God i have no idea why i decided to go through with this but zanhar told me to to write a Pinkie/Rarity crackfic so here i am. This is probably the stupidest thing i've done and i'm most likely gonna regret doing this thing the 초 i 게시하기 it but i can't back down now so just take this cringe-fic.

*once upon a time in Ponyville*

It was a lovely nice beautiful 일 in horse town and Pinkie Pie was skipping in the streets because she can't walk normally until a 랜덤 gay thought suddenly popped up in her 담홍색, 핑크 head.

"I heard from somewhere that 1 in each group of 프렌즈 is gay", Pinkie said out loud. "I hope it's Rarity, because Rarity's cute!" And with that she went to the marshmallow's 10-story house.

Rarity was eating raw onions (the ones with layers, the real kind™) until suddenly,,,

"RARITY!!!11! I RLY LIEK UR H0RN!!!34!52!!!"
Pinkie π bust through Rarity's house and made a huuuuuge hole on the wall.

link Rarity said when she saw her house get rekt 의해 the 담홍색, 핑크 horse.

"OMG!!11!!" Pinkie yelled. "HOW CAN U TELL ME THAT, THAT'S SO MEAN!!!"

*sad violin music*

*Pinkie cries*

*Pinkie sobs*


Pinkie's wet blue watery tears were all the way up to Rarity's long giraffe neck so she said: "OK I;M SORRY JUST ST0P CRYING oMG!!!!"

Pinkie stopped crying and suddenly all the tears disappeared because that's how 만화 work.

"Rarity go out with me!!!"


"Because I just realized I'm gay 4 u and i want to be 더 많이 than friendship with u!"



"BUT Pinky I'm straight-"

"LOOOOL no ur not no one's straight in dis show"

"Wat? This wat?"

"This show! Did i tell u i can break the 4th 벽 2????//??"

"I'm confuzed what r we talking about??!!!"

"Rarity I 'like like' u & it's real pls be my girlfriend / marefriend / fillyfriend!" ((however tf u say it in this stupid show i give up))

"But why ME out of everypony??? Y not Fluttershy, Dash, AJ, 또는 even Twinerd?????"

"Lol idk"

"And y shud i listen to u?!"

Pinkie: 🙏 🙇 🙏 🙇

"hOW DID U DO THAT????" Rarity asked in shocked shock as Pinkie begun speaking in the art of emojis.

Pinkie: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

"eEEEEEEEK OMG!!!" Rarity squealed and THEN..
"Pinkie I might actually consider going out with u becuz of that but nah becuz u also make some of the ugliest faces sumtimes and I don't like ugly faces becuz I might catch the uglee."

"O pleeese! When have I EVER made an uglee face??/??/?"

"THIS! THIS horrendous face rite here!!"

"HEEEY that"s rude! R u calling our 이전 generations ugly?! R u calling our past reincarnations ugly?!?!"

"oK oK bad example 굴, 덴 how about THIS:"

"And THIS 2:"

Pinky said: "O so u think this iz a muthrfcking gaem HUH???" WELL in link rite here it looks liek u bust a n-"


"OMG we're getting off track again becuz this stupid author can't even write a crackfic rite!!!"

Rarity begun to think her 담홍색, 핑크 'friend' needed psychologist help because she cray but for now: "Ok u kno wat I just had a flashback within a flashback within a flashback and realized that our 색깔 are v good 4 shipping purposes and that I am NOT in fact straight so yes I will go out with u Pinkie."

"YAAAAAAAAAY!! I'm so glad u realized ur closet feelings & that u won't be chasing after the (VERY few) male 말 anymore, especially dat one other white unicorn with the tiny d-"


"UHH.. I meant HORN! DUH!!"

Rarity rolled her eyes so hard she saw her brain, and then said: "So from now I declare everyhorse to call us RariPie!"

"N0,, Pinkity!! The bronies will like it better & it's moar danker!!!!"

"Whatevr idc ok!"

"Hay so now that we're 2gether 5ever u wanna see Twinerd's strange squid collection??!11??"

"zOMG yea!"

Pinkie showed her: link
And SOMEHOW Rarity managed to see that.

"ROFLMFAO LOLOLOL" Rarity snorted.

They both laughed so hard till they threw up and their bellies hurt.

And with that Pinkie x Rarity became a thing and everypony in the town knew and everyone supported it without ANY shipping wars from the bronies and they all lived ok until the whole town mysteriously exploded 3 days later but that's another story 4 later.