TenTen stood shaking as she faced Neji.
"Your what?" he asked, his eyes wide with shock.
"Im pregnant,Neji." She stated. She looked down at the ground and tried not to cry. TenTen was afraid that Neji wouldnt want his child after he learned about it. But she soon found out that she was wrong.
Neji lifted her chin with his index finger, forsing her to look into his eyes. "TenTen, I 사랑 you." He brought his lips down onto hers. When he pulled away he added,"So much."
"So 당신 want our baby?" TenTen asked, her hands shaking 더 많이 furiously than before.
"More than anything in the world." Neji grinned at her lovingly.
"Im glad." She smiled widely herself.
"Lets get 집 before the rains starts." Neji took my hand and lead me down the street.
TenTen tried to stop shaking but only made herself tremble more. She couldnt believe she was actually going to be a mother. She tried to remember her own mother but she only remembered her face, nothing more. All she knew about her parents was that they died when TenTen was five.
"Do 당신 want me to stay with 당신 또는 do 당신 want to be alone tonight?" Neji asked, as they came to TenTen's front door.
"Please stay. I dont want to be alone tonight." They walked into her house and stood facing each other.
"I 사랑 you." Neji announced.
"You said that already." TenTen said giggling.
"I know, i just wanted to tell 당신 again."
TenTen smiled and pulled him up the stairs and into her bedroom. They fell into bed. As soon as TenTen hit the pillow, she fell asleep.
* * * * * *
(nine months later)
TenTen looked down and smiled, a smile filled with 사랑 and softness for the baby girl in her arms.
"Neji, isn't Amaya not the cutest little baby?" TenTen asked, looking up.
"She is. I cant wait to take her home. And when exactly is that?" Neji said, taking his daughter in his arms.

(TenTen and Neji walking out of the hospital two hours later)
TenTen walked slowly, admiring the day. Her daughter lay asleep in her carrier.
"Lets get 당신 home,darling." She cooed.
Neji walked along beside her.
WHen the family was at their car a sudden screech of tires sounded behind them, just as a gunshot fired. Neji fell to the ground.
"Neji!!!" TenTen screamed. She checked his pulse. Nothing. She shook him, then checked for pulse again. Nothing.
Neji was dead.