It is so hard to choose. I 사랑 all of Nina's dresses, but I will pick that one.
1. How do 당신 feel about be the Nina FOTM? Did 당신 want to win?
Oh my God!!!! I can't believe that, I was the first fan. I think all of Nina's 팬 deserve to win. I want to Thank 당신 all who voted for me. 당신 guys are the best! :D
2. Out of all of Nina's characters that 당신 know of, if another celebrity that 당신 know could replace any of them, which would 당신 think they should replace? Which part do 당신 think Nina would suit best that another celebrity has?
I don`t really know, but I say Ashley Greene. I think Ashley can be a good badass Katherine!
3. What dress of Nina's is your favorite? Please send me a picture from her spot 또는 your 사진 gallery.
4. What 3-5 adjectives do 당신 think describe Nina the most?
Amazing, Beautiful , Gorgeous stunner best-actress comes into my mind.
5. If Nina decided to quit being an actress, what do 당신 think she would be? Why?
She should choose Singing. Because she have such a amazing voice. I heard Nina 노래 in American Mall and I enjoyed her.
6. If 당신 could have anything of Nina's, what would 당신 want?
Wow!! This is so hard to pick, Nina have to many things that I want. She is so Beautiful and most of the girls want to have her beauty but, I really want to have her talent . I mean who does not want that? she is playing two awesome characters as Elena Gilbert & Katherine Pierce in The Vampire Diaries. Which is really hard for one actress to play two different Characters and two different storylines.
7. 1-10, how good of an actress do 당신 rate Nina? Explain.
I will gave her 10 because she have so much talent, she is such a wonderful person. And she is my 가장 좋아하는 actress, and in my opinion she is the best actress.
8. Which of Nina's characters is your favorite?
Well I just saw Nina playing in The Vampire Diaries and I have to say my 가장 좋아하는 Nina`s characters are Katherine Pierce and Elena Gilbert. She is doing amazing job playing two different characters. One who is a player, Badass, Evil, 암캐, 암 캐 and the other one is so Sweet, Caring and She is a girl 다음 door.
9. How long have 당신 liked Nina? How long do 당신 think you'll continue to be a fan?
As I said the first time was when I saw The Vampire Diaries trailer and I find out what her name was then, I saw so many of her 사진 and read her biography and since today she is my 가장 좋아하는 actress and she always will be. I will continue being her 팬 for ever.
10. Who do 당신 consider your "idol" 또는 inspiration?
Of course I Consider Nina Dobrev.
11. According to Nina, super fit guys aren't very attractive. Do 당신 agree 또는 disagree?
I agree with Nina most of these kind of guys are too annoying and very selfish.
12.What is your 가장 좋아하는 Nina photoshoot? Please send me a picture from her spot 또는 your 사진 gallery.

This is so hard, I 사랑 all her photoshoots. But, I 사랑 this one so much.