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At School Brawler's POV

"Yo Guys" said Dan coming through the door of the classroom."Oh Dan where have 당신 been!" Julie said hugging him."Get off Julie I'm not your boyfriend!" Dan said prying off Julie."Hey Dan the Man" said Jake."Hey Jake" said Dan."So guys what are 당신 talking about?" Dan said."Oh nothing just brawling thats all" Julie said."What there's nothing new come on 당신 guys are SO boring!" Dan said."Well there's going to be a new student today" said Marucho."There is?" Julie said curious."This student got the highest scores it's even higher than mine!" said Marucho."Wow we finally...
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So we get ready there is only one 더 많이 일 till Elaf's birthday.I am sitting with my brother.We are watching a movie!
Shun:Sis what does Elaf like the most as a present?
I:Why?What do 당신 want to buy her?What are 당신 going to give gher?
Shun:I don't know!
I:Well flowers,chocolates,jewels everything sweet,wonderful for a girl!
The 일 has comed,we are in a garden and we are decoraiting it.Szabina is with Elaf so she can took her attention away while we are decoraiting.
I,Shun,hajni,Kyara,Xai and Jesse are decoraiting we are planning everything to be perfect!
Hajni is on a ladder and hanning the baloons,Jesse...
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OK first i just wanna say i added some characters here and i hope 당신 would enjoy this!!!!!

QS: The 다음 morning, sunlight touched your face and caused 당신 to wake up. 'What time is it...?' 당신 asked yourself as 당신 blinked a few times for your eyes to adjust to the light. 당신 saw a face facing you. 'shun...?' 당신 thought as 당신 noticed he was sleeping beside you. 당신 recalled last night's events and remembered. Ren looked like an angle when he's asleep. His piercing, golden eyes were hiding underneath those eyelids and he has a small smile on his face. He looked like an innocent, little boy...
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