of Pop's offspring will reveal their father had long-standing addictions, and had been ill for months prior to his sudden death.

An insider explained to the News of the World newspaper: "If they back him it will work well in the eyes of a jury."

A preliminary hearing - which will see prosecutors...
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posted by HopeThisWorks
Before 당신 start saying he's not being bullied because Buckley is a 상단, 맨 위로 class school and yada yada yada, actually read this 기사 first.

Starting off, Prince IS NOT the person 당신 think he is. Well, at school anyway. He's got like 2 different personalities. At school, he's a total piece of crap that doesn't care about anyone's feelings.
At 집 he's a laid-back dude who likes to chill.
He's trying so hard to be tough at school, because........ he's being bullied.
Now maybe he knew this was bound to happen, because it was HIS choice to go to Buckley but I don't think he expected this.
He's even...
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posted by bigmanguy
March 15, 2008
Today's my birthday and this our last 일 in Los Angeles because dad is starting his tour. We are moving to London. Dad hasn't gotten to wish me a happy birthday yet because he was announcing his This Is It tour today. I waited patiently for him to get home. I heard the door open but played it cool. He came into the living room where I was sitting and gave me a huge hug. He said, "Happy fourteenth birthday!!" I said, "Thank 당신 dad." He said, "Hang on a 초 I have to get your gift it is in my bedroom." When he came back to the living room he looked empty handed as he sat down....
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posted by TomboyWriter
We’ve all been 프렌즈 since we were just mere 1 년 olds 또는 even newborns our dad’s had been 프렌즈 since they were 12 또는 younger. Prince, Paris, and Blanket were rich most of us weren’t but we were still friends. My friend Seraphina’s twin sister had a huge crush on Prince which considering their popularity might have seemed like a good match but most of us knew that she’d probably just use him for his money. He didn’t like her anyway he had a huge crush on a girl named Riss who wasn’t in our group till we were about 8 years old.

    It was Saturday and...
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저기요 Guys! How 당신 all doing? this is my first ever story so please tell me if its crap lmao and how i can improve it! x Please enjoy

About: When Audrey gets back from her working vacation in New York to her boyfriend Michael she brings back a few secrets which could destroy their relationship and kill her. Read as they cope with his fame and her illness together, can they make it? (LMAO DRAMA!!)

Chapters are real short! x

Chapter 1

Setting: LAX Airport (atm)

I turned around to see a man..with a white socks and black tap shoes..i slowly looked up at his face..it was smiling with those beautiful...
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We told y’all about a woman named Mocienne Petit Jackson who came out of the woodwork claiming to be MJ’s seed. Well, Diana Ross’ sister came 앞으로 and said MPJ is crazy and she don’t even KNOW that ho*!

According to TMZ, the sordid Jackson family story is even 더 많이 crazy than we thought.

A woman who claims to be Michael Jackson’s illegitimate 사랑 child — conceived when MJ was a minor — has filed legal documents claiming there was a diabolical plot to cover up her existence … involving murder, abduction and Diana Ross’ sister.

The alleged MJ spawn — Mocienne Petit Jackson...
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posted by PMJLOVER101
저기요 everyone,

I'm planning to start a fanfic but i need your opinions. Here are my ideas and summary.

15 년 old Maddie and 16 년 old Prince have done something they shouldn't have. After Prince ends his realtionship with Maddie, she has to go through her unplanned pregnancy alone.

"Cause when you're fifteen,and someone tells 당신 they 사랑 you, you're gonna believe them..."
당신 will Taylor Swift, until they hurt you.

-Maddie is pregnant
-Prince may seem like a jerk in this story
-Prince cheats on Maddie
-Prince's new GF is Natalie Adaams
-Maddie is starting a 음악 career when she gets pregnant

THis story will be 게시됨 on quizila.com.
It will be called Don't Let Me Go.

Does this story sound good? I really need to know.

GUYS!!!! I need a stage name for Maddie!
posted by SashaPrince4ver
(Sorry 4 keeping u guys waiting. ENJOY :D)
*FLASHBACK* - Fifth Grade
February 6 - Black history 월 came. Ms. Klavinski wanted us to write an acrostic poem and 1 page essay about a black person we admire. "... And this is why I admire Harriet Tubman so much," said Kristen. Ms. Klavinski bowed her head. "Very good. Natasha." She called me. I stood up and looked at Kristen, who was smirking at me. When Ms. Klavinski turned around I threw my middle finger up at her. Her smile came off. I began my acrostic first:
"M - Magestic
I - In my 심장 forever
C - Charasmatic
H - Heal the world
A - A beautiful...
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