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=Episode 2-Secrets Reveal Part 1=

Opening Song – Jig-The-Upper

=Professor Utonium Narrates=

"Yesterday, 복숭아 sensed a powerful dark aura, in the downtown area. A 더 많이 powerful dark aura that on my and Ken's calculations, it is 더 많이 powerful than Him's. After sensing it, 복숭아 began to loss his consciousness and falled down. But that's not all; the dark aura even coverer the whole downtown making the 출처 hard to find. We send the girls to investigate. But there was boy who is obviously the 출처 and cries out that the dark aura fade away. At night, when Mojo attacked the city, the boy appeared and beat Mojo. When the girls arrived, we discovered that his right side was covered with dark aura and his left side was white aura. He attacked Bubbles and Buttercup but not Blossom and asked her 질문 especially why she is still alive. Blossom doesn't answer his 질문 because of confusion. After Bubbles and Buttercup regained their energy, the boy fled even he has the upper hand. When the girls returned to the laboratory, they asked themselves who and what is he."

The girls' school - Morning

The girls meet each other outside the school campus. "Good morning, Momoko" Miyako greets Momoko. "Good morning too, Miyako." Momoko greet her too. "Hey, that's Kaoru. Let's greet her Miyako." Momoko says. When Kaoru meets Momoko and Miyako she greets them too. "Momoko-sama, I thought this last night before I slept. 당신 said before he attacked us that he has a connection to your dream." Kaoru asks says. "Yea…Yeah. Today, I dreamt about him again. But this time, we're not in the same cave like I always dream of. We are in some place where I have a conversation with him.' Momoko says. "What conversation?" Miyako and Kaoru ask her. But before Momoko can answer their question, the 벨 rings. "We got to go now. We're going to be late for class." Momoko says "Right" and they run as fast as they can to their room. Before they enter their classroom a boy 읽기 a book is standing near the 벽 besides the door to the girl's room. "Hay, that boy is so cute!" Momoko says as she admired the cuteness of the boy. But the boy remains 읽기 the book like there was no noise. "Momoko…" Kaoru says as she pulls Momoko inside their classroom while Miyako is watching them. After a while, their teacher, Ms. Keane enters the room. "Good morning class, today I got some announcement to 당신 all. I guess 당신 noticeta boy 읽기 a book outside our room right?" Ms. Keane asks them. Momoko raises her right hand and says "Yes and he is so cute." "Momoko…" Kaoru says "Well, then he will be your new classmate and be nice to him. His name is Calvin. Ah…Calvin please enter the room now" Ms. Keane says as she calls the boy to get inside. "Ahhh this is Calvin. His parents are abroad working for the fate of their child so Calvin will be living for his own now. Please take the 좌석 besides the girl with the ribbon" Keane continues. "Yay, he'll be sitting besides me!" Momoko says to herself. When Calvin walk towards his given seat, he accidentally step into a slippery flood with a 바나나 peeling and fall hard down. "Ouch" he says in a loud tone." When he stands up he continues "I'm sorry guys. I am a little bit clumsy." Normally, the class laugh at him that makes Calvin bow down and darkened his face as he walk towards his seat. "What a boy. Right Momoko?" Miyako asks Momoko. "Yeah Miyako. Forget what I have said earlier." Momoko 답변 Miyako and the class starts.

In the laboratory – Lunch time

복숭아 senses a black Z-ray activity in the city. "Ken…Ken…I sense a black Z-ray activity da wan." 복숭아 shouts as he is running towards Ken and Professor. Hearing this, Ken press a button that activates their screen to see who the monster is. "Ah…That's Fuzzy Lumpkins. Call the girls Peach!" Professor orders 복숭아 to send the girls to the battlefield. "Powerpuff Girls Z transform da wan."

Rooftop – Lunch time

"Itakadimasu!" the girls say as they are preparing to eat their lunches. But then, they notice their belts are glowing with tone. Momoko gets her compact from her 벨트 "Grrrr. Who could it be now Professor? It's lunch time." Momoko ask Professor. "It's Fuzzy, and he's making the town his property. Now go! Powerpuff Girls" Professor 답변 her and left off and Momoko closes her compact and put it to her belt. "Ahhh… I'm hungry. Fuzzy you're making me angry." Momoko shouts as she is burning with angry that makes Miyako and Kaoru step away for a while. Then, they transform to Powerpuff Girls Z. They fly towards Fuzzy's location.

Fuzzy's location – Lunch time

"You're my property now. You, you, 당신 and you." Fuzzy is stamping the surface everywhere. But he notices a figure which looks like Ms. Bellum. "Be my property, Ms. Bellum." Fuzzy says as he goes towards the figure. As he stamps it, it destroy into pieces which makes Fuzzy realize that it is a wooden figure but he notices a boy standing in a 나무, 트리 near him. "Who are you? Keep out of my property!" Fuzzy charges towards the boy. But when he is nearing touch the boy, the boy vanishes and appears in the back of Fuzzy. Fuzzy notices that the boy's sword is glowing in red and Fuzzy realizes that the boy is ready for an attack. "Freezing Upper-Slash". The boy says as he put off his sword from back and using it, he makes a devastating uppercut attack to Fuzzy which makes Fuzzy fly to the sky. Then the boy transforms his right arm to a demonic right arm and summons a spiritual arm. The boy aims his spiritual arm towards Fuzzy and when the boy is ready, his spiritual arm moves as fast as a jet plane towards Fuzzy and tries to catch him. But Fuzzy is flying so fast that the boy's spiritual cannot catch Fuzzy. Then the boy's spiritual arm vanished and he transform his right arm to it's normal form. He says "With this new power, I cannot get my other powers back to me." Then the girls arrive in the location and Blossom notices Fuzzy is not there and the boy is standing in a large crater that was created from the "Freezing Upper-Slash" attack of the boy. "That boy again? I guess we need to be ready for his attacks. He is maybe a new villain and he is enough to destroy us and we know that yesterday. Right?" Buttercup says. "Yeah, but he has a white Z-ray in his left side." Bubbles says "Yeah, right now I think it would be a good idea to talk to him." Blossom suggests and Bubbles and Buttercup nod. The girls lower their altitude and talks to the boy. "Who are you? What do 당신 want from us?" Blossom asks him. Bubbles and Buttercup is watching the boy's movement so that they can be ready for an attack. But the boy goes toward them saying "Sorry for the incident last night. I just arrived to your world. 의해 the way, they call me The Mask of Wind Freeze. Call me Wind Freeze 또는 Wind for short." "Just arrived? And what do 당신 mean arrived in your world?" Buttercup asks. As she asks The Mask of Wind, the boy vanishes and appears at the back of Buttercup. "I mean I lived in some planets" Wind 답변 her. "Ah" the girls look back. "Spinning…Bubble…Swing…." Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup is ready for attacking Wind but Wind Freeze gets their weapons in a flash. "What a lovely weapons. I think I can use this for once." Wind Freeze admires the weapons of the girls. "What that…How does he do that?" Bubbles says. "Sorry girls, I guess 당신 just can beat me. But I'm now here to destroy 당신 three. I'm here for two things." Wind says. "Then what is that things." Blossom asks Wind. "One. To get my powers back. Both black and white auras and 초 to find Fiery which I guess 당신 are her's reincarnate. But with out the memories of the past." Wind Freeze 답변 her while he throws the girls' weapons to the sky. "Well, time for an upgrade." Wind Freeze says as the girls look of their weapons. Then Wind Freeze channels his white aura towards the weapons of the girls. Then the weapons glow in white and changing their appearances. Blossom's weapon is change in a bow-type weapon that can change into a double Yo-yo anytime. Bubbles' weapon is change in a shieldboomerang-type weapon that can change into a Bubble wand anytime. Buttercup's weapon is change in a spear-type weapon that can change into a Hammer anytime. Then their weapons fly towards them and return to their original form. "Your weapons can transform into those forms when the time was right. I channel some of my powers towards your weapons and I will get back those powers when I get the last piece of black auras. Well too bad, your white auras are mine too." Wind Freeze says as the girls are in a state of shock.

The end of the episode 2 part 1

=Episode 2.5-Secrets Reveal Part 2

"Don't worry I won't get your white auras. Just as I said earlier, I will get those auras after I get the last piece of my black auras." Wind Freeze says. "What...You mean that our powers came from you?" Buttercup asks him "Yes and I am the origin of the white auras and I will get them back someday." Wind Freeze 답변 her. "So, when 당신 get all your black Z-rays 당신 will get ours' white Z-rays. Right?" Bubbles asks him. "Yes, but I won't get them this time ok? So don't worry for now. 의해 the way, I like to 가입하기 to your group. I need help with getting that what 당신 call black Z-rays." Wind Freeze asks them to 가입하기 the group. "Well, we need to take care of some of the monster here in Tokyo, maybe we can allow 당신 to join. But we don't want to be a normal citizen of Tokyo. We want to be a Powerpuff Girls Forever" Blossom says as she cries a little. "But I think that is your destiny. But for the mean time we're a team. Now I won't be sticking around 당신 guys. I need some of my black auras now. As 당신 can see there has been an imbalance to my sides. The white aura dominates my right side which is my dark side." Wind Freeze says "Why 당신 need to balance your power Wind?" Bubbles asks. "Well, if there is imbalance to my powers, it would overload my weaker side and thus, destroying me. So I think I need to hunt for some black auras on my own besides its lunch time." Wind Freeze says as he fly away. "What, its going to be 1'oclock for 10 mins. We need to go back and eat our lunch time! I am hungry now." Blossom suggests to go back now. "Yeah I'm hungry now." Buttercup says "Me too."Bubbles says and they fly back to the rooftop and transform back to normal but Momoko notices a flash of light near the door that leads inside the school but she ignores it.

In the bridge – After classes

The girls walk together towards the laboratory. "I have a bad feeling about this 일 girls." Momoko says. "What it is Momoko?" Miyako asks her. "Oh…Oh…Nothing." Momoko 답변 Miyako. Then when they are nearly reach the laboratory, Kaoru notices a boy is following them. "Hey guys, have 당신 notice something strange? Kaoru asks Momoko and Miyako. "Yeah that boy is following us." Miyako 답변 Kaoru. "I think he just walking with us since he is new here." Momoko says since he realizes that the boy was Calvin, the new boy in town. "Yeah, let's go now to the lab." Kaoru says. "O.k." Miyako and Momoko says.

Outside the laboratory – After classes

"Oh I think Calvin's gone." Kaoru notices that nobody is following them. "Yeah, he takes a right turn around the corner." Miyako says. "Oh" Kaoru replies.

Inside the laboratory – After classes

"Hello girls, another 일 of school?" Professor asks them with a cheerful tone. "Yeah, with that other guy breaking our lunch time" Kaoru 답변 the professor. "Well, about Wind Freeze condition…He got a white aura in his left side and a black aura according to Peach. Well, Power puffs" Ken says. Hearing this, Calvin jumps out the sofa and says. "So my feelings are right" Calvin says ask the girls, Professor, Ken and 복숭아 are surprise. "You are the Power Puff Girls Z and these 사진 will make me rich." Calvin continues taking 사진 of the transforming of the girls and a video camera which recorded the actual transformation of the girls. "Girls get the 사진 and that video camera." Professor Utonium orders the girls to get the evidence. "Ahhhhh….Grrr…" Sounds of the angry girls echo through the laboratory. While girls are trying to get the evidences away from Calvin, he just keep running and dodging them. When he is exhausts he says "Ok. I'm not telling everybody about this." And that makes the fighting over the evidences stop. "Really?" Professor says. "On Five conditions. Well, this is a secret of a lifetime. When the public knows the secret identity of the girls, their normal lives will be in vain." Calvin says. "What?" The girls say. "It is 더 많이 than the professor's promise for us." Momoko says "Yeah. I could I anything I want for those conditions. Kaoru reacts. "Ok. If 당신 don't do it well, I think this would be exposing to the public." Calvin says. "Well, I guess we have no choice but to do it well." Utonium says. "I agree." The girls, Ken, and 복숭아 replies. "So what are your conditions, Calvin?" Kaoru asks angrily which Calvin replies in front of Kaoru with a loud tone. "Number 1 condition, First of all, I won't like that somebody shout in front, side, and back of me." And that makes Kaoru stop from speaking. "Ok. That's one. Now for the other 4 conditions. Mister Calvin?" Professor says "Then second, I like to make this my 집 because my mother and father died in some accident so I am living alone now." Calvin replies. "What? So 당신 mean that 당신 live only 의해 your self?" the girls asks him. "Yeah, I live on my own. 다음 condition. I can do what ever I want here in the laboratory. Baking, sleeping, eating," Calvin says. "Then the fourth condition, I can change whatever I put in my conditions." Calvin continues. "What? I better knock 당신 out dumb head. It is over than I expected" Kaoru says angrily. Before she can 펀치 Calvin she is stop 의해 Miyako and Momoko. "Relax Kaoru, besides we have no choice. He got some evidence and I think he got some back-up for it." Momoko says that makes Kaoru calm down. "Well, that gets very bad. Then let's continue it. My last condition…" Calvin says but before he can finish it, an explosion blows in the ceiling with Wind Freeze shows in the explosion. "What happen Wind" Miyako asks Wind Freeze. "I have a battle with that monkey and he blow me away. But at least, I got him when I shoot him" Wind Freeze replies. "Ahhh where is Calvin?" Professor Utonium asks "I don't know." Momoko says.

The end of the episode 2 part 2

Ending Song: Mayonaka no Door

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