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All That I Have 06.24.15

Note: Manu and Maya are the two Asian elephants from Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. While they did not have any lines, I thought it’d be interesting to play with their characters. I wanted to go in a direction that would show a close bond between the two siblings. As a side note, in the movie’s commentary, it is revealed that they are German. The term “Mutti” means mom.

— § —

“Manu?” Maya called softly.

“I’m right here, Maya,” Manu replied.

It was dark. They were in a large shipping crate, with only a strip cut along the 상단, 맨 위로 of the long sides to provide them with some fresh air, which were lined with bars, like a partial cage. Now, only night air seeped in, along the sounds of water crashing along the side of the ship outside. The starless night offered no light to them; only the very dim fluorescent light that just barely crept overtop the other shipping containers that surrounded theirs from the ship’s decks.

“Where do 당신 think they’re taking us? What’s a circus?” Maya asked, reaching in the direction of her older brother’s voice. He was only a few inches away from her, and he wrapped her 트렁크 in his.

“I don’t know, Maya,” Manu replied. “Those, um, things—Mutti told me they’re called humans—said something about this circus buying us, whatever that means.”

Maya squinted, trying to see Manu’s face in the dark. “Where is Mutti? The humans said something about—what were they called?”

“Poachers,” Manu said regretfully. “They, um, took Mutti away.” He was six, and Maya was only a 년 old. She was too young to know certain things.

Maya winced. She remembered that dreadful day, just last week, when Mutti rushed them through the jungle and told them to hide in this cave covered with thick brush. Maya and Manu tried to ask what was wrong, but Mutti said that everything was fine. She said they were playing a little game, that was all. She said that to win, they had to stay absolutely silent and not come out until she came to get them. She said she loved them both, and to look out for each other. Then she hurried off.

Not too long after, they heard these loud pops in the near distance. Manu had hugged his sister close as they heard the sound of an elephant’s trumpet, and then silence. They didn’t 옮기기 from their hiding place until morning, and they couldn’t find Mutti anywhere. Then these humans found them. They said something about them being very young, and that they wouldn’t survive on their own. Manu overheard them cursing the poachers for taking their mother under their breath. They took them in, and then this nice lady human told them that a nice circus would take care of them. Mutti had never taught Manu about circuses, and the thought of the unknown scared him. He had to be 메리다와 마법의 숲 for his sister, though.

“Where did they take her, Manu?” Maya asked innocently. She still didn’t understand exactly what happened that day.

Manu remained silent for a moment. “They took her to a very nice place, Maya,” he said softly. “She’s in a much better place than anywhere we could ever find.”

Maya tried to feel relieved, but Manu’s 트렁크 was tense around hers. She didn’t know why he seemed so upset, but she didn’t ask. Mainly because she was afraid to. “Will she come back for us?” she asked hopefully.

Manu squeezed her 트렁크 tighter. “No, Maya. But it’s not her fault. She loved us dearly. It was just out of her control. You’ll understand one day,” he assured her, grateful for the darkness hiding his expression.

Maya felt sad again. She rested her head against her brother’s. “What do we do now, Manu? I’m scared.”

“I know, Maya. I am, too. But as long as we stick together, we’ll be okay. I promise. You’re all that I have, Maya. You’re my sister, and I’ll always protect you,” Manu said holding her closer.

Maya found comfort in her brother’s embrace. “I 사랑 you, Manu,” she said softly.

Manu looked at the pitch black sky from the opening in the crate. “I 사랑 you, too, Maya.”
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Song: "Megamind Rap" 의해 DreamWorks [Software: Windows Movie Maker] Just something that I made out-of-the-blue and for humorous reasons cause I noticed that Kowalski seems similiar to Megamind (or is that just me?) Anyway, ENJOY!
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"Ugh! This just seems so hopeless...where on earth could he be?" Skipper asked in frustration when there was still no trace of Private.

"I don't know what to tell you, Skipper. You've trained him well." Kowalski replied.

"I know..." Skipper muttered angrily to himself. "What if something happened to him?" He asked no one in particular, his eyes going dark.

Kowalski and Rico examined him sympathetically.

"Now, Skipper, I'm sure he's fine." Kowalski assured him.

"I just wish we could find him. I hope he's alright." Skipper said leaning against a wall.

"Uh...excuse me?"

The three of them turned their...
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Teamwork 04.25.15

Note: This may contain spoilers for the Penguins of Madagascar Movie. I didn’t intend for two in a row, I promise. The inspiration for this came from RC2012’s, Retreat 또는 Rescue (FanFiction.net).

— § —

The North Wind agents had successfully escaped Dave’s submarine and were discretely moving through New York in 검색 of a payphone 또는 some other way to contact the NW headquarters, since Dave had taken all their communication devices. Luckily, not many people were around since most had gone to see the arrival of the “found” penguins. Finally, they found one near...
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Great news!, BirdG has finally completed this fanfic four years later after a little encouraging from yours truly, you're welcome. :) So for those of 당신 who have been waiting all these years, 또는 are still out there ( I know a lot of 팬 have moved on sense) enjoy and leave a kind review for her taking the time out of her life to complete it, even after having given up on 글쓰기 Fanfiction.

Here's the link, hope 당신 enjoy and review

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"Alright men, maintenance time!! Soon after, we'll go up there and train our asses off until we are ready to kill Pennywise!! Kowalski!! Fix the car's motor, Rico will scrub the floors, Private, 당신 will scrub the w.c., and I'll wash off the 물고기 guts from the 상단, 맨 위로 level," said Skipper. "Whats a w.c.?" asked Private. "The toilet, now go!!" barked out Skipper. They soon all ran to their chores and Private got into the bathroom, he then went over to the bleach and picked up the scrubber, he then hummed a tune as he began to head for the toilet. Suddenly, all 4 faucets in the bathing area turned...
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