Kaoru: YES! summer's over!! back to school again and we have new classmates!!

Momoko: *yawn* aisshh im still tired!

Miyako: how will 당신 get tired if u just woke up?!?

Kaoru: k, bye im goin to school

Momoko: woah shez so early

Miyako: no excited *looking at the window* and shez skateboarding

*at the road*

Kaoru: *bump*

Butch: careful

Kaoru: uhh k *blush*

Butch: r u boy 또는 a girl?

Kaoru: *tomboy?* i am a boy

Butch: uhh, k

Momoko: 저기요 kaoru wait!

Miyako: shez so fast:

Momoko: really excited.

*at the classroom/school*

Kaoru: no new classmates!?!

Miyako: maybe later they'll come

Momoko: 저기요 LOOK! the rrbz is here in the classroom!

Kaoru: How do u know they're the rrbz?

Momoko: prof. told me. secret only ok?

Kaoru/Miyako: ok.

Kaoru: *soo...the guy i bummped to is.. WHAT THE! ITS BUTCH!

Miyako: look boomer is sitting in front of me... hez so cute in normal.

Momoko: BRICK IS 더 많이 CUTER!

Kaoru: They're both cute

Butch: *looking back* 저기요 ur the guy I bumped to! ur skateboarding!

Momoko: actuallyshez a tomboy not a guy.

Kaoru: shh!!

Miyako: *removes kaoru's cap*

Butch: wow ur cute w/o cap

Kaoru and Butch