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posted by beastialmoon
Buck Rockgut is back, with a few surprises in store for the Central Park team. What does he know, and will Private find a way to tell Skipper about Hans? Will I find a way to work this in with my homework time? Why am I rambling? Why are 당신 읽기 my rambling?! Read the STORY!!

The penguins gasped. How could he be back? They sent him away! He was a loony, mad, not swimming on all flippers. In short, they didn’t trust him.

“What do 당신 want, Buck? Last time 당신 were here, 당신 caused chaos and mass panic.” Skipper demanded

“Uh, Skipper, that was us too.” Reminded Private

“Hush, Private, details aren’t important.” Whispered to Private

“Well, Skipper, I think you’ll find Private is right. Details ARE important. And in my line of work, I never have misread the fine print on anything.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” Private asked

“What does that – “ he chortled “It has everything! I still own this base, soldiers! That makes me your Colonel!”

Private raised his flipper. “But Skipper is our Colonel now.”

“Not anymore. He’s been demoted.” Buck grinned. “But don’t worry. I won’t do anything too painful – yet. First things first, I have to get my bunk ready. Where am I sleeping, soldiers?” Buck jumped down into the HQ to look around.

“Ah, my old room. This is quite nice.” He jumped into Skipper’s bunk. “This’ll do quite nicely.”

Skipper went forward. “Hey! Get out of my Bunk!” Buck slid out of the concrete indent.

“Well, excuuu-se me, but its my bunk now. The entire operation is mine for the taking. 당신 will do as I say. When I say swim, 당신 say how far. When I give an order, it happens. Are we clear?” He was practically foaming 의해 the end of his speech. Private could feel the specks of spit coming off of him. He grimaced.

“What was that face, soldier?!” Buck demanded

“Nothing! Nothing, Col. Rockgut!” Private held in his gut.

“Good. 당신 have potential, boy. Now drop and give me 50.”

“But I didn’t –“

“Sixty.” Private dropped.

It was the hardest Private had ever worked. 의해 the time he was done, he was gasping for air.Buck went back up 상단, 맨 위로 to teach Skipper and Kowalski how things were going to be run. He left Rico and Private in the HQ.

Private looked up to the ceiling. Rico looked over at him, worried. “Okay?” He asked in the rough voice of his.

“Yeah, Rico, I’m fine.” Private tried to stand up. His knees wobbled, and then fell to the cold concrete below. He decided to just lay there for a little. When he looked over, Rico was bringing him a cup of water.

“Thanks, Rico.” he graciously took the cup to his beak, and drank. He stayed on the ground for a while, letting the strength flow back into him. He finally stood up, and walked over to sit at the table. Rico sat on the other side. The door behind them opened, and Brook stepped through. “Hi, Private. Hello, Rico.”

Private wasn’t surprised 의해 her sudden appearance, but Rico was. He had no idea who the female 퍼핀, puffin was, but it was a 퍼핀, puffin and deserved to be kicked out of the HQ. He moved to her, growling. Private stopped him, holding up a flipper.

“It’s okay, Rico. She’s a friend.” Rico calmed down, but he remained tense when Brook sat down beside Private.

“I don’t know how long I have. I don’t think I covered my tracks well enough. Sooner 또는 later, they’ll find me and what I did. And then they’ll be after you.”

“Could that be why they sent Buck Rockgut back as our colonel?” Private pondered

“Maybe.” she replied

Meanwhile, so many 질문 were going through Rico’s mind. How did they meet? Who was she? Were they going out? Fortunately for him, being the psychotic one, all he had to do was say “Eh?” and the full extent of his questioning was received.

Private looked at Brook questioningly, and Brook nodded in return. So, Private told him everything. How he had met her in the tunnels with Wheeler’s team, how she knew about her father and the scientists, and what they were working on.

“But the others must never find out about her! She’s - important.” Brook giggled. “And we don’t want anything bad happening to us because of her 또는 to her because of us.” Rico nodded. He understood everything. The young Private was in Love!

“D’awwwwwwww.” he moaned teasingly. Private blushed. Then the 물고기 bowl moved out of the way, letting the trapped sunlight through and the others to start coming down. Brook stood up, gave Private a quick peck on the cheek, and left the HQ, closing the door softly behind.

Skipper and Kowalski came slowly down the ladder, feet dragging against the cold floor. They flopped on the floor around the table, as Buck came in looking all too proud of himself.Buck wass walking high, his chest out and a constant smile on his face. It was a little creepy to Private. Buck jumped on the table.

“I’m going to tell 당신 too lollipops what I told them. We’re going to be training harder, faster, and later than what 당신 are used to. I am going to bring up my expectations of what this team can do. There will be no 땅콩 버터 Winkies, no 버터 볼, 버터 스카치, 버터 Lollies, no afternoon naps and television. There will be longer courses, 더 많이 physical training, getting up at an earlier time and going to 침대 later.”

With every word that came out of Rockgut’s mouth, every disappointing sentence, groans and moans were the reply from the penguins around the table. Skipper slammed his head onto the 표, 테이블 surface. Rico was doing his best to keep his insanity. Kowalski resorted to his clipboard to write the stuff down, which was promptly taken 의해 Rockgut.

“More importantly, there will be no science experiments 또는 inventing whatsoever! There will be no cuddling with stuffed 동물 -” he glared at Private, who was busy holding a lunacorn for comfort. Noticing the glare, Private quickly threw it behind his back.

“- No 랜덤 explosions 또는 car rides, and the most important of all, I am the leader here. Skipper, if 당신 even try to help any of them through any of the training i give them 또는 argue with me on anything I say, I will personally see 당신 court marshaled. Are we clear, everyone?”

They nodded slowly, devoid of what little happiness they had left in themselves. Private had something to keep his strength up. And it looked like Skipper did, too, though both of them acted like they didn’t. Private noticed Skipper clenching his flipper under the table. Skipper only did that when he was really angry, Private noticed. If things got out of hand, it might not look good for Rockgut. But Skipper managed to keep his cool.

The 일 continued as Rockgut had promised. They didn’t go to their bunks until ten o'clock, and 의해 then they were asleep on their feet. Drained of emotional and physical alertness, they climbed in their bunks and were asleep before they hit the concrete pillow.

Skipper was the last one in the HQ. He saw Rockgut in his bunk. Grumbling to himself, he created a bedding out of newspaper and 물고기 의해 the TV. He would have to fix it up in the morning, but for now it would have to do.

The 다음 일 didn’t go any better than the 일 Rockgut first showed up. They woke up at 400 hours, trained hard with only Breakfast and 저녁 식사 (while Rockgut got all three meals!). 의해 the time they were ready for 침대 again at 2200 hours, they were dead on their feet. Private laid in bed, waiting for Rockgut to fall asleep. Once he heard the sounds of slower breathing, he eased out of his bunk.

He crept to the sewer grate outside his habitat. He turned, opened it from the other side to watch for any of his teammates 또는 Buck. He slowly lowered the grate above him. He was still watching and lowering when a silhouette climbed out of the HQ. As Private watched, he saw - Skipper? What was Skipper doing out at a time like this? He watched him jump over to the pathway around the HQ, and disappear from his view. Private tried not to think about it too hard. He continued on to his girl - to Brook. Private still had a hard time admitting she was his girlfriend.

When he got down to the tunnel entrance, Brook was already there waiting for him.
“Hi!”he called out to her.
“SHHH!” she demanded “Sorry!” he blushed

After a few 초 of looking to see if anyone was watching, Brook began talking.
“I brought 당신 something.”
“Oh, well, 당신 really didn’t have to -”
“Nonsense! Since we are going steady -”
“We are?”
“Do 당신 w ant to?”
“Er, yeah.”
“Then we are. Besides, its not a couple gift 또는 anything like that. This’ll help us stay in contact with each other. Here, part your ear feathers.”

Private held the feathers that hid the opening to his ear out of the way so Brook could see. He couldn’t see what she was doing, but he could feel. Something cold and metallic brushed up against his feathers. He shivered. He heard a strange sound. It was like air being squeezed out of a balloon, but at a much smaller and softer volume. When it stopped, Brook let go of his feathers.

“Now 당신 will be able to hear me from anywhere in the world.” she said. Private turned to look at her.
“Well? What do 당신 think?” she asked

Private gasped “You’re not talking! I’m not talking! What is this?”

Brook laughed. “It reads your thoughts. Whatever 당신 want sent to the other receiver is sent. Nothing else, so I can’t read your mind and 당신 can’t read mine. 당신 can still talk out loud and hear the real world.”

Brook began talking out loud. “Does this still sound normal to you?” Private nodded.

“Good. I have to go back now, 또는 else the Rattlers’ll find out I’ve been gone.” They quick hugged, and she ran off into the shadows. Private hummed happily to himself, his previously waned strength returning. He ran back to the grate and jumped into the HQ. Skipper wasn’t back yet. A few 초 later, though, Skipper came into his spot on the floor. In minutes, both were asleep.

The third 일 was just as invigorating as the first 일 Buck had shown up. They woke up again at 400 hours, ate breakfast and went straight into a long physical exercise. They skipped Lunch (again) and didn’t rest until night fall. 의해 bedtime, they were all but dead on their feet.

Private was contemplating whether 또는 not he should go to see Brook again. He was still thinking about it when he heard her cry out his name. “Private! Come quick!” he jumped out of 침대 and looked around frantically for her. Then he remembered the earpiece. He jumped out of the HQ and into the sewer, not even bothering to look behind him as the grate clanged against the cement.

He dove, sliding as fast as he could. Her pleas started getting stronger.
“Private, hurry! Faster!”
“Private, their on to me! I don’t know how much time I have!”
“Private, they know about us! Help!”

He was in the tunnel. He heard a strange static noise, like a radio station being changed. “Brook?! BROOK!!” he thought into the ear piece. But it was too late. He noticed the spot where they had met so many times. Nothing was there. He kept sliding, hoping it was a trick of some sort. A fluke in the device.

But she wasn’t there. He almost slid into Wheeler’s base. He jumped up onto his feet, but as he did he stumbled into Wheeler’s base. He tripped a wire that caused a 벨 to go off. In a matter of a few milliseconds, Joey, Marcus, Luke and Matt were on him.

“Guys, cool it! It’s just Private. What are 당신 doing here, soldier?” Joey asked. Private explained everything. About his secret meetings with Brook, and how he thought she might be captured 의해 Hans’s minions.

The shock on their faces was enough to impress a horror star. Joey ordered them all, “Pack it up! We’ve been found!” In minutes, everything in the cave was torn down. As they ran back up the tunnel, they exploded the sections behind them so it caved in. Once they got to the top, Wheeler stopped to give Private some advice.

“Run away. 당신 can try to get your 프렌즈 to come with you, but try to leave as soon as possible. Forget your girlfriend if 당신 want to live. Run away, so they can never find you.”

Private shook his head in defiance. “I’m sorry, but she means the world to me. I can’t just lose her so easily.”

“Well, then, I wish 당신 the best of luck.” They saluted each other, and Wheeler’s team ran off into the darkness, leaving Private alone in the dark.

Private left for his own HQ. What he would do when he got there was anybody’s guess.

I apologize for the length of this chapter. This is probably the longest I’ve ever written for a chapter, ever. I was planning on uploading this yesterday but I had an issue with my flash drive. It somehow erased half of the chapter, so I had to retype all of it. But its here now, 당신 read it, and 당신 can review! :D
The sinks have been successfully clogged with whatever paper the penguins could salvage from Kowalski's idea clipboard, and the toilets were most certainly clogged with toilet paper. The 타코 couldn't climb in the sewer now. And as for the door, it was successfully barricaded with bodies for all the penguins minus Rico were piled in front of the door, holding back the pressure put upon it 의해 the great 타코 terror.
Skipper: Hang on, prairie dogs!
Private(whining): We should have gone to IHop!
Kowalski: What are we going to do? We are trapped in a bathroom and to make it even worse there is a mutant...
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Hi,I Added This Video & I Hope That 당신 Guys Will 사랑 It,Because I 사랑 It To...
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the rembrandts
posted by JediPenguin16
Villainous. Yes, that's what I am. Justified in my villainy? Undeniably.It was the Humans who were villianous first. They take whatever they want, without remorse 또는 thought. I was born in captivity, raised to do tricks, trained, trained, trained, and for all my hard work, all the petting, the screaming girls and rowdy boys,the people pulling my sensitive dorsal fin, the begging for fish, and what do the humans do? They should have known better. All 동물 are instinctly afraid of fire. They made me what I am ,and they will regret it all one day. I will make sure of it.
It was the humans...
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posted by woowie
R for blood and cursing

If u don't like cute 담홍색, 핑크 and furry aliens bleeding, I'm warning you- DON'T READ ANY FURTHER!

You're still 읽기 this?


Don't say I didn't warn you!

It was a clear night. There were shooting stars. Everyone was watching them. One 별, 스타 was coming right toward the penguins! They got out of the way, but it hit the concrete- hard. It was knocked out, and had cuts, bruises, and blood all over it. They decided to take it inside.

About an 시간 later, the penguins heard something. "Oh shit. Where the hell am I?" it said. "Hey! We don't use that language here!" Skipper said. "Don't 옮기기 your leg." Kowalski said.
"It's broken."
"HEY! Miss Curse-a-lot! What did I say about that language!?" Skipper said. "Geez! Sorry man!" she responded, "Anyways, I'm Kat. I'm Lightopian, which is a type of alien."

"An ALIEN!?" Kowalski said, surprised, "We can't let anyone else see you!"
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Don't worry keep watching it even if the rico thing at the beginning does last 20 또는 더 많이 초 KEEP WATCHING IT XD It made me laugh for an odd reason X3
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 "Rock & Roll Boys!"
"Rock & Roll Boys!"
A/N: *These poems may/may not seem like 시 and 더 많이 like responses, but what do 당신 expect….penguins' wrote it, lol. XD

Also, each chapter will be a poem written in the characters own P.O.V. [Point Of View] and as IF they, THEMSELVES, knew how to read and write decent poems in their own 'PenguinWay', and the text inbetween these text characters [EXAMPLE: / ... /] are additional side 코멘트 that will be provided 의해 The Penguins—for humorous reasons...because there is plot behind these poems...[To Sum Up. Private thought it'd be an excellant idea that each member of the 펭귄 Team...
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Kowalski’s beak hurt.

He was afraid of the dentist, and had been putting it off for some time now. He saw a zoo ad for “Painless Dentistry” and decided to give it a go. After all, if it was painless, it might help him get over his fear of dentists. He walked into the waiting room. The sign read that the dentist was out at twelve o’clock. It was eleven fifty now.

In the back, Skipper is putting away his instruments. His secretary, Marlene, buzzed in.

“There’s one 더 많이 customer to see you, Skipper. Kowalski Houseman. He says its an emergency.”

“Houseman, 당신 say? Kowalski?” he...
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