For the fourth crystal must pass the temple of darkness (what is the temple of darkness?): The temple of darkness and a temple where it is always dark, there is a 레이 of light. The goal is simple: Exceed the temple without light, and Kyle was easy, the Pretty Cure ... Zero (why Kyle yes and Pretty Cure no?) Because Kyle had night vision goggles and then the fourth crystal and positioned. Instead, for the fifth and final crystal returns to the starting point, of course, used the Skyboard
to prevent attacks of Pretty Cure, but his race ended when Urara used the Prism Chain ,destroying Skyboard. But the force of the explosion Kyle brought straight to the temple, at the time slammed the crystal on a pedestal e. .. The power of crystals activated the flow of Dark Eco, but lightning freeing the other Pretty Cure, seeing the flow and were amazed at the same time scared
. Kyle shouted, "Now with the Dark Eco I can defeat, once and for all ... It is too late to hope" and jumped into the stream, while mumbling Nozomi saying: "Do not do Kyle. " Meanwhile Kyle and ready to unleash the dark powers against Pretty Cure. No sooner had turned into dark Dark Kyle throws the bomb and weakens all the Pretty Cure and then strike without mercy, then took Nozomi trying to kill her with a fist ... but Kyle sees that in the eyes of Nozomi
falls a tear at that moment his 심장 of stone melts and leaves Nozomi but the powers are not unlimited, and in fact Kyle returns to normal and runs to reach the 상단, 맨 위로 of the temple, in a moment was at the top, but just arrived may fall and then again turning the balance, however, sees all the Pretty Cure. Here the peak Ion Grenade Launcher on them, and here's another idea in mind: It lowers its guard and the girls are preparing to attack, but Kyle falls down and shoot the grenade and when it rests at the 상단, 맨 위로 of the temple is heard to say Nagisa: "How I hate him!" and here ... BOOOOOOOM !!!!! A powerful explosion kills Pretty Cure and bringing down the temple. After the collapse goes to see the corpses of Pretty Cure and we are all (not all, of what is missing Urara) and Kyle asked, "Where is Urara?"
Urara: "I'm looking for?" Kyle: "How did 당신 survive?!
Urara: "When 당신 fell, I fell too ... To avoid death"
Kyle: "No matter, now DIE!" Urara and Kyle made a huge jump that ended with the victory of Kyle, spearing Urara. But seeing the sweet face of Urara, decided to bring the body of the girl in one of the temples of the arena and then healed the wound and decided to leave Urara in the center of the temple.
The curious thing is that Kyle, looking at the bodies of other Pretty Cure had returned to normal but Urara had the dress of Pretty Cure, but decided to leave it because The curious thing is that Kyle, looking at the bodies of other Pretty Cure had returned to normal but still had the dress Urara Pretty Cure, but decided to leave it (because, when Urara wearing the dress of Pretty Cure is really lovely). After Kyle has positioned the body and leaves Shaar at the blizzard.