So, picture this scene:
It is 8.30 in the morning, and I am in the computer labs at university, killing some time before my exam, which starts at 9.30am.
I'm cruising the news sites, bumming around, not really doing anything in particular. I decide to do my usual news searches- my fave bands, to see if there is any news, my favourite sports teams for scores, my favourite actors...
So I type in "O-L-I-V-I-A [space] W-I-L-D-E" and
Up pops a link that says something about Olivia Wilde in a photoshoot (I don't remember the exact 제목 because I clicked the crap out of it and it all became a blur).
And then
Up pops this image:

At this point, I'm pretty sure the heterosexual part of my brain exploded into tiny pieces too small to every put back together properly.

So, there I am, in a unversity computer lab, a place of higher learning, staring with dropped jaw at what are essentially topless 사진 of Olivia Wilde.

After a few 분 of drinking in that DELICIOUS Olivia Wilde photoshoot, I realised that I was in fact in a public space, gawking at Wilde-porn, and that perhaps I should stop before someone sees what I am looking at and has me arrested for being a dirty pervert on 대학 property.

So, I went of to my exam, very turned on, not 의해 the propect of sitting a 3 hours exam on psychological research (because that is not hot), but 의해 the residual Olivia 이미지 that were burned into my brain.

I managed to slip out of my daze just in time to begin the exam.

All was going well (as well as an exam can ever go), when I got stuck on a question. As I searched my brain for answers, this image popped into my head:

accompanied 의해 this thought:
"Oh my god, Olivia is so hot."

While this statement is indeed true, it is not particularly helpful when trying to articulate a response to a 질문 about null hypothesis testing.

I managed to re-focus, finish my exam, run 집 (well, I had to take a bus, but I ran from the bus stop) and come here to share 더 많이 examples of Olivia's wonderfulness.

I will say that while Olivia is clearly the most beautiful woman in the entire universe (uh duh), I also 사랑 that she is 1) incredibly smart, 2) politically aware, and 3) hilarious. Read 또는 watch any interview with her and 당신 can tell that her lights are switched on and somebody is home. So I'm not just gay for her body, I'm gay for her beautiful mind too.

Also, the thing about Olvia is that she looks damn good whether she is clothes-less 또는 covered from head to toe. That, I think, is the true mark of beauty: it is 더 많이 about an 사무용 겉옷, 전반적인 attitude rather than the flesh.

Furthermore (you can tell that I am in exam mode), the pictures are actually done very tastfully. I'm not very familiar with Maxim, but I understand that it can be a naughty. But this 'Garden Of Eden' photoshoot is beautiful. And it shows Olivia off without exploiting her. I 사랑 that Olivia can be so incredibly sexy and not look like the modern Paris Hilton whore type that many young 여배우 seem to want to go for.

In summation, I can't get over how much I 사랑 Olivia. She is gorgeous and brilliant and she has stolen 99% of my heterosexuality. And I just wanted to share my perverted story with y'all. Feel free to point and laugh at me, because I am won't be caring. I will be drooling over those tasty, tasty Maxim pictures.