The flickering of a small lamp illuminates the penguins' faces, some filled with fear 또는 excitement, and others, boredom. Skipper stands in the center of the ring of penguins, and holds an eerie flashlight to his face.

Skipper: Tonight, as 당신 can tell, is horror night! So, who wants to go first?

Rico, Private, and Kowalski sit motionless.

Kowalski: Fine, I'll give it a go.

Kowalski stands up and takes the flashlight from Skipper.

Kowalski: Alright.... once, there was a scientist, and he decided to create an experiment...

Skipper raises his "eyebrow", knowing that Kowalski's story will be predictable.

Kowalski: This scientist went out to get supplies in a near laboratory, and found almost all the ingredients he was looking for...
Rico: *Bored sigh*
Kowalski: But he realized, that where the Perfluorooctanoic acid he was looking for... had spilt all over the floor and was contaminating the whole place!!!
Skipper/Rico: -_-
Private: ???
Skipper: Anyways, who wants to tell an actual scary story.

Kowalski makes an angered/frustrated expression before he plops down on a pillow.

Rico: Blafle heergh!
Skipper: Ok, your turn Rico.
Eager to tell his story, Rico runs up to the flashlight and leaves the 팝콘 behind.
Rico: Blahrhg... bleuhehure... blarghblaheyrgh... RLARGHBRAWGER!
Skipper/Kowalski/Private: O_O
Skipper: Oooook.... next.
Private: Ooh Skippah! I have a good one! :D
Skipper: Go ahead.

Private also goes up to the flashlight like the 이전 story tellers.

Private: A maaaaagical Lunacorn 의해 the name of Mr. Sparklefluff is flying over Raincloud City one day, and he finds a sad, sad little squirrel. Mr. Sparklefluff goes over to the sad 다람쥐 and says, "What's wrong little critter?", and the little 다람쥐 says, "I dropped my snowcone!". So Mr. Sparklefluff uses his amazing helping powers and gives the little 다람쥐 a snowcone, and a hug! The end! :D
Skipper: ....Really?
Kowalski: I never knew a horror story could hold that much cute capacity.
Private: I'm going to get a 땅콩 버터 winky... :(
Private gives the flashlight to Skipper and saunters to the hidden cabinet.
Skipper: My story will 상단, 맨 위로 all of your dim, teeny-tiny baby stories! Watch and learn, men!

Kowalski and Rico don't respond, because when it comes to Skipper, it's NEVER a good idea to back sass.

Skipper: It was a dark, spooky... uh... *looks at calendar* Wednesday night, and everything was quiet around the zoo.
Private returns with a 땅콩 버터 winky and whispers to Kowalski.
Private: Psst! Kowalski! 당신 want some of my winky?
Skipper: QUIET!
Private: Ahh! Sorry Skippah!
Skipper: Everything was quiet, until there was a strange knocking on the 돌고래 habitat... *smirks at Kowalski*...

Kowalski, who was fiddling with his abacus, looks up, actually seeming interested in one of Skipper's bizarre horror stories.

Skipper: And then, after the knocking had finished... Doris... was... GONE!!!
Kowalski: *Puts flippers over eyes* No!
Skipper: *Turns to Private* And the only trace left... was the head of a Lunacorn!!!
Private: Eek! *Hides under blanket*
Skipper: But it gets worse! *Goes over to Rico* All the ammo in the zoo... DISSAPEARS!
Rico: Ahhh!!!
Skipper: And lastly, all those things, including the ammo that was somewhere hidden, EXPLODED!!!!
Rico/Kowalski/Private: AHHHHHHHH!!!! *Runs out of habitat*
Skipper: Now that's how 당신 tell a horror story! *Wink*