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미리 보기 2: "LOVE HURTS"


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S: "You've earned some serious relaxation time, soldier."
K: "I've got magazzzines.
Oh. Oh. This one has unicorns & quilting."
P: "Oh. Any quilts with unicorns?..."
(Kowalski flips to a page & turns it sideways and the pages unfold, like some kind of dirty magazine)
"...Ah, No. No! I insist another tuna saland recovery operation."
(Kowalski looks at him suspiciously while Skipper looks at him, like he's proud of him)
"...I shall conquer or get moderately injured trying."
K: "Private, are you sure you are--AH" (gets slapped by Skipper)
S: "Don't feed the boy your doubters' poison.
He has got to pummel this bad luck streak into submission. Anytime you're ready...." (Private then disappears from view) "...Private?"
P: "Now's good."

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