It was rainy today and Miyako, Momoko, and I were at the lab. Ken, the Professor, and Peache were getting groceries. I started to get bored, so I played around with some of their extra mechanics. When I was done, I called my 프렌즈 over and showed them.
"Let's make it dance!" Suggested Miyako. I handed her the remote. She made it do ballet. Then she handed it to Momoko, who made it do jazz. We were laughing so loud that we didn't hear the Professor, Ken, and 복숭아 come in.
"Where did the dancing robot come from?" asked the Professor. Then Miyako and Momoko pointed at me. "Where did 당신 get it, Kaoru?"
"She didn't get it, she made it." Momoko answered for me. I glared at her for ratting out that I'm smarter than average. She just smiled as if she were content.
Ken raised an eyebrow. "Did she have an instruction manual when building it?"
"No, she didn't. She just got bored and started messing around with some extra equipment while 당신 two were buying groceries." Momoko answered for me once again.
"Wow, Kaoru! 당신 know how to build robots? What's your intelligence?"
"Above average." I mumbled. "Way above average, Professor."
"I was planning on building a dimension portal. Do 당신 want to help?" Professor asked.
My head perked up the 초 he mentioned it. "Yeah, sure." Miyako and Momoko smiled. Then after I explained my idea for the portal, Peache looked at me questioningly.
"Kaoru, 당신 sound smarter than Ken! You're a genius?!" he asked. I nodded.