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파라모어 스플릿, 분할 Gets Nasty: Josh Farro Calls Former Band 'A Manufactured Product'



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Trust and believe is just a lot of empty words filled with a lot of empty promises.
("It's like I don't know who to trust or believe anymore.")
Team Farro or Team Hayley?
posted over a year ago.
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The saddest part is........................
this is the first time I've ever heard him being so honest. And to tell you the truth, I think I believe what he's saying.
posted over a year ago.
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Magica said:
I believe him... just not the parts saying Hayley "controlled the band," "treated it as a solo project," etc. I mean, maybe she got like that at times, but honestly I can't see any lead singer/songwriter not wanting to take control at least every now and then. If anyone's to be blamed, I think it's her family/record label for trying to convince all of them that she's a solo artist, which probably encouraged her to act the way Josh says she does.

He makes Hayley out to be a bad person, compared to how we know her, and I don't really believe that either; she would have to be the greatest actress in the world to be so nice and down to earth around fans, interviewers, etc. but in reality be the opposite.

But, regardless, I definitely feel their pain and think they made the right choice. "You can ignore it, but only for so long" (Careful). They don't want to ignore the fact that they're underrated and unappreciated anymore. I totally get them.
posted over a year ago.
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djsheshe said:
I agree with Magica when she says that Hayley would have to be the greatest actress. It would be really hard to turn on and off like that. but Brand New Eyes i think was an indication of what was to come. most of the songs were probably just them channeling how they felt, about all the tension etc.

I'm not on any side, but im really really sad that josh and zac are leaving. i'll still try to listen to their music, but it wont be the same, no matter how hard they try.

i still love em i guess.

oh, and almost every band splits up eventually. i tried to pretend it would never happen, but the truth is i saw it coming.
posted over a year ago.