My 상단, 맨 위로 5 인용구 from 3x20:
1. "I have magic, he has one hand"- Emma
2. "Why down the yellow brick road of course"- Glinda
3. "Aw, 당신 two are so adorable"- Zelena
4. "Find a closet, lock yourself inside"- Regina
5. "He's going with you- you're going with her"- David

From 3x21/22:
1. "Or I can turn 당신 into a toad!"- Rumple
2. "Time travel hasn't been done, MATE"- Rumple
3. "Well then I guess we're kidnapping you!"- Emma
4. "You'll see soon enough" Red
5. "And 당신 brought some luggage"- Rumple