With its Hoverbike arrived at the stadium before them but there is an obstacle that is: The 이전 Pretty Cure, there are two things ... 또는 mute the engine 또는 let the hoverbike and enter the stadium without being seen, and he chose the first option, but little was done to see the other five who came breathing a sigh of relief and thought, "How did they get so fast?! no matter, Get ready to attack. "
Meanwhile, as Kyle is ready for the attack, the Pretty Cure girls who met Urara he described is called out: "It's them!" The girls that I said a moment ago! "
Karen: "We will watch them, let's ready, 당신 never know"
Urara: "Hey!" (She rushes from them)
Saki said: "Hey, Urara! He is calm"
Urara "Sorry"
Hikari asked, "Who are they?"
Urara: "Ah, my 프렌즈 are"
Mai: "You can tell us their names?"
Urara: "Sure: The one with the 담홍색, 핑크 hair is Nozomi Yumehara, the one with brown hair is Rin Natsuki, the one with green hair is Komachi Akimoto and the one with blue hair is Karen Minazuki"
Komachi said: "You are the girls in Urara-to-speech, right?
Honoka: "Yes, we are!"
Nozomi: "Fantastic"
Rin: "We have forgotten something, presentations!"
Nagisa: "I am Nagisa Misumi"
Honoka: "I am Honoka Yukishiro"
Hikari: "Kikari Kujou"
Saki: "I'm Saki Hyuuga"
Mai: "My name is Mai Mishou"
사랑 "I'm 사랑 Momozono"
Inori: "My name Yamabuki Inori"
Miki: "I am Miki Aono "