I brought my mom 집 and introduced my 프렌즈 to her. But that was the only thing that was interesting this weekend. Today is school, and I bet that everybody is going to talk about the attackers from the dance. I finished getting ready and said bye to my mom before leaving. On my way to school, Miyako met up with me.
"Hey Kaoru! How are you?" she asked.
"Ok." I answered. "You?"
"Great! Your mom is very nice." she said. Then it started to get a little cloudy. "I heard that it's going to rain today."
"That sucks, especially for the new girl." I said aloud. She looked at me puzzled.
"New girl? I didn't hear of a new girl." she said. I explained to her about the transfer student I bumped into the other day. As soon as we reached school, we met up with Katsou, Minoru, Makoto, and Momoko. We all went to homeroom and sat in our seats. I started to drift off about the 축구 game last friday night when Miss Keane got everyone's attention.
"Ok, class. We have a new student.Please come in." she said Then came in Haruko Matsumoto, the new student. Since it was 일 time, I could see her 더 많이 clearly. She had golden eyes and wore glasses. She also had white hair with blue at the ends, nearly matching her pale skin.
"H-hello, my name is Haruko and I hope we get along this year." she said. When it was lunch time, I invited her to our table. I opened my lunch box and smiled.
"My mom packed me 베이컨 and eggs. The 음식 of the day." I announced to the table. Miyako and Momoko laughed. Katsou just rolled his eyes. I entered mind chat. 'What's wrong Katsou?'
'Nothing. I just thought that Miyako and Momoko were just overreacting.'
'Oh.' I left mind chat and turned my attention to Haruko. "So, where do 당신 come from?"
"I come from France." she answered. "I am here because my dad got a job as a banker. So, what does your parents do for a living?"
"My dad is a pro wrestler and my mom is a mom, although, I think that she could work at a restaurant as a cook." I said.
"Our dad is an inventor." said Katsou, pointing at him and his brothers.
"My grandma just takes care of me because my parents have to travel to do their job." Miyako said.
"My dad is a businessman and my mom is a cafe waitress." Momoko said. Then a 질문 came into my head.
"So, what does your mom do?" I asked. She looked at her lunch.
"She is a detective. I don't see her much after dinnertime." she explained. Then Miyako, Momoko, and I heard the belts beep and raised our hands.
"Miss Keane!" We shouted. She turned.
"I don't want to hear the sickness 당신 three got this time. Just go." she told us. We ran to the roof and transformed. As soon as we opened our compacts, we saw the Gang Green Gang attacking the civilians. We flew to their location and summoned our weapons to fight.