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At pets Hope they are trying to start a no-kill policy.If they get enough people to sign they can have it!The No-Kill policy means they don't put the 동물 to sleep.They are giving out free~
~Chew toys
~Bandanas(4 dogs)
~And ribbions that say No-kill.....Until they all have a home!

Please 코멘트 and tell what 당신 think~
~Yes Kill
Please tell Why!Thank 당신 very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We think your opinion really does count so please,please,please,please comment.
And please think about the animals.They need all the help they can get!!!!
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Pets Hope Wish List
~Baby Wipes
~Paper Towels
~Any Kind of towel(Washcloth,kitchen,bath towels)
~Kitten wet food
~Puppy wet food
~Cat and Dog toys
~Hand Sanitizer
~Disposable Latex-Free Gloves
~Bleach,Laundry detergent,fabric softener
~Flea and Tick Treatment
~Air Fresheners
~Non clumping Cat litter
Pets Hope would be so very appretiative if 당신 could give them something.Thank 당신 very much!!!
P.S.All donations go directly to the 동물 and because of you,we will continue to have the power to save 더 많이 lives!!~Pets Hope~
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