While exceeded the threshold of the 초 part of the arena of Shaar decided to create a trap that is: Hiding in a temple, take the Volcanic Fury (galting is a machine gun) and shoot wildly against Pretty Cure, after having passed the rescue Urara 초 part of the arena and the trap did not work (indeed it worked but the girls managed to dodge all the shots and noticed it), yet another attempt to hit fallito.In then decided to go the hard way, that's magic attacks, in fact they Nagisa and Honoka to give the start shouting: "Black Lightning, " "White Lightning!" Kyle had no hope but with a stroke of luck finds grenade shield and then said desperately, "I hope it works!" Throw the grenade on the ground, forming a shield around him and reflected lightning
But another attack is waiting and hears: "Pretty Cure Shooting Star!!" Nozomi was! Obviously Kyle knew that the Shooting 별, 스타 can attack only straight, can not bend and it has moved out of the firing range but Karen hits him from behind, knocking him to the ground and in response she screams: "Pretty Cure Sapphire Arrow!" The 애로우 was in the water, the only way to stop it was to launch a dart glowing with the crossbow. 의해 shooting the dart cool but removes the arrow, then took the M-16 and shoots Karen, but something to protect, it was the Mint Protection: A shield that protects everything and as a result, Komachi shouted: "Pretty Cure 에메랄드 Saucer! "
Kyle: "Oh shit!" But surprise, surprise: Skip sull'Emerald Saucer and uses it as a kind stakeboard then destroying it with the 소총 and then shoot Komachi flow making it fall to the ground exhausted.
And another attack waiting for him: "Pretty Cure Prism Chain!" Kyle took the two Whips Quantum and destroyed the chains and then use them against Urara, exhausted. And another attack 또는 try to hit him: "Pretty Cure 불, 화재 Strike!"
Kyle: "And no, there is not ever gonna burn!" He took the Alien Blaster Rin trying to hit, hitting bad!