patrisha727 THANK 당신 SO MUCH! (and shout outs)

patrisha727 posted on Jul 15, 2009 at 02:48PM
Hey you guys. Thank you for liking my stories and thank you for encouraging me to win the bet! I was on the urge on giving up, but you guys helps me out! Here's a special shout out:

Sasie_Katje88 - for the... 10 props you gave me for my stories and supporting me with the story Bella's Life.

mcs50 - for the... 2 props you gave me for my stories and your comments.

Emmet4ever - for encourage me to write more from you compliments of my story and telling your friends about them. ^_^

scarlet13 - for liking my stories and anxious for more ♥

teamalice_0 - for your fantastic comments even though they are short.. but they are very sweet and your great stroy Half Moon ^_^

BellaEdwardLife - for your kind comments ;)

_madz_ - for your comments from the beginning back in May and now today and your AWESOME story Eternal Night ^_^

just_bella - for understanding my frustration, writer's block, and torture under the bet. And for your AWESOME stories.

renesmeblack - for liking my stories so much that you made a bet with me so everyone else can read 10 chapters in one day. And my over - anxious mind for more of New New Moon.

And thank you to everyone else who I haven't mentioned and those people who joined this spot, and everyone else here.

For the gratitude I owe you, I will post one chapter of Evening Star and one chapter of Bella's Life today.
Thank you guys for your support.

-Caroline (patrisha727)
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over a year ago sasie_katje88 said…
this is so nice :D ^_^ you're awesome
over a year ago renesmeblack said…
You begged.
over a year ago patrisha727 said…
*sticks my tonge at u*
over a year ago Emmett4ever said…
awwwwwwwwwww your welcome and ALL of my comments are true and will always be true. Even though you may say im wrong YOUR story is WAYYY better than mine. Your an AMAZING friend
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