I got really bored so here's just a little story I made up. As I said I'm really bored.
Season 7 Episode 1 'Touch me, I'm going to scream Part 2'.
Illumination came from the roaring 불, 화재 within the marble mantlepiece surrmounted 의해 a golden mirror.
Seven 프렌즈 plus a baby girl and a young boy were sitting in a various seats in the living room embracing the warmth form the 불, 화재 and talking among themselves. The gang had decided to spend a week in Rachels log cabin. Luckily Rachel gave Brooke the keys after she left 나무, 트리 Hill.
Lucas was holding Sawyer and pulling faces hoping to make her laugh. Negatory. She didn't even smirk. Though Peyton was laughing at her husbands' poor attempt to make his daughter smile. Skillz and Nathan were in deep disscusion anout Nathans' new team, the 샬럿, 샬 롯 Bobcats:he finally made it to the NBA. Brooke, Hayley and Mouth were talking quielty about everday 일 things while Jamie had fallen asleep on his mothers lap.
Yes, 당신 could say everything and everyone was happy and content. But this is One 나무, 트리 Hill. When is anything ever happy and content for 더 많이 than a hour.
Just outside, was a tall, blonde stranger staring into the cabin. This man had a beautiful angle tattooed onto his back. He had a sly smirk on his face whilst holding a large 부엌, 주방 knife. This mans' name was Ian, But he was better known as Psycho Derek.
'Peyton!' he yelled.