Here it is! ♥
Ivelina (Joy3570) interviewed Vida (vidvida) for September FOTM! So, here it is! P.S. Sorry that this is late, I was busy with school work, handling a relationship, that kind of stuff.
But October is open link

1. Congrats again!How do 당신 feel as the Nina Dobrev FOTM for September?
When I first saw my name there I was screaming! I couldn't believe it! It's a pleasure to be The FOTM and I'd 사랑 to thank EVERYONE who has voted for me. This means a lot to me!
2. Tell us something about 당신 that we don't know!
Well I should say that I truly 사랑 SpongeBob and Patrick ^_^
3. When and how 당신 became a Nina 팬 and what makes your 사랑 for her grow fonder?
Before watching Vampire Diaries, I saw a few pictures of her and I loved how gorgeous she was!That made me watch My 가장 좋아하는 TV Show, The Vampire Diaries! (P.S And of course the hot guys and the word "vampire!") and as soon as I started watching I felt in 사랑 with the way she acted, she's amazing ♥
4. Did 당신 know Nina before The Vampire Diaries?
Well sadly I didn't know but I'm not sure, maybe I've seen her in a movie 또는 something but I really can't remember.
5. The ultimate 질문 : Katherine 또는 Elena? :D
Ugh! It's so hard to answer! I 사랑 them both in some ways! Katherine is a badass with a funny attitude but Elena is just lovely and she has an interesting personalty ♥
6. How would 당신 describe Nina in 5 words?
Talented, Gorgeous Smile ,Stunning, Lucky & amazing style!
7. Who do 당신 ship her with?
I like her with Paul, they make a good team. but with Ian they're just perfect! It's like they belong with each other! And the important thing is, she's happy!
8. Imagine 당신 get the chance to meet Nina, tell us how 당신 imagine the meeting: what would 당신 tell her, do 당신 have an idea for a gift you'd like to give her, etc.
I Guess before I get a chance to ask her something she would run away because I'm screaming in a crazy way! If I could control myself I would tell her that she should never ever give up! And tell her that we, 팬 Support her forever!
And I would give her a friendship bracelet and make the same one for myself so that I Know I have an amazing friend like her! *Dreamiiiing!*

9. How often do 당신 visit the spot and what makes 당신 do it?
Every 분 I spend on my computer! I want to know news about her, pictures, 비디오 and everything relates to her!
10. Let's talk about Nina's style :)
Emmy dress 2011 또는 Emmy dress 2010?

Hard ne! In both of them Nina looked really cute. But I guess Emmy Dress 2011 looked really stunning!
10a. TCA dress 2011 또는 TCA dress 2010?
I liked 2010 TCA Dress so much but I guess I will choose TCA Dress 2011!
10b. What do 당신 think about Nina and her hats?
She looks so gorgeous with hats! I 사랑 all of them!
10c. What color 당신 think sits well on Nina?
All of the 색깔 look really good on her! I really can't choose!
11. Do 당신 have a favourite quote 의해 her?
Yes they are lots of her 인용구 which are my favorites. One of them is the club motto. All of her saying are great ♥
12. Show us 당신 favourite picture of Nina!

There is a lot! But here is one of them