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I 사랑 OTH, don't get me wrong, but here are just a few of the false conclusions I would have fallen victim to if I wasn't such a rational, mature, worldly young woman.lol This is just for fun,I mean no offense to anyone who watches the show religiously, for I at one time did. I'm picking fun at the misguided notions that OTH portrays as the facts of life...Tree 언덕, 힐 Style. Hope 당신 enjoy!

1.    There must be no optometrists in 나무, 트리 Hill. Lucas Eugene Scott clearly needs eyeglasses. He spends approximately 90% of the show with his eyes squinted up straining to see. The simple solution to this would be to go to an eye doctor and get glasses 또는 contacts! But that just wouldn’t be as “sexy” I suppose and wouldn’t have given him that uncanny Broody look! Therefore, we are stuck watching him as pitiful as it is. Note to CMM: the only time your Mr. Broody look is appropriate is when 당신 are having unscripted eye sex with Ms. Cheery. Otherwise 당신 just look like a half blind, possibly constipated, tool bag!
2.    Falling down a flight of stairs is a plausible defense and excuse for why a young woman is battered and bruised on every inch of their body. This is also apparently a solid tight justification for why 당신 have a black eye, 또는 2, because staircases have been known to throw a few good punches here and there if 당신 piss em off enough. But, just to be safe, it would be a good idea to try it first on your 사랑 stricken, blind, best friend before 당신 attempt this degree of deception.
3.    Birth control options must be illegal 또는 not available in 나무, 트리 Hill. Case and point…The SCOTT families! I don’t know how many of 당신 realize how unlikely it would be for Haley 또는 Peyton 또는 Brooke, 또는 hell Karen and Deb for that matter, ALL to get pregnant 또는 have these pregnancy scares all the time if they just walked into their gyno and demanded some form of contraceptive! Nearly impossible and here I’m thinking that if 당신 sit on a toilet 좌석 in TH 당신 get pregnant!
4.    Dan passed on a genetic mutation of super sperm to Lucas. This is another ill-conceived notion I’ve concocted to justify why at any given moment a certain Scott is impregnating the 나무, 트리 언덕, 힐 ladies. 당신 would think, given their history, the new generation would be a little 더 많이 careful with their peckers, but the most recent "miricle" of his super sperm, the Leyton fetus, proved that theory wrong! Maybe 당신 just have to watch out for toilet seats in which Lucas has used?
5.    Condoms, if used, must be magically defective. I mean do they have a special condom plant in TH that manufactures condoms that allow ONLY sperm to pass through, 의해 the touch of a button 또는 something? Because, unlike with pregnancy, in which the unintended outcome can only occur during certain portion of the menstrual cycle, disease transmission can occur during each and every act of intercourse for all persons. Then take into consideration that a single sperm has a diameter of 3 microns, yet STD-causing organisms are much smaller--from 1/4 to 1/70 the size of sperm. Meaning it would be physically impossible for sperm, and not other organism to pass through. So with the amount of rampant sex shown in S1, and the apparent heightened pregnancy stats in TH, how the F has no one gotten an STD? Sure, it’s probably not the most appealing a subject matter but heck at least have some real life probability. What will young people think? That 당신 can have as much sex as 당신 want, and even though 당신 may have an over abundant amount of pregnancy scares, nothing will materialize until 당신 are in a serious relationship, and STDs, well that doesn’t happen in TH soooooo? LOL
6.    Tree 언덕, 힐 must have the lowest “cost of living” of any American city. Why? Well…for one thing, 네일리 lived alone in a pretty nice apt in high school on minimum wage! Fast-forward…Naley, having had a baby in HS; now live in a VERY nice home, for a while on a teacher’s salary! Sure we can assume that the Scott fortune is some how helping, but come on gimme a break! Poor Jamie ain’t gonna have NO money for college at this rate! LOL Not to mention those young people I just talked about probably think not only will they never get an STD, but if they do get knocked up things will be just peachy keen and they’ll live happily ever after...in a million dollar home! Oops, that’s not how it really goes down now is it!
7.    It is acceptable if not encouraged to have slept with every one of the opposite sexes in your intimate group of friends. Again, what is 텔레비전 assuming? That its normal for groups of 프렌즈 to just pass around their significant others, 또는 better its to be expected for ones boyfriend to experiment sexually with your closest friends, maybe even a sister. I mean this sick twisted 사랑 heptagon orgy notion that seems to be the standard procedure for OTH is ludicrous and delusional. I don’t know about 당신 but my 프렌즈 don’t act like that! Plus, what happened to the “girl code”? LOL Gosh that’s a knee slapper, “girl code”….riiiiight!
8.    Talent and occupational dreams naturally fall into place before 당신 are 22 years old. Now seriously, how unrealistic is this show. 의해 the time most 22 년 olds are just graduating from college, these 5 were running multi billion dollar corps, having manuscripts published, going on 음악 tours, having major artists record with them for their own record company, and playing in the NBA. Granted that last one is now D-league, but we were made to believe w/o the accident he would have been drafted first round. Insanity I tell you! I’ve seen bball players who would rape Nathan Scott, as delish as he undoubtedly is in action, on the court, who wouldn’t have a chance in hell at playing professionally. If I was 14 when I watched this show I might be in LA working at McDonalds right now, instead of in graduate school, because I thought that my dream of styling the celebs was an inevitable reality!
9.    When in love, 또는 when 당신 just feel like it…PROPOSE…vehemently! Okay seriously I give 네일리 this one. BC while unconventional at best, with that proposal we saw a beautiful 사랑 story continue to emerge, and gained a family. And in all actuality it wasn’t a proposal, 더 많이 an elopement. Now Lucas Scott, on the other hand, is a proposing gigolo. Episode 6.15 provided the last bit of ammunition of this tirade, as he proposed to Peyton for the 4th time. Need I remind 당신 that he is currently ONLY 22, maybe 23 at the oldest, and that he proposed the first time at freakin 19? 또는 how bout that time when he proposed to Lindsey after making out with his ex GF 30 min prior? Oh wait…what about the knowledge that he proposed the 2nd time to Peyton out of the blue (after he told her he hated her for ruining his life 또는 더 많이 plausibly ruing his life in what would have been marriage with Lindsey) over a cell phone message? I mean I could go on but I think 당신 get the picture. I'd like to believe this last proposal was the real deal, for Lucas's sake, but I suggest putting as much weight behind a Lucas Scott proposal as 당신 would behind a Dan Scott apology. They are both FULL OF SHIT!
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